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From humble beginning in 1968, Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., is now Pakistan's largest herbal pharmaceutical company. It was conceptualized 75 years ago by the venerated eastern poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Its inception was in the shape of a clinic at Beadon Road in the city of Lahore, in the heart of Punjab, which was opened by Shifa-ul- Mulk Hakim Muhammad Hassan Qarshi, He was a practitioner of herbal medicine and health supplements. The clinic was started with a view to provide pure and effective herbal medicines to the populace.  

In 1968 the youngest son of Shifa-ul-Mulk, Mr.Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi-CEO after completing his M.Sc in Chemical Engineering, laid the foundations of Qarshi Dawakhana, which has now developed into Qarshi Industries, a modern and successful company that outweighs by far the expectations of its original founder.  

Qarshi Industries is highly rated in its category in Pakistan. It has consolidated its image as a quality-conscious company and has, over the year, demonstrated its firm commitment to quality and adherence to international standards. Qarshi takes pride in maintaining a high quality in its products and superior skills and acquiring the latest in advanced technology. It is conscious of the need to improve efficiency and set new standard of excellence in the competitive herbal pharmaceutical market.

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