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Note: this section is provided for information only. No endorsement or guarantee of the services provided is intended.  

Proximity -- The Led Zeppelin Collector's Journal
P.O. Box 45541
Seattle, WA 98145- 0541  

Published quarterly.  

Subscription info:
Standard--$12 per year (4 issues)
Premium (mailed in a protective envelope)- -$16 per year
Overseas--$24 per year (all US funds)
Single issue or back issue (US)--$4
Checks or money orders payable to Hugh Jones.  

Hugh Jones is online, so he is available for questions/comment, at  

Wearing And Tearing
Mark Archer
Flat 3, 13 Lynton Rd
Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 4RQ

The Only One
86 Main St. Suite 503
Dundas, Ontario

Published bimonthly starting 1 April 1994. Rates:
One year--$24 (6 issues)
Four issues--$18
Sample issue--$5  

The first 250 subscribers will receive numbered issues as collectors' items.  

The Ocean
46 Briarwood Drive
Westwood, MA 02090 (USA)  

Oh Jimmy
Susan Hedrick
P.O. Box 6307
Bellevue, WA 98008 (USA)  

Oh Jimmy - The Jimmy Page Fanzine
Tim Tirelli
Via Pedretti 12
41015 Nonantola (MO) Italy  

Single issues of _Oh Jimmy_--$4 US, $5 Canada  

The Lemon Tree (Plant fanzine)
Liz Hames
20 Ludford Crescent
Gainsborough, Lincs.

Published quarterly. Rates:  

4 issues -- 8 pounds (UK)
10 pounds (Europe)
14 pounds (rest of the world)
Single issues - 1.5 pounds per copy  

Tight But Loose
14 Totnes Close
Bedford, MK40 3AX

Four issues of the Tight But Loose magazine (twice annually) PLUS four additional information service newsletters:-  

UK------------- 16 all prices inclusive of
Europe--------- 21 all postage costs
USA/Canada----- 28
Australia/Japan 31 all prices in pounds  

Payment: by cheque/postal order/eurocheque/int ernational money order in UK sterling only. Payable to D. Lewis.  

The magazine is also available individually to non- subscribers at the following rates: UK 3.50
Europe 4.50 again, prices in pounds
USA/Canada 6.00
Japan/Australia 6.50  

Founded by Dave Lewis, this was the premiere fanzine during Led Zeppelin's active years. This publication has resurfaced, including:  

Still available - Tight But Loose 7 - The Celebration Update Special issue sequel to the Dave Lewis book Led Zeppelin _A Celebration_. 40,000 word chapter by chapter update.  

UK 4.00 Europe 5.00 USA/Canada 6.5 Japan/Australia 7.00 prices in pounds.  

Also, a word about _ZOSO_ -- due to financial difficulties,the production of _ZOSO_ has apparently ceased--permanently. The status of merchandising, etc. is unknown. _Electric Magic_ has also, sadly, gone by the wayside.  

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