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I hadn't seen my sister Jill and her husband Mark for a couple of years so I was only too pleased to be able to put them up when they traveled south for my brother Andrew's wedding. After my wife Alma had left me with our son David Jr. in tow, I was rattling around our three bedroom house like a pea in a drum.  

Jill and Mark arrived on my doorstep on the Thursday afternoon before the Saturday wedding with their daughter Karen accompanying them. This was a surprise because Jill had told me that Karen had other plans at home in Bedford.  

"I'm sorry David, I rang you at home but you were obviously at work and I didn't have that number with me" Said Jill apologetically.  

"Hey Sis, don't worry, I've plenty of room and it won't take five minutes to make up a bed for Karen" I said. Karen looked shyly at me over her mothers shoulders.  

I glanced back at Karen, she had certainly grown up since I last saw her. She was 18, tall and leggy with straight blond hair that just reached past her shoulders. She had blossomed into a beautiful young lady and I thought to myself if only I was a few years younger. But she was my niece so I quickly locked away my carnal thoughts.  

"Well come on in, don't stand on ceremony" I said and they came in lugging their suitcases with them.  

I showed Jill and Mark to the already prepared guest bedroom and then showed Karen to what had been David Jr.'s room. "I hope that you don't mind the football wallpaper and bedspread" I said to Karen. "It's fine Uncle Dave you should see my bedroom at home. By the way I'm sorry to be nuisance and land unannounced like this. I had planned a long time ago to go away with two girl friends for the weekend but we had to cancel because one of them got sick. I didn't fancy staying at home on my own and it's been such a long time since I saw everyone" she said.  

"Can you give me a hand making up the bed please?" I asked.  

"Sure Uncle Dave" she replied.  

"Karen, I think you're old enough to just call me Dave" I said.  

"Oh, Okay Uncle Da.. sorry...Dave" she replied with a sweet smile.  

"Right, let's get this bed sorted" I suggested.  

I pulled the bed away from the wall and we quickly got the fitted sheet over the mattress, followed by a top sheet and the football duvet. Karen battled fitting a pillow case over the pillow and threw it onto the bed which promptly rolled off between the bed and the wall. Stretching over the bed to pick it up I was rewarded with the sight of her briefs which were caught between her cherry buttocks under her short skirt. I quickly turned away, scared of being caught looking at her.  

We went downstairs and I made a pot of tea and we all sat in the lounge catching up on our family gossip. Jill and Mark sat on my sofa and Karen and I took the armchairs that were at each end opposite each other. I was engrossed in Mark telling me how his printing business had been struggling but he felt that they had now turned the corner. Jill told me about her new job as a secretary in an engineering company and I told them the details of my split with Alma. Karen just sat listening.  

They had come down on the Thursday because Jill had offered to help Andrew and Tracy, his wife to be, to set up the wedding reception on the Friday. I had booked a table at my favourite local restaurant for 8.30 pm that evening and as it was about 6.15 pm by now I suggested that they might like to shower and change as I had booked a cab for 8.10pm.  

Jill was first to go, so I continued talking with Mark and Karen. Karen was now in her first year at University studying economics and commerce. I didn't realise that she was that bright. Jill called down to say that she had finished in the shower and Karen told her dad that he should go next.  

"So Karen, is there a young man in your life yet?" I teased.  

She flushed slightly " No, no-one special, anyway" she answered.  

Was it my imagination or had she opened her legs slightly, I'm sure that I could make out a triangle of white panties. The spell of my gaze was broken when her dad shouted that the bathroom was free.  

We had a wonderful Italian meal at 'Tony Fresco's' and managed to polish off three bottles of wine between us. When we got back home just after 11.30 pm Karen announced that she was bushed and was going to bed. She kissed both her mum and dad and then kissed me on the cheek, her fingers lightly caressing the back of my neck as she did so.  

Her parents didn't see but I had a reaction in my trouser department as my cock jerked. I hadn't slept with a woman since Alma had left me and that was two months ago. I put my reaction down to a mixture of my sexual frustration, the alcohol and Karen's heady perfume.  

I poured Jill, Mark and me a couple of fingers of Jack Daniels over ice, as a night cap and we chatted for another half an hour or so before they decided that it was time that they too retired. I wished them goodnight and sat on the sofa finishing my bourbon thinking about the day. My cock thickened as I thought of Karen bending over the bed showing her knickers, then the second flash that I got when she was sitting opposite me. And then that good night kiss, that was certainly hotter than I would have expected from a niece even though it was only on the cheek. I undid the belt and button on my trousers and stroked my hard on through my underpants. Shit, it had been too long since I had shagged a woman. I resolved to try and pull a girl at Andrew's wedding. In the meantime my right hand would have to do.  

I pulled my shaft free of my briefs and started a slow wank, pulling my foreskin back from my cock head and up again. As I did this I heard a sound from the lounge door and turned round to see Karen standing their with her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. We both looked at each other. Both having caught each other in the act of self gratification.  

Karen quickly took her hand away from her mound and her short nightie fell to cover her cunt. She walked in to the lounge and shut the door behind her.  

"I'm sorry for spying on you Uncle Dave. I came downstairs for a glass of water and saw a light on and looked in to see you er ...." her voice trailed away.  

"It's me that should be sorry Karen" I said " If I want to play with myself at least I should do it in my bedroom or the bathroom. Especially when I have guests. I apologise if I have shocked you!"  

"I'm not shocked, but I haven't seen a real penis before, I couldn't take my eyes off it. I didn't realise they could be so big" Karen said.  

Now in my book 7 inches isn't particularly big so when she said this, my cock gave a jerk.  

"Can I take a close look?" she asked as she walked towards me.  

Who was I to argue?  

She sat next to me and put out her hand and quickly touched it.  

"It's so hard, yet it's soft as well" she exclaimed with surprise.  

She reached out again and wrapped her slim fingers around my length and started to awkwardly pump my foreskin back and forth. I let out a sigh.  

"Don't grip it too hard" I said.  

She released her grip a little and continued to pump my rod, her other hand reached between her legs and she started to rub her cunt. I could smell her arousal. I encouraged her to move her hand a little quicker and soon I could feel my spunk start to rise.  

Thirty seconds later, I erupted and spurted two weeks of come over her hand and my stomach.  

She lifted her sticky hand to her mouth and licked my jism from it.  

"Mmm, it doesn't taste like a friend of mine described it, but I think I like it" she said.  

She leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips.  

"I better get that glass of water she said and got up to leave.  

"Don't worry Uncle, sorry Dave, this will be our secret. Promise!" and with that she left the room.  

I slept well that night and got up at 9.00 am to make breakfast for my guests. Just Jill and Mark came down and told me that Karen was having a well deserved lie in as she had been studying hard. They were out of the house by 9.45 am and on their way over to see Andrew and Tracy.  

I was still in my dressing gown and decided to take my shower. The memory of what happened the previous night filled my thoughts as I soaped myself and my cock hardened. I was surprised when the shower curtain was pulled back and there stood Karen, naked as the day she was born, just seventeen years ago. Her long legs met at an apex of a small triangle of downy blond pubes. They had been shaved close to her pudenda. Her breasts whilst not big were topped by a couple of cherry red nipples.  

"I think that we have some unfinished business from last night" she said.  

"This really isn't right Karen" I said "I'm your Uncle!"  

"I don't care" she replied "I've wanted to lose my virginity for a long time now but could never find a boy that I wanted to do it. But I know now that I want you to be my first. I've always had a soft spot for you and after last night, I want your cock to be the first in my cunt"  

He crudity shocked me and although I knew what we were doing was wrong, all guilt had flown out the window when she stepped into my shower and rubbed her apple like breasts across my chest.  

I held her face gently in my hands and kissed her on the mouth. Her tongue slipped snake like into mine and my shaft jerked against her tummy.  

Quickly finishing off our shower, we dried off and I led her by the hand to my bedroom where she laid back on my bed with her legs open to my gaze.  

"Make me a woman please, Dave" she implored.  

I joined her on the bed and kissed her again, my hand stroking her arm. Continuing to kiss her, my fingers gently traced a route to between her legs which she opened even wider. Her cleft was soaking wet with her juices. I nibbled on her erect nipples and then moved my tongue to her wet virgin pussy.  

The first contact of my tongue on her cunt flaps brought a sigh from her lips. I ran my tongue the full length of her pussy, she tasted so sweet, her juices wetting my face. I traced my tongue around her hole just missing her now visible clitoris, she writhed under my ministrations. Back and forth until I touched the little nugget of her clit, when she almost leapt of the bed and squealed as her first orgasm overtook her.  

Moving back up her body I kissed her full on the lips so she could taste her self. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked. "Yes!" she whispered in a barely audible whisper. I positioned myself over her holding all of my weight on my out stretched arms and touched the bell end of my cock against her opening. I pushed gently and her flaps engulfed the end. I withdrew a bit and pushed forward again. This time a little more of me entered her virgin hole.  

I did this a few more times so that she could become accustomed to this invasion of her most precious possession. Each movement drew a little gasp from her lips. I pushed again and came up against her natural barrier.  

"This may hurt a little" I said, "but only once, once it's gone, it's gone" "Do it, do it Dave, do it now" Karen begged, her eyes wide. I nudge a bit harder against her hymen to stretch it, a second time, then I pulled out and plunged back with force. I sank my full length into her tight cunt.  

"Owww, that hurts, stop" She screamed tears in her eyes. But now I was in her I started to fuck her with long slow strokes. Her moans of pain quickly turned to pleasure as her pussy turned slick with her juices. I leant forward so that my cock stimulated her clit and her moans were replaced by squeals as she started to come. I quickened my pace and could feel my spunk rising. Harder and faster I fucked her until she screamed loudly, scratching my back with her nails. I couldn't hold out any longer and shot gouts of spunk into her.  

Collapsing on top of her we both fought for breath. Karen wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with such passion, her tongue fighting a duel with mine. "Oh Dave, that was so wonderful, I didn't think that it could be so wonderful" she said.  

We rested for a while and although she wanted another go I said that we should make a move as we didn't want to be caught by her Mum and Dad. We jumped back into the shower and I watched as the red evidence of her lost innocence swirled down the plug hole.  

We didn't have a chance to get together again that day as one or other of her parents were always around, although we frequently exchanged conspiratal glances.  

On Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, every one was rushing around like lunatics, showering and getting dressed for the 1.00pm Church ceremony. It had been agreed that as Jill and Mark would be handing out the Bibles and buttonholes that I would drive Karen to the church.  

I gently tapped on the door of Karen's bedroom.  

"Are you nearly ready?" I called.  

"Yes, I'm ready, come in" She replied.  

I opened the door to be presented with the erotic sight of her leaning forward over my son's desk with her back to me. She was standing with her bottom presented to me, the peachy cheeks of her arse dissected by a tiny white thong. She also wore black hold-up stockings and in the mirror, in front of her, I could see the reflection of her breasts being pushed up by a white Wonderbra.  

"Wow, you look good but we've got to hurry as it's just gone 12 and we'll be late" I chastised. "I'm not going anywhere until you've fucked me with that wonderful cock of yours. I'll go crazy if you don't satisfy me" She replied, the smouldering look in her eyes told me that she was serious.  

I walked towards her and got on my knees behind her and hooked my thumbs in the waist band of her white thong. Pulling it over her hips and down her legs, it stuck slightly to her already sticky cunt. I pushed her gently on her back and she leant further forward exposing more of her sweet pussy. I stuck out the tip of my tongue and licked the length of her slit and for good measure buried it into her anus. She shivered and gasped at the same time. Slipping one then two fingers into her slick vagina, I opened her up. The scent of her arousal mixed with that of her perfume to create a heady mix which made my head spin. Two minutes of finger and tongue work on her cunt and I knew she was ready.  

I stood up and quickly unbuckled the belt on my trousers, button and zip undone and I pushed my trousers and briefs to my ankles and aimed my hard cock at her wet pussy. I slid my whole length into her sopping cunt, and she cried out in pleasure. We didn't have much time so this was going to be a hard furious fuck and I rammed my rod in and out of her. Her passion was so high that she moaned with pleasure from the first stroke to the last. She was coming after only a few minutes and I felt my come rising.  

"I'm com... I going to come Karen" I cried.  

"Let me take you in my mouth" she asked breathlessly.  

Pulling my cock from her, she turned to face me and got on her knees and took me in her mouth. Sucking hard and licking her juices from my shaft, my jism rose up my cock like mercury in a thermometer and burst into her open mouth. One spurt was followed by a second and then a third. She rolled my come around her mouth and swallowed. Just a little spot remained on her chin under the bright red of her lipstick. I reached out a finger and wiped it off and presented it to her, snake-like her tongue licked it from my digit.  

"Come on we'd better get a move on" I said "Or we're gonna be late" " Okay, give me five minutes" she said a dreamy satisfied look in her eyes.  

She picked up her thong and sorted out which holes to put her legs through and pulled it up her slim legs and hid her pussy from my gaze once again. The suit that she was going to wear to the wedding was laid out on the bed, the skirt finished just above her knees and the jacket was cut to allow a sexy glimpse of her cleavage when she leaned too far forward. High heels were slipped on, and picking up a clutch bag, she was ready. Just a quick check of her make up and we left her room.  

The church was fairly close to where I lived and I was lucky to spot a parking space as another car pulled out and we were at the church with 20 minutes to spare.  

Andrew was pacing around a little with last minute nerves and looked pleased when I arrived.  

"Hi Bruv" I said, "Don't worry, this will all be over before you know it" " "Thanks Dave. I'm not worried about the wedding, just you know, what if Tracy had second thoughts? "Nah, no chance Bruv, she thinks the world of you, you don't know just how much she loves you do you?" I said.  

We were interrupted when the Vicar called everyone into the Church. Within the hour my brother's bachelor days were over. Tracy looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful white wedding dress. After the confetti had flown we all made our way to the reception where we enjoyed a splendid buffet. In the evening more guests arrived and the beer and wine flowed. A disco started at about seven.  

Karen had more than a few admiring and lusty looks thrown in her direction from the male guests which made me a tad jealous but smug inside, also. I was the one that she wanted to take her cherry. I just wondered whether I would get another chance of being alone with her again before she left for home with her parents on the Sunday afternoon.  

We had a couple of dances but realised that we shouldn't be too obvious. During one slow dance she squeezed my cock though my trousers. "I liked it when you stuck your tongue in my arse" she whispered. "Will you do that again please" " Sure thing Karen, but I'm not sure when we can safely spend some together again" " I've got an idea" she said "Why don't you invite me to take me shopping on Monday, then I could stay over night on Sunday and get a train back on Monday afternoon"  

Sounds like a plan I thought, so I spoke to Jill and Mark who both thought that it was a wonderful idea. The rest of the night was excellent and when we all got back to my house at half twelve we were all very tired and a bit drunk. I had left my car at the reception and would have to pick it up the following day.  

We didn't rise until about 10 the next day and had a quick breakfast before driving off to a pub in the country for an excellent Sunday lunch. Getting home about 3.30pm Jill and Mark packed up their car and drove off. We promised that we should get together more often.  

Once I had closed the door behind me Karen grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips poking her lively tongue into my mouth. "Now we're all alone, you can do what ever you like to me" she invited. I had plans!  

I was still a little tired from the exertions of the previous day so I suggested that we take a nap, then we could really enjoy ourselves later in the evening. She pouted a little as she was expecting some instant action but agreed. We went to my room and stripped down to our underwear and climbed into bed. She wrapped her arms around me and she was asleep even before me.  

It must have been sixish when I woke. I was facing her and she was already awake and was looking straight at me"  

"Hello Darling, are you ready to make me feel good" she asked and reached down to my cock and started to stroke it. I was hard within an instant. Throwing back the sheet, I saw that she had shed her knickers and bra and that she had her hand on her pussy. She slid one finger in her cunt and pulled it out and offered it to my mouth. I sucked the sweet juice from it and decided that I would like to sample it directly from her hole. I worked my way down her body and saw that her cunt lips were already puffy, she had been masturbating for some time.  

I dipped my tongue into her honey pot which drew an appeciative " mmm" from her. Positioning her legs with her feet flat on the bed, I exposed her vagina so that it was open and ready for attack. I plunged my tongue in and swirled it around bringing ecstatic moans from her. Going lower my tongue found her rose bud which I rimmed, she squirmed and wriggled with pleasure. I pushed against the tight ring of muscle which eventually relaxed to give me deeper access. I then replaced my tongue with a finger which I worked in and out slowly.

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