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Play in Battle Mode:
After finishing the game, the new Battle Mode feature will be available.

Effect: Battle Mode Cheats
When: To Activate Battle Mode Just Complete The Game! It Wil Now Be There At The Main Menu, And Will Be On Your Memory Card (if You Have One)!
How: Now for the harder parts: To get first person mode just complete the game in easy or normal mode; To play as Steve Burnside collect the Gold Lugers from the basement office in Disk 2, if you don't have the combination then you should have, but never mind, it is Red, Green, Blue and Brown; To unlock Albert Wesker just do well with Chris in normal game mode (not battle mode); To play as the Alternate Claire, just do well in normal mode with normal Claire; Now this is the hardest, it took me ages to do this, but it is worth it, I was just completing the game and then there was something new in my inventory, The Linear Launcher, it is f***ing awesome, but anyway, you may be wondering 'How do I get it?' Just get an A ranking in Battle Mode with Chris, Steve, Albert, and both normal Claire and Alternate Claire, once you do this, go back into Battle Mode and it will be in your inventory.
Posted By: Rhnyo132

Effect: Hint To Beat "tyrant" Second Time Round.
When: In The Cargo Area Of The Plan As You Take Of From The Military Facility.
How: If, like me, you get to thi point in the game witha small ammount of health and no ammo at all, this boss is very very difficult!  

The best way i found to defeat him, and believe me it must have taken about 5 hours to figure this out, was:  

As you walk into the room, release the catapult straight away. As soon as you gain control of claire again charge at tyrant. He knocks you straight back into the middle of the room and advances on you. As he is about to strike you the second time evade his attack, and begin to circle him. Keep circling as he doesnt catch you up until the catapult charges again and release for the second time. Repeat this for the third hit (which in the official PS2 mag strategy guide was all it took!!?). After you have done this run directly across " tyrants" path and this time he is hurt and does not get you. Begin to circle once again and release the catapult. Repeat this step once more.
For the final release, he is so badly hurt that if you have even half health at this point you can evade him easily, or, if like me you are limping around, you will have to circle him again. Release the catapult and watch him go!!
Hope this helps at least someone!!
Posted By: letsstartariot

Effect: Throw Zombies Off The Bridge
When: On The Bridge
How: When going across the bridge for the first time heading to the palace there are two zombies (not bandersnatchers). Get as close to the edge as possible and still leave room for a zombie to grab Claire's neck from behind her. Keep pushing buttons and he should fall off.
Posted By: Skull kid

Effect: Play As Hunk In Battle Mode
When: In Battle Mode
How: To play as the legendary Hunk from Resident Evil 2, simply play through the game snagging all the files and beating the game in less than 3 and a half hours.
Posted By: Skull kid

Effect: Need Any Random Help? Check This
When: During The Game Whenever It Is Needed
How: Check the briefcases you get very good, you might find a button on it or a lock! (When you have the hemostat go back tot the man in the beginning, he'll give you a lock pick)  

Security code in Palace is => At back of ID-CARD  

Code of the computer in the room where you placed the Luger's is => 1971  

The number of the lab where the professor gets smashed to the window is => 1126  

The combination off the drawers in the save room are => Red, Green, Blue and Brown.  

The Painting's- puzzle must be solved in this order => 1st. The woman, 2nd The man with the two child's, 3d The man with the scale, 4th The man with the golden cup, 5th The man with the vase with the candles and 6th The man with the normal vase. Then walk to the boys painting and click him!!!  

The Oil puzzle solves like this:
2 times 3
1 time 5
1 time 10
2 times 3
1 time 5
this will bring the bridge down.
Also when you pick up a vase or a pot. check in it or at the bottom of it, you might find anything in or on it!
And don't shoot at everything that moves! It's a waste of bullets. When you think you're only going to a place for once, try not to shoot or anything just walk by! Like the dogs you'll meet in the beginning, just run by them! And the giant earthworm at the training facility.
Posted By: T2

Effect: Have The Magnum
When: During The Game With Chris
How: When you arrive in the antartic base go down the ladder and go through the double door, go right and head down to the second door to the right, then go to the first door to your left, once you're in press the blue button (YOU MUST HAVE THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR THE FIRST PART OFF THE GAME, THEN YOU MUST EQUIP IT) then fill the fire extinguisher then go down the mini lift and put out the fire, after that has been done it is on the box.
Posted By: Dino killer

Effect: Win Alternative Claire In Battle Mode
When: Story Mode
How: Try and do your best at story mode
Posted By: Kevy_Boy

Effect: Alternative Chris In Battle Mode
When: Battle Mode
How: Complete battle mode with Albert Wesker
Posted By: Kevy_Boy

Effect: Gets You The Red Ant In A Vase
When: In Weskers Family Room
How: This is the order the paintings should be in
- Beautiful Women holding tea set
- Red haired man holding twins
- Red Haired man holding a teaset
- Red Haired man with plate
- Man with vase
- Man with candlesticks
- Young man (up the three stairs)
Posted By: Kevy_Boy

Effect: Self Destruct
When: Part 2 With Chrtis In Story Mode
How: Type the code 'veronica' when you have five minutes to save claire
Posted By: Kevy_Boy

Effect: Unlock Wesker For Battle Game
When: In The Battle Game
How: Beat the Battle game with Chris Redfield.
Posted By: Darkreaper

Effect: Unlock Rocket Launcher
When: During/after The Game
How: Complete the main game " A" Ranking to earn the Rocket Launcher. The Launcher will be available from the first Item Box you run across
Posted By: Darkreaper

Effect: Find D.i.j.'s Journal
When: During Game
How: Find D.I.J.'s Journal In The Slot Machine In Battle Mode. Sometimes You Have To Play More Than Once To Find It
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: No Zombies In Metal Detector Area
When: During Game, When You Are Ready To Copy The Hawk Emblem
How: Get Into The Room With The Duplication Machine. Instead Of Copying The Plate, Set Off The Alarm By Taking Something Metal Through The Detector, But Do Not Turn The Alarm Back On. Now Copy The Plate
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: Avoid Bats
When: During Game
How: With Claire Or Chris, Use Your Lighter To avoid Bats. Keep It Out And They Will Not Bother You
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: Defeats The Second Stage Of Alexia
When: During Game
How: Walk Right Up To Her And Shoot Six Normal Grenade Rounds Directly At Her Face. She Will Change To Her Third Form
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: Play As Steve Burnside In Battle Mode
When: During Game
How: Get The Gold Luger Replica From The Basement Office In Disc 2. The Correct Drawer Sequence Is Red, Green, Blue, And Bottom
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: Linear Launcher
When: During Completion
How: Get An A Ranking With Steve Burnside, Chris And Albert Wesker And Both Versions Of Claire In Battle Mode
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: Battle Mode
When: During Completion
How: Successfully Complete The Game Under Any Difficulty Setting
Posted By: halliday2000

Effect: First Person View
When: During Completition
How: Successfully Complete The Game Under The Easy Or Normal Difficulty Setting
Posted By: halliday2000  

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