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Hai! friends Iam Ajay from Andhra Pradesh. Iam 20 & smart guy with good body. When I was in school
all the teacher's liked me as I was smart & was fifth in studies. One of my teacher's liked me a lot & she
was a good friend of my mother. She was my social teacher. She was very close to us as she is our
neighbour. My mother & her talk to each other when ever they r free. Her name is Rajini. She is 25 with
perfect body 37-27- 35 with pretty good face & sexy body. But, I never had a bad intention with her
because she is my teacher.
After my school days I joined intermidiate. When I was in first year my friends forced me to go to a sex
movie & so I went with my friends. After that we came out of theatre. OH GOD! Rajini was standing in
front of me. She was going to market & saw me coming out of the theatre. Now I was full of fear. I was
sure that she would tell to my mother. I went to her home & cried. I requested her a lot not to tell to my
parents. She then came to me & said that she would not tell to my mother but, on one condition. I said
her "yes Iam ready for anything just say what should I do?" She said me to get ready with in one hour &
we'll go out for two days. She came to my mother & took permission saying that we r going to their
village to get collection of their fields & my mother agreed.
So the next day we reached their village. Actually they are very rich people of their village & they had a
farm house of their own in their village. We entered their house. The climate of the village was very
good. But, still I was in fear as I was caught red-handed to her & so, I was not talking to her. We romed
all the fields, they were really excellent. That night she was wearing a yellow nighty. GOD! she was
looking damn sexy in that dress. We had our dinner & were talking. She asked me " What did U see in
the movie?" I explained her the complete movie. She then said me do that what the man in the movie has
done to her. I said sorry I have no intention with U. She forced me & said that she would tell to my
mother if I donot obey her order's.
Atlast I have to agree. She jumped on me & started kissing me hard on my lips. She was biting my lips
& while kissing she was kissing her pussy to my tool. My tool got erected & was becoming horny. I
hugged her & started sucking her tounge in my mouth. WOW! that tastes good. I then took of her nighty
& she too took off my night dress. Now I was on my underwere & she was on her bra & Panty. I then
took off her bra & started sucking her big boobs. They were really of good taste & while sucking I could
smell the soap that made me more horny. She was biting my neck. both of us were of same colour. After
that i took off her panty & she took off my underwere. Both of us were hairy. She has got rasor with her.
She cleaned the grass around my tool & I cleaned her pussy.
Now my tool & her pussy were clean. They r pink in colour & were really hot. Then I started sucking
her pussy. It was really cool & with in few minutes sprem came out of her pussy & I drank that with
great happiness. Then she took my tool in her mouth & sucked it really hard. In very few time I cummed
in her mouth & she drank with great exitement. After some time we were in reverse position to
eachother. Now I was licking her pussy & she was sucking my tool at a time. Then I went to her Navel.
OH! It was really great & very sexy. Then we came to the real work. I made her sleep her on bed. I slept
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on her & slowly entered my tool in her pussy. As it was first time to both of us it was very tight & was
paining us a lot. She was moaning out of pain " aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh,
yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeess ssssssss, uuuuuuummmmmmm, Ajay it's paining a lot". I asked her " Shall I
stop?" She did not agree & forced me to continue.
I took my tool in & out of her pussy. Gradually I increased my speed. It was paining us a lot as it was
first time & she was moaning really hard of pain " aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhh,
yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeessss ssssss, uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm, gggggglllllllllllllp pppppp,
ooooooooooooffffffff ffffffffff".
Atlast after one hour of working hard I cummed in her pussy & we both got big releaf. Then she made
me fuck her again in other position. She made me lie on bed. Sat on me entering her pussy very exactly
on my tool & started moving up & down. It was paining a very much than the previous once. She was
moaning hard uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hhh, ooooooooffffffffff & I cummed
again in her pussy. We fucked eachother all the night.
From that time I fucked her when ever she asked me & when ever I was in fucking mood. I fucked her
for about 15 times. Now she is going to get married. She took promise from me that I should fuck her
really hard a night before her first night. She also said that I should fuck her even after her marriage i.e,
when ever she comes to our city. Hope U all liked my experience. I thank U a lot. GOOD BYE

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