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The warm cool of the pavement hit Monique very lightly that day, but she was used to it by now. Her husband Hank she knew would be waiting at home, for another one of his sick perverted sexual games. But she felt pressured to comply, not knowing or wanting to know the consequences if she did not comply.  

Hi Honey he said in a quite nonchalant manner. as she entered the door in her knee hi boots, her bottom swayed very visibly in the shear white miniskirt she was wearing. Hank was sitting on the couch eyeing her with his two friends, James and Luke. Luke was enraptured by her very small pert breasts peaking out underneath her half shirt. She had remembered Luke from a couple times before. He was the one who had ripped her Daisy Dukes, and pressed her tight little virgin ass to the hilt with his massive manmeat. She remembered it with pain, but kind of fondly in a weird way.  

Hank led her up to the room, tied her wrists to the bedposts, and blindfolded her, prepped for the evenings events. Hank though had a special surprise for her tonight. Mindy just walked in the backdoor, strutting her double D s like nobodies business. James, her live in lover, said, girl, don t you ever stop. You re going to get that pussy of yours more full of cum than you do already.  

not as much tonight baby. Hank invited ME over for some Pussy.  

Get the fuck outta here, Mindy. Monique ain t bi.  

well she will be tonight, and I m gonna get me some young cunt, umm, umm, umm. Hank just sat there with a grin. Both james and Luke looked at Hank with a look of disbelief. that chick who loves dick so much, Hank, you cruel sick bastard. They all went upstairs, to Mindy s now half wet pussy with anticipation, and time enough for some fear to work in there too. Mindy went straight up to Monique and starting going at her pussy, but then James and Luke grabbed Hank and tied him to a chair. This wasn t part of the game, but now Hank wanted to see where it would go.  

Moniques blindfold was taken off only to be replaced by mindy s pussy. Before it was though, she could see Hank was getting some of his own fun. After Monique had forcefully given Mindy her first orgasm, Monique was then placed over Hanks lap, and brutally fondled and fucked by both guys. Hank was hard within his jeans, but no one would help. Finally James looked at Hank and said, you want some of the action? to which Hank let out a whimpered yes.  

Hank was then blindfolded. To Hanks surprise though, his lips were not greeted with either Mindy or Monique s pussy, but one of the guys cocks. Hank tried to struggle, but it was use lees. there you go you sadistic bastard, how do you like some of your own medicine, as he pressed his cock deeper down Hank s throat. you re gonna be the cum whore tonight buddy. At this he felt the warm flesh of his wife s ass against his face, which was a relief.  

But as he felt it turn towards him, he felt another prescence. It was Luke s cock. Two cocks now were perched on his cheeks, one in his mouth. He heard a sigh, and some pressure, and knew that Luke had entered his wife, pounding in and out, right in front of his face. Her juices mixing with his, falling into droplets on his lips, also intermingling with James now budding pre-cum. Then in a sudden burst James came right down his throat, and Luke pulled out of Monique to release his load on Hanks face. Monique couldn t stand Hank having all that good juicy cum though, so she spun around to lick it off his face, all the while kissing and caressing him. Meanwhile James had lowered his face to Hanks crotch and began to work his pulsating hardon from outside his pants. Mindy was the one to release it, and when she did, both men and the two women went to work on it - licking, sucking, and basically gorging. It wasn t long before a cool spray of jizz nestled somewhere on each of their faces, which Monique had to lick off, in her usual cum hungry fashion.  

This was just a fantasy, but as any story, has traces of actual events. Both my wife and I are casual swingers, slightly interested in light bondage. I am bi-curious, and she has experienced a women pleasuring her a bit. the closest I ve gotten is eating my wife out while she gets banged from behind. I was real hungry for his cock to drop, and fall into my awaiting mouth, but was afraid I wouldn t like the reality as much. So i just got to feel his balls slap against my face as he fucked her -- and settled for the casual brushing of my tongue against his cockhead as I would kiss my wife, when she was going down on him.

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