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I always thought that my dad was sexy. He was young when he and my mom had me. She was 13 and my dad was 16. My mom died while having me. But, my dad wouldnt let them take me away from him.  

For as long as I can remember, daddy would always let me run around naked. When he got home from work, he would take his clothes off, and go nude too. I liked it. I hated wearing clothes. I still do.  

Im 17 now, and I still walk around naked. It really isnt a big deal. My body is almost developed. My breasts are about a 36C. They are perky, and I never wear a bra. My pussy has a light blond patch right above my slit, and that is all. I like the way I look.  

My daddy is 33, and he is hot. I had to stop inviting friends home, because all they would do was talk about my dad. He had blond hair, and blue eyes. He is about 6 feet tall, and quite muscular. I used to get quite jealous when he brings lady friends home. He stopped that. Most women are turned off by the fact that he has a teenage daughter.  

I got my first boyfriend when I was ten, and I let him touch my breasts. My daddy caught us, and ever since then, no boy has asked me out. I keep hoping that my dad will touch me.  

I want to have sex with my dad. I see his big penis every day, and I cant wait until the day I can get it inside me.  

Ash, can you come here a minute?  

Sure daddy. I ran down the stairs, causing my breasts to bounce. Daddy turned and looked at me as I entered the room.  

Hon, do you think that you could finish up dinner, while I take a shower?  

I took over the frying pan with the bacon, as daddy left the room. I dont think that dad had even made it to the stairs when the bacon spit, and grease landed on my nipple. I cried out in pain. I dropped the flipper, and jumped back from the stove.  

Whats the matter? asked daddy  

The grease burned me. I was crying.  

Daddy took my breast in his hand and looked at it. He slowly lowered his mouth to my nipple. I inhaled deeply as daddy took my nipple between his teeth. He began to suck and tongue it. I was thinking about how good it felt. My pussy started to get wet, and my knees got weak. I sighed, and daddy pulled off. I looked into his eyes, and I smiled. I looked down and saw that daddy was turned on. His penis was sticking out. It must have been 8 inches long and 4 around.  

Daddy, looked down, and left the room. I heard him climb the stairs, then I heard the shower start. I was mad. I thought that it was going to happen. I finished with dinner and sat down to eat it.  

Daddy, since I made supper, you get to do dishes.  

Sounds fair to me. Daddy started to gather up the plates. I began to help him. When everything was together, daddy began to run the water for the sink. We have one of those attachments that is a hose, well, daddy grabbed it, and started to spray me with it. I tried to grab for it, but I missed. I tried again, and I managed to grab something. I looked down, and I was holding my dads penis in my hand. I let go. Dad stoped the water, and began on the dishes. I didnt have anything to do, so I hopped up onto the counter. I pulled one leg up to my chest and let the other one dangle.  

Can you pass me the started daddy, as he turned towards me. Daddys eyes dropped to my damp pussy, which was quite visible.  

Daddy set down his dish, and walked towards me. He came and stood between my legs, and I let the other one drop. Daddy grabbed me around the waist, and began to kiss me. He pried my lips open with his tongue. I wrapped my legs around his back, and I hooked my ankles. We continued to kiss for a few minuted. Daddy laid me back down on the counter, and he started to kiss my neck. He worked his way down to my breast. He took it into his mouth and began to suckle it. He took the other one in his hand, and he continued to move down my body. He was nipping and kissing my belly. He turned me, so my ass was on the edge of the counter. Daddy, spread my legs, and put his finger into my wet hole. My breathing was no longer steady. I was getting so turned on. I couldnt take it. I started to grind against his hand, and he finger fucked me. Daddy, moved a little lower, and he began to lick my slit. He stuck his tongue deep inside me, then he went and began to suck my clit. I had multiple orgasms. Daddy grabbed the hose from the sink, and began to massage the water against my clit. I couldnt help myself, I had orgasm after orgasm.  

After what seemed like forever daddy stoped. I was so weak from pleasure, that I didnt notice. I was drunk on excitement. Daddy picked me up and carried me to the living room. He set me on the floor, and he lined up his penis. In one quick motion, he inserted his whole 8 inched deep inside my virgin vagina. I cried out, and my hymen tore, but after that, I was in heaven.  

I couldnt believe how wonderful sex felt. If I had known, then I would have had sex sooner. I came 3 or 4 more time, and when daddy finally shot his load deep inside me, I was glad. I was exhausted.  

My father withdrew his penis, and he laid beside me. His hand tickling my body. Daddys fingers began to journey towards my vagina again. Daddy began to toy with my clit. I orgasmed. I didnt think that I had it in me, but I was rearing to go. I hopped up, and took daddys penis into my mouth. I licked off all my juices, and it began to get hard. I continued to lick and suck it, until daddy shot his load deep into my throat.  

Daddy and I have since moved to a new town, and we are expecting our first child. I am excited. I hope that it is a boy, so I will never have to find someone else to have sex with.

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