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My grandparents have lived next door for as long as I can remember. So maybe it was not so unusual to fine out that they left their house to my sister and I. I am Daryl, age twenty and my sister Ruth is eighteen. I am attending Junior College just across town while my sister is still in school just a few blocks away. After the reading of the will Mom and Dad said, it would be Ok if Ruth and I lived in the house. Since it was just nextdoor they could keep an eye on us. They were joking of course since neither Ruth nor I was into wild parties. We both were working hard to get an education and that took up most of our time.  

It was Saturday Ruth and I were cleaning out the garage so I could get my new used car inside. I was just finding out that old people could sure save a lot of junk over the years. My buddy Rick has a pick up truck so Ruth and I were setting the stuff we did not want to try to sale at a Yard sale in the driveway. Rick could pick it up later and take it to the junkyard for us. It was coming up on noon when Ruth said; she would go in and fix us a lunch. I was just pulling out some boxes from the top shelf when one pulled apart letting a few videos tapes fall out. There were no labels on them so I took them in the house to see if there was anything on them. I knew Grandpa loved to tape old movies; there must have been a hundred videotapes of old movies in the den.  

The house was nearly seventy yeas old, two stories and in remarkably good condition. Grandpa had it remodeled after Gram died. One of the things he did was to build a small additions on to the side and he called that his den. He practically lived in there till he died. He taped movies and converted old home movies to videos. Grandpa was very good at that kind of stuff. So I was guessing these were some videotapes of old home movies he must have taken years ago. However I had no idea why they were put away in the garage.  

Ruth called telling me lunch was ready. I dropped the videos on the table and picked up the sandwich Ruth had made for me. With a sandwich in one hand and a glass of milk in the other I walked up stairs with Ruth right on my heels. We had to figure out who was going to get which bedroom. Just as I came up the second floor landing Ruth ran ahead of me going into the master bedroom at the front of the house. She was yelling, This one is mine, I get to sleep here and have my own bathroom. That was ok, with me as I would rather have the back bedroom with its own entrance from out side. I may have to go down the hall to the bathroom but the idea of being able to come and go as I wished was more of an incentive than a private bath. There were outside stairs going to the ground used as a fire escape. But to me it was a private entrance.  

Ruth, My dear sister you may have the Master bedroom and Ill even help you bring your bedroom furniture over. I told her as I walked past her room heading to what was soon to become my love nest. Or so I hoped anyway. We forgot the cleaning out of the garage and rummaged around up stairs for a good hour. There was still an attic about the second floor. Ruth and I agreed that the third bedroom would be our joint computer room. Ruth got to digging around while I returned to the garage. I had just started to work up a good sweat when Ruth came running out and almost screamed, come see what I found. You have to see this.  

I followed her running back into the house. She did not stop in the kitchen, but went on through to the den. There she stood huffing and puffing pointing at the TV.  

Ruth had retrieved the videotapes I had brought in from the garage. My eyes were fixed to the TV as were Ruths I took a deep breath, not because I had been running oh, no, I was caught breathless because on the TV were four people. All I knew very well. This foursome were naked, all engaged in sex with each other. My eyes were fixed on my mother and my dearly departed Grandpa. My mother was giving Grandpa a blowjob. I had never seen my mother naked let along engaged in a sex act. Grandpa. Was laying on the floor and Mom was on all fours between his legs. I was drawn to the sight of her tits hanging down and how her mouth was sliding up and down his very long hard cock.
My Mom was sucking off her own father. So I was thinking Wow, incest in the family, I guess me wanting to fuck my sister is not so bad after all. After I recovered from that, I looked at Dad fucking Grandma doggie style while Grandma was fingering Moms ass and pussy. The angle was not very good so I was not sure which Gram was doing. It could have been both. Ruth said, Daryl look how big Dads cock is, and he is fucking Gram. I said, Yes but look at Mom sucking Grandpas cock, Mom is a cocksucker. Ruth laughed and said, She looks like she is a damn good one too, Ruth laughed and so did I.  

I am not sure just what happened then but I think Ruth and I were really getting hot and aroused by the video. I know I had my cut off jeans open with my cock in my hand. Ruth was rubbing her crotch the next thing I knew I was pulling Ruths jeans down while she was pulling at mine. Ruth was on her back with me between her legs. My raging hard on slipped into her pussy easily. I thought well no virgin here and started to fuck her faster. Ruth was damn good and she did her best to join me by wiggling her ass and bouncing under me. Each downward thrust was met by an upward bounce. We banged together till I hurt; Ruth was screaming she was cumming I just let it fly. I shot her cunt full and she washed my cum covered cock with a wet climax of her own. We heaved once and fell in a heap. Our breathing was so heavy it took ten minutes to get back to normal.  

The video had run its course the TV screen was now blank. I said, Wow, Ruth your a pretty good fuck. Who has been getting into your pants?  

Ruth smiled and sat up. Well that is none of your business. But brother Dear your not too bad your self. I guess that video really got us turned on.  

I agree and told her so. Ruth was still going on about Dads cock and how big it was. When she would let me get a word in I would point out how Mom was sucking Grandpas cock. Our mother sucking off grandpa now that is something to talk about. I said, Ruth would you like to have Dad fuck you? It only took her a moment to answer I know she had been thinking about it before I ask. Ruth Said, Oh, Man, that would be great. I would love for Dad to fuck me. How about you would you like to fuck Mom?  

Gees what a body she has, I could get use to fucking Mom but even better still I can see her sucking my cock till I cum in her mouth. I told my sister. I was leaning back against the sofa and still playing with my cock. I was hard again. I kind of pointed it at Ruth and said, Ruth how about giving your loving brother a little head?  

Later maybe if you want to lick my pussy too. But right now I hear Ricks pick up truck.  

Ruth was right and we jumped up grabbed our cloths and went out to meet Rick.  

It was near dark when we returned to the house after helping Rick unload his pick up truck. Ruth said, we dont have much in the house to eat. How about we go over next door and see if the neighbors will feed us. We laughed and went home. Coming through the back door Ruth said, to Mom, Excuse me we are your new neighbors and we are out of food, could we beg a meal from you? Mom turned smiling at us and said, Why of course anything for a new neighbor.  

Those words seem to have some strange meaning for me. I was looking at my darling mother with a whole new set of values. For twenty years she had been the one that kissed the hurts and fixed anything that went wrong in life. She would hold you when you were cold and warm you with her heart alone. But in my eyes I was still seeing her between her fathers knees sucking his cock. Mom was talking to Ruth as I just sat there watching her move about the kitchen She had a broad ass now as she was maybe ten or fifteen years older than in the video tape. I guess kids and age to that to a woman. Her tits were not so large as Ruths and the seem to hang down. I guess age has a lot to do with that also. but her face was still clear, of wrinkles and lines. Here eyes were bright and her mouth painted dark red was so sexy my cock was coming alive just thinking about her sucking my cock. Ruth went up to her old room and I walked up behind Mom, I took her in my arms and whispered in her ear. Ill miss you. I kissed her on the mouth and for a second I thought she kissed me back. As I let my arms come free of her I let my hands trail down over her breasts. That is when I felt her stiffed for a second but I also had my hard on pressed up tight between the cheeks of her broad ass. I turned and took a seat. Ruth returned and she was looking at me as if to say, What has been going on in here? She saw I had a hard on and just smiled.
Ruth ask, Where is Dad? Mom answered he out for the evening he is playing cards over at Uncle Dougs I said, Mom, why dont you come over and watch some old movies with Ruth and I tonight. Ruth gave me a strange look and she knew just what I was going to do. Mom fixed us dinner from some leftovers and we returned to our new house. Mom said, she would be over in thirty minutes.  

On the walk across the back yard Ruth ask me what I had in mind. I told her that tonight we were going to become a family of lovers. This turned Rut on and she let me knew she was willing to help in any way she could. I ask her if she ever licked a pussy and could she stand to watch me fuck mom. Ruth was so hot she jerked her shorts down in the kitchen and started frigging her self. I guess that was her answer. I said, God, I would love to see you and Mom going at it.  

Ruth said, I think I would love that too.  

The plan was made and all we had to do now was wait Moms arrival. I had spliced the video of Mom and granddad along with Dad and Grandma screwing into a regular movie. The way I had it set up this part would cut in about thirty minutes into the movie. I wanted to get mom between us on the sofa and when it cut in Ruth and I would act shocked and then get all excited. Hopefully we could get Mom to come across with a little sex for the both of us. Mom came in right on time. But she was in her rub and night gown. I ask her if she was already for bed. Showered so thought I may as well get comfortable. Why dont you and Ruth get comfortable also. Now here was a twist I had never thought of. Some how I got the idea that mom as way ahead of Ruth and I in the sex department. We agreed and went up stairs to shower a clean up. I went to my room grabbed a terry cloth rub and underwear and headed to the shower down the hall. I was naked and of course I had a hard on thinking about what I wanted to happen not that it would but I wanted it to. Stepping into the shower I felt the air stir so I looked back over my shoulder. There stood Mother. Naked and holding out her hand for me to help her into the shower. I did just that. She was smiling and the water was splashing down on both of us. I pulled hr into my arms an kissed her. Is this what you wanted? she ask. Yes I told her. At her first touch it damn near drove me over the edge as she fondled my cock. I dropped my mouth to her breast and sucked a nipple into my mouth. My hand came up between her legs my thumb slipped into her cunt and a finger found her tight little ass hole. I was surprised to feel her cunt clamp down on my thumb she had muscles that worked like a vise grip. Her grip on my cock got tighter and tighter making me harder. Gee, Mom. lets get out of here. I said. I know what you want. Mom answered me. Mom dropped to her knees and quickly took my fucking hard on into her mouth. I was so hot I damn near shot off at the first touch of her mouth on my cock. Looking down I watched as her mouth moved back and forth on my cock. Her hair was plastered flat to her head. Her back was straight and her wide hips were spread out even farther because of her squatting down. I was fascinated with me mother broad ass. I told her I was so close to cumming she should stop for a minute and let me relax. I lifted her to her feet and held her in my arms. My cock was throbbing as it lay along the crack of her pussy. I kissed her on the mouth and told her I had never been turned on by having my cock sucked before. You really are a wonderful cocksucker I told her.  

We heard a voice from my bedroom. Come on you two. get out of there so I can join the fun. Ruths voice seem to have woke us up. Dripping water across the floor we walked out of my room and down the hall to the master bedroom. Ruth trailed behind us. Mom was in the middle of the bed on her back with me on one side and Ruth on the other. Ruth kissed Mom on the mouth and I watched as mom reached for Ruth pussy . Ruth did the same and quickly slipped a finger into Moms cunt. Damn this was so sexy watching mom and my sister Ruth fingering each other. I pushed Ruths hand away and placed my head between Moms legs. My tongue found her cunt wet and hot. I was licking my Moms cunt and sucking on her well defined clitoris. Mom was getting really hot she rolled on her back no longer kissing Ruth. I pushed Ruth she knew what I was trying to tell her. Ruth moved up and straddled Mom s face. Lowering her cunt to moms mouth mom was eager to lick her daughters hot little cunt. I was so hot I was licking my mothers cunt while I looked up over hr little fat belly to see her licking my sisters pussy. Ruth was rubbing her cunt on mothers mouth. Now that is sexy I as near cumming. I sure did not want to shoot my load on the sheets so I get up between my mothers legs. she was on her side now and I had one leg pulled up out of the way and I was sitting on the other . With me on my knees my cock was poised at the entrance to my mother dripping pussy. Ruth was still in a position at allowed mother to lick her Pussy.
I reached down and parted the cheeks of my mothers plump ass. My cock throbbed as I looked at her tiny ass  

ho le. I really wanted to force my cock up my mothers ass but I knew that would come in time so I amid for her fat pussy and pushed forward. I slipped into her easily Mom let out a moan. Grabbing her by her ass and belly I jerked into her as fast as I could. I was ready to cum quickly as I was so hot from watching her lick my sisters cunt. I felt the load start to work its way up from deep down inside me. Just then I felt my mothers cunt clamp down tight around my cock cutting off any chance of me cumming. Yet I could feel Mom cumming and she was telling me to fuck her harder and faster. Hell I could not move. Mom screamed and the dam burst. her cunt released my cock and there came an outward flood of juices like nothing I had eve seen . My cock and balls were awash with a torrent of her juices. My cock exploded and it felt like my load shot out in one single burst. I cried out it hurt. But god I knew it was the best fuck I had ever had. I fell off to he side and closed my eyes. I was so exhausted I did not even want to see what Ruth was doing.  

I must have fell asleep for when I woke I was alone in bed. I was so tired I thought that I would just stay here.  

Dreams soon filled my head of Dad joining in our little party I could see him fucking Ruth while mom and I watched. This I felt would happen soon.

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