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Wow, a tribute to the most beautiful girl alive...my girlfriend Sarah!!!
Shes the only person thats managed to make me real happy in ages.
Shes nice to everybody, I mean, everybody would and should have someone like her as a friend.
So fun loving, caring, and just damn cute!
I dunno where id be without her today.
Well, id prob still be here mucking around with WML, but...ya know...prob just not as happy as I am now. I owe her heaps, so a special lil WAP site goes out to her. I love you Sarah, wif all my heart.
That photo wasnt spose to turn out... nevertheless it keeps turning out real well no matter what media its on.
Even in monochrome, can really make us both out.
Sigh...aint she just lovely?
I think she is.
Totally adorable.
Once again, thanks for everything babe.  

Hope this WAP site lives on and on.  


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