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Shadi Ki Raat  

Ye baat aaj se kareeb 10 saal pahle mere bhaiyya ki
shaadi ki reception ki baat hai. It was being held on
the lawn of very big house which was rented for the
marriage purpose. The house was just outside the city
and was in a secluded place. The most attractive woman
of the party was not mybhabhi – the bride but her
sister (not younger as happens in most typical erotic
stories) but her elder sister who was around 35 years
of age. She was very beautiful and was slightly plump
but then she had had three kids so it was explainable.
But yes, God she was amazingly beautiful. She was
wearing a yellow choli with a maroon ghaghra ankle
length and was looking very elegant. Marginal cleavage
was visible but some more was visible when she leaned
forward to shake hands or something like that. I
couldn’t take my eyes of her even though she was 10
years older than me. I did she her looking at me a few
times and I immediately looked away. I guessed she
knew I was staring at her.
The lawn was very wide and the distance from the main
gate to the house was almost 150 metres. Just next to
the open space in the lawn where all the guests were
assembled in an enclosure was a thick garden of mango
and guava trees. Just a minute walk and no one from
the lawn could see you as it was dark amongst the
trees becuae of the clouds covering the full moon.
Suddenly I saw her hand her drink to a waiter and
start walking towards the house but after taking a few
steps, she stopped and turned towards the mango trees
and disappeared. I was a minute away from her and
immediately slipped towards the same area wondering
why she had gone there in that pitch dark area. I
tread very quietly and stopped just as I saw her ahead
in the moonlight. I quickly ducked behind a tree. She
looked around and kept her hand bag on the ground and
then lifted her ghaghra and to my amazement started to
pull down her panties. She took the panty off and
threw it on the ground beside her and lifting her
ghaghra she sat down on the floor and started pissing
!!! I couldn’t believe the scene. Why did she come
here to piss instead of going to the house defeated
me. She was really full because she let out a very
nosiy stream of piss for a considerable length of
time. I could also see a very brief glimpse of her
chootads as it was dark and her ghaghra covered it.
When she had finished, she got up and opened her bag
and took out a panty and started to wear it. Just then
I lost my balance a bit and stepped on some dry
leaves. The noise scared her and she ran away leaving
the other panty behind as well. I went and picked up
both the panties. One was slightly wet and when I
smelled it I got a heavenly smell – a mix of pee and
pussy. The other was clean. So now I understood. She
was feeling very pissy and had let out a few drops
while walking – that’s why she came here closer rather
than walk all the way to the house. I realized that
right now she was bound to come back to wear her panty
– provided she did not have any more in her bag. I
waited there for 10 minutes and was about to go back
when I heard someone coming. Knowing its her, I pocket
both her panties and hide behind the trees. She comes
and looks around. Just then I come out of the trees
and ask, startling her:  

Hello, aapko kuch kho gaya hai kya?  

She looked shocked. Nahin who aise hi, koi cheez hai.  

Main help kar doon?  

Nahin who koi important cheez nahin hai. Aap jaiye,
thank you. Kuch nahin yahan kuch chut gaya tha.  

Kya choot gaya tha?  

Wohi dhoond rahi hun  

Batayie to sahi...main dhundh ke de dunga  

Nahin nahin its okay  

Bol ke te dekhiye, I persisted.  

Jee kuch nahin, aise hi. Saying that she started to go
back. Just then I took of both the panties form my
pocket and holding it up said:  

Kahin ye to nahin....?  

She exclaims in surprise and comes close to take it
from my hand but I move away, laughing.  

Layie dijiye, please ye aap kya kar rahen hain.  

Ha ha, I take the wet panty and take a good smell in
front of her. Wah kya smell hai aapke chut se nikali
hui peshaab ki, main aise aapko nahin dene wala.  

Yeh Kya kar rahen hai aap. Kya matlab……?  

Ek shart hai…  

Kya, batayie.  

Aap ye tree ke against lean kar ke khadi ho jaiye. Aur
apna ghaghra upar uthayie aur apni tanage failayie...  

Yeh kya badtameezi hai? Aisa karne ko kyon kah rahen

Mujhe aapki chut sunghni hai… ..aapki panty ki smell ne
mujhe pagal kar di hai… ab asli cheez sunghna chahta

Jee nahin. Kitne gande aadmi hain aap. Main aisa kuch
nahin karne wali. Mian yahan se jaa rahi hun.  

Theek hai phir aap aise hi nangi ghumiye party mein.
Main ja ke apne sab friends ko bata dunga ki aap
ghaghre ke neeche nangi hain aur unhe dono panty dikha
dunga. Aur sab ko aapki ye peshaab aur chut ki mahek
waali sunghne ka mauka dunga.  

Oh god aap aisa nahin karenge bhagwan ke liye, please.
Aap ka dimaag khraab ho gaya hai kya?  

Look i have to smell the source. Jab panty mein aisi
smell to chut mein kaisi hogi ?  

Badtameez insaan, haraami kahin ke sharam nahin aati
aise baate karte hue ?  

She looks to go away but realizes that my threat is
serious. She looks down and says, theek hai sirf
sunghane doongi phir aap mujhe panty wapas kar denge,
promise kariye. Aur kisi se kuch nahin kahenge is bare
I promise.  

She stands leaning against a tree and lifts her
ghaghra. Sharm se usne apni aankhen band kar li hain.
Who apne thode legs spread karti hai.  

I kneel down between her legs and see a dense growth
of pubic hair. Her cunt odour can be smelt a feet
away. Putting my nose on her chut I take a deep smell.  

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwaaaaa aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Kya smell
hai, it was being intoxicated. As soon as I take my
tongue out and try to lick her, she moves away.  

Bas aur kuch nahin, maine aapki baat maan li, ab aap
panty wapas kar dijiye.  

I get up now.....aur ek shart hai  

Kya aur ek?  

Aapki peshaab ka ek ghoont pina hai.  

Nahin maine wohi kiya jo tumne kahan ab plz mujhe
panty de do  

Sorry, I say.  

Yeh kya gandagi laga rakhi hai. Peshaab kyon peeni
hai. Main aisa kuch nahin karne waali. Dulhe ke bhai
ho to kya jo man mein aye who karoge. Main ja ke
tumhari maa ko sab bata dungi.  

Haan haan, bata dijiye ki aap ghaghre ke andar nangi
hai aur yeh bhi bata dijiye ki aapne apni chut
sunhgayi hai mujhe abhi abhi.....ha ha.  

There was silence for 2 minutes, she was making up her
mind, what to do, weighing the options. Theek hai,
chaliye, aapki baat hi sahi, waise jyaada su su nahin
nikalegi kyonki maine abhi abhi su su ki hai.  

Par meri bhi ek shart hai, she says. Iske baad aapko
apna pant aur chadhi neeche karke apna lund nikaal ke
mere saamne peshaab karna hoga. I readily agree. Let
her see my 7 inch cock, she cant be but impressed by
it, I thought.  

Theek hai, just a few drops will do. I say and
immediately kneel down. She comes and stands in front
of me and lifts her ghaghra and spreading her legs and
bending her knees a bit puts her cunt to my mouth.  

I open my mouth and hold her thighs with both hands.
She lifts her ghaghgra with both hands and holding
them above her waist, adjusts her cunt so that the few
drops that she will piss fall into my mouth. She is
able to piss just s few drops but I get a good taste
neverthe less. I also get a good smell of her chut aur
main mauke ka fayda utha ke uski chut chaatne lagta
hun. Surprisingly, she does not object and lets me
lick. Main apni jeebh uski chut mein ghusane lagta hun
aur thoda chut ka geelapan meri jheebh pe aata hai.
Matlab who bhi excited ho gayi hai ..this was a very
good sign.  

Bas, bas bahut ho gaya, ab chalo, peshaab kar ke

I get up and in no time pulled down my pants and
undies dipalying my semi hard dick and rolling the
foreskin back so that she gets a good look at my
supara, start pissing with her standing next to me and
watching. The stream of piss is falling in front and I
am doing it slowly to make it last. She picks up her
ghaghra up to her thighs and displaying her gorgeous
legs – to my amazement – comes and stands in the
direction of my piss taking the stream on to her shin
and ankles.  

I look up at her and find her staring at me as if she
was going to rape me. Who thoda aur aage bhadti hai
aur ab meri peshaab ki dhara uske knees aur thighs pe
padne lagti hai. Main bhi ek kadam aage badhta hun aur
ab meri peshaab uske thighs pe se girtu hui knees aur
shin se hoti hui ankle se zameen pe gir rahi hai. I
finish. It was becoming extremely difficult to piss
because my cock was getting erect. Even today whenever
I think of that scene where I am pissing with my pants
down and she is standing in front of me holdong her
ghaghra with both hands and taking my piss stream on
her naked legs and thighs, my cock becomes erect.  

I take the old panty and kneeling down in front of
her, while she stands with the ghaghra held high and
legs spread, and wipe my piss from her legs, all the
time smelling and licking her chut with that heavenly
odour.. I get up and then stand facing her. Not a word
is spoken and we are staring at each other unable to
break the stare for a few minutes – fucking each other
with our eyes, knowing what has to follow now but
enjoying this intoxicating moment . I am drinking her
breathtaking looks with my eyes. She is still holding
the ghaghra and her looks now go down at my throbbing
erect cock. She can see the glistening supara
lubricated by the precum and I see her lick her lips.
Before I realized what was coming next, she knelt down
in front and grabbing my cock, took it to her mouth
and began licking and sucking the precum. She even
squeezed my lund from base to tip to extract a few
more drops. Then getting up, she grabs my shirt and
pulls me to her and says – chodo mujhe sale kutte,
abhi isi waqt, yahin pe chodo, bina nanga kiye, kutiya
ki tarah, mujhe peeche se chodo, bas ab aur kuch
nahin,,,just chod daalo mujhe.  

Andha kya chahe….? I wasted no time. Besides we had to
hurry up. I turn her around and push her towards a
tree and she bends down holding a tree for support.
Who apne chootad nikaal ke khadi hai moonlight falling
on her cream chootads. Main peeche se uska ghaghra aur
upar karta hun aur uske chootad chaatne lagta hun.  

Arre, yeh sab karne ka time nahin hai, chod zaldi se,
koi aa gaya to badnaami ho jayegi. Bas chut maar do
meri, phir kabhi mauka milen pe aur baaki sab kuch

Main apna lund le kar peeche se uski chut pe rakhta
hun aur dhakka lagat hun. Uski chut itni geeli thi ki
ek hi jhatke mein mera pura ka pura lauda andar ghus
jaata hai. Aur main use jor jor se chodne lagta hun.  

Haan kutte, mujhe kutiya bana ke chod.  

Le saali kutiya le le mera lund.  

Chuhiyaan dabao meri, she cried out. Choli aur bra ka
hook khol ke meri chuchiyaan nangi karo aur masal

Main uski choli ka dhaage khol ke upar karta hun aur
uski kaali bra ka hook khol deta hun. Phir main apna
haath neeche le ja ke uski choli aur bra chuchiyon ke
upar ke unhe nanga kar deta hun. Ab main uski nangi
chuhiyaan badi berahami se masalte hue chudaai karte
rahta hun. Kuch hi minute mein hum dono jhar jaate
hain aur main apne ras se uski chut bhar deta hun.
Phir hum dono apne kapde theek kar ke bari baari se
party mein chale jaata hain. But i keep her peshaab
wali panty in my pocket as a memento. Itne log ke
beech koi miss nahin karta hamen. Throughout the
party, our eyes keep meeting and there is a promise of


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