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This is my Secret Story about my continuing desire to
phantasize that I am a woman. I have always received immense
pleasure from dressing in women's clothing. I don't consider
myself homosexual. Rather, I feel I am bi-sexual. I desire
women sexually and derive great pleasure in having sexual
intercourse with a woman. Let there be no doubt, though, when my
thoughts turn to me being dressed in women's clothing, that I
desire to have a man make sexual love to me!
Recently, stores catering to transvestites have begun to
carry panty-type garments featuring a built-in artificial vagina.
The prospect of such a concept really excites me for I really
would love to receive my male lover's thrusting penis in what
appears to both of us to be my vagina! That would make the
illusion complete that I were a woman at the time of coitus. I
can imagine a properly designed artificial vagina that would
constrain my penis in such a manner that my lover's thrusting
penis would stimulate my penis hidden beneath an artificial
vagina. The hidden penis would be, effectively, a clitoris,
providing me, a phantasy woman, with immense sexual stimulation
from my male lover's penis. I would experience an orgasm solely
from the repeated thrusts of his hard penis stimulating my hidden
penis. I wouldn't masturbate or in any way auto-stimulate myself
to orgasm. I know his thrusting penis will cause me to have an
orgasm, because I have already worn an artificial vagina and used
a dildo to simulate a male having intercourse with me. My penis
was pressed against my tummy under my artificial vagina. The
repeated trusting of the dildo in my artificial vagina caused
intense stimulation of my hidden penis and, ultimately, my
orgasm. The orgasm was especially intense and the feeling of the
thrusting dildo inside my artificial vagina made me feel so
I can see myself dressed as follows: First I would shower
and shave and put on some sensuous perfume. Then I would put on
the latex, flesh colored panty garment with a built- in artificial
vagina. Next would come a garter belt and sheer, seamed nylon
stockings. Then I would put on a matching bra and panty set.
Realistic breast forms would fill my bra cups. Then the matching
slip. Lipstick, eyeshadow and makeup would all be applied. A
women's wig would complete my transformation into a woman!
Whenever I touched my panty crotch I would feel not a penis,
but rather the lips of my vagina! My penis would be constrained
against my tummy, beneath my rubber panty garment and artificial
vagina. I would be tempted to pull my silken panties down, and
place my finger in the false vagina. I would finger myself,
thinking of my male lover's hard penis. The time would arrive
that I would be so dressed and actually in the private company of
another bi-sexual male; a bi-sexual male who desires female
impersonators. My total thought and being would be focused on his
penis and my artificial vagina.
My desire to receive his trusting penis between my spread
nylon-clad legs would be overwhelming. When we first meet, I
would want to be totally dressed in street clothes -- a blouse
and skirt appropriate to a mature woman in her late forties.
Nice modest high heel shoes would adorn my feet. My male lover
and I would meet and he would take me to a motel. Once there
he'd take me in his arms and we'd embrace! I would feel his
groin press against mine, pushing my skirt against my slip which
in turn would push against my silken panties which in turn would
push against my vaginal lips! At this time only silk and cotton
would separate his penis from my artificial vagina! As our lips
meet, his tongue darting inside of my mouth, I would become a
woman in thought and deed. My by-now-rigid penis would feel to
me to be my burning clitoris. My lover would deftly remove my
skirt and blouse and begin to "feel me up". First caressing my
nylon-stockinged legs, then my womanly thighs and buttocks, and
up my waist to fondle my bra cups! I would fondle the bulge in
his trousers as his hand returned to my groin and began to fondle
and caress my artificial vaginal lips through the silk of my
panties. Soon he would take off all of his clothes, exposing his
rigid penis to my wide eyes! He would also take off my panties
and slip. I would now be dressed in only my bra, garter belt,
nylon stockings and high heel shoes. My vagina would be exposed
to his eyes! He would put his left arm around me as his right
hand fondled my groin and his finger would enter my vagina and he
would finger me! Then I would drop to my knees as he stood. I
would find my mouth and parting lips drawn to his powerful, very
hard penis. He would demonstrate his sexual power and impending
sexual conquest of me in a playful, but forceful manner, by
repeatedly slapping my face with his rigid penis. Then I'd
accept his throbbing member into my mouth! As I eagerly sucked
his penis he would call me dirty and sexy names. Soon this sexy
talk would find me lying on the bed on my back, my legs spread
apart. He would mount me. His rigid penis would press against
my vaginal lips before entering me! I'd feel and see his penis
enter my artificial vagina -- now feeling totally female. I
would wrap m y arms and legs about my male lover as he began the
rhythm of sexual intercourse with me! Each thrust of his penis
inside me sending waves of thrill and joy throughout my being.
The thrusting of his rigid penis stimulates my clit inside its
sheath! I would kiss him as he said gentle and loving things to
me, like "Oh Wendi, my sweet woman...take all of me in you,
darling!" I would respond, softly and with ecstasy in my voice,
"Oh darling, I need you so very much...Oh, oh, darling put it to
me. Now! Harder! Give it to me. Give it to me!" And he would
become more excited at my sexy talk and he would screw me even
faster. As his pace quickened, I would feel my ass being pounded
into the sheets with each of his rapid thrusts inside me. I
would feel his scrotum slapping against my ass as I took his
pounding, thrusting penis in my she-male vagina! His powerful
groin would press against my body with each of his powerful manly
thrusts. His broad chest, so powerful-appearing and hairy would
press against my silken-covered bra and supple womanly tits.
Finally, he would moan and say to me, almost crying, " Oh, Wendi
darling I'm going to come!" I would moan, "Oh, honey, fill me
up!" Then he would grunt and moan and I'd feel his ejaculating
semen filling me pussy. My clit-penis would be spurting beneath
my vaginal passage, a vaginal passage filled by my lover's
ejaculating, very hard, thrusting penis! I would be the total
woman receiving my lover's semen inside my hot vaginal vault!

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