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My enjoyment of piss play started when I was in junior school (ages 8-11).
There was a fairly low ceiling in the boys toilet and all the boys would
compete to see who could piss on the ceiling. I loved joining in this
activity, not only could I see the other boys little cocks, but also the
piss would drip down from the ceiling, all over us. Most boys were
uncircumcised (as am I). We would pull our foreskins as far back as
possible, so as it did not impede the flow. We then leaned back, pointed at
the ceiling, and pushed the piss as hard as possible. Often the piss would
miss the ceiling and splash onto other kids.
In the last year, we went away on a trip, where we stayed in tents of four.
I was with three friends, Ed, Lewis, and Paul. At night, we often played
"Dare". Dares started off with relatively innocent things, like sniff
another boys sock, or sing some stupid song. By the second night, such
dares were rather boring. We progressed to lighting farts, going outside
and shouting FUCK etc. Then I was dared to piss in a bottle then drink it.
The problem was, I got a hardon, and couldn't pee. Therefore the other boys
decided that my forfit was to drink their piss instead. GREAT. They passed
round the bottle, mixing their piss as it went. With the three boys piss in
the bottle, there was about 1 and 1/2 pints. I took a sniff of the strong
smell of the urine, which was a dark yellow colour. Bringing the bottle to
my lips, I took a sip. LOVELY. Placing the bottle to my mouth again, a
took another sip. Before I could take the bottle from my mouth again, Ed
grabbed the bottle and held to my mouth. I had to swallow and swallow, gulp
after gulp. It soon got too much, and started to spill out, down the front
of my T-shirt. Its grey colour instantly darkend, as the piss flow spread
across my chest. When it reached my waist, my jogging trousers started to
darken as well. Dispite my hardon, I now started to piss. A puddle
developed in my lap, and then started to spread across my front, and down
the sides. This was great.
The bottle was now empty. It was now Lewis' turn for a dare. To get him
back (not that I didn't enjoy it) I dared him to suck the piss from my
clothes. Before I could take them off, he was sucking my T-shirt. He
reached a nipple, and began to suck it, moving down, he reached my belly
button, and pushed the wet T-shirt into it. He continued down and reached
my groin. "what's we got `ere" as he licks my trousers, which were tented
out by my 3" hard cock. He took my cock into his mouth, sucking it through
my trousers. I felt cold air breeze pass my damp prick as he sucked in.
Pushing my trousers down over my dick, I exposed my self, and Lewis took me
into his mouth. He held the base like you do a cigarette, and pretended to
smoke my cock. Pulling my foreskin back he licked all around the head. As
he continued sucking, Paul and Ed had started to rub each others small
cocks. Watching them play with each other took me over the edge. This was
the first time I had ever had an orgasm. My cock started to tighten up, and
throb, in a dry cum. My legs started to tremble and I had to hold on to
Lewis for support. I then sat down, pleasantly exhausted. Lewis joined Ed
and Paul, who rubbed each other off to their own prepubescent orgasms.
I woke up the next morning to find Paul, asleep next to me -- naked!. I
reached down to pull his foreskin back. It easily slid back, and his cock
started to grow hard. It was soon at full mast, and was probably 4" long.
I kept pulling the foreskin back and over his glans. I was so engrossed in
this I had not noticed that Ed was now awake. I felt my foreskin being
stretched, as Ed pulled in it. I looked down to my crotch, to see my
foreskin stretched to about 2". He then used two hands and pulled my
foreskin apart, creating a tube, he then put his forefinger into it,
touching my glans. My fiddling had woken Paul up, and he reached over to Ed
and started to play with his cock. We were in a triangle, and soon had each
others cocks in our mouths. As I sucked, Paul started to orgasm, his cock
twitching strongly in my mouth. Me and Ed then started to cum as well.
Before we disentangled ourselves, the teacher was outside calling us for
breakfast. We quickly jumped into our sleeping bags, just in time before
she opened the tent flaps.
Unfortunatly this was the last day, and we didn't get chance to play with
each other again that trip. Latter that summer, we decided to camp out in
Lewis, dads tent, and we were soon playing with each other again. BUT

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