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"Matt Honey, it's time to wake up. Uncle John will be here in a few
minutes." My mom said in her soothing voice. "C'mon babe, up and at em."  

I woke up just in time to realize that I was compleatly naked under my
sheets and my mom was about to lift the covers. "Yeah, yeah mom. I'm
awake." My fluttering heart slowly came to a calm as she left the room. I
had just recently started sleeping nude, ever since I started waking up
with an errection a few months ago I realized how good it felt to have my
morning wood be gently carresed by my flannel sheets. As soon as I heard
my mom half way down the stairs I jumped out of bed and put on some mid
thigh levi shorts and a wrinkled white t-shirt from my floor and threw some
more cloths in my backpack. I then felt my way down the stairs still
rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I tossed my pack next to my tent by the
door and headed into the dining room for the toast and orange juice my mom
had made me.  

"It's going to really great. I just know you and your uncle John are going
to have a great time." I really don't know how my mom managed to have so
much energy so early in the morning but she seemed even more excited than I

As I was finishing the last of my OJ I heard my uncle's disel truck pull up
in front of our house. I watched my mom in the kitchen as she quickly
finished putting the rest of the sandwiches and soads into the ice chest
for my uncle and me. Right as my mom closed the lid on the ice chest my
uncle came in. He didn't bother to knock, family usually didn't. We had
such a close family that they came and went as they pleased, sometimes when
we weren't even home.  

"Hey little guy, you ready for some hard work?" I heard my uncle say as he
snuck up behind me and tickled my sides.  

"Now don't be to rough on my little boy, he's only 12 and will be expensive
to replace." My mom said as she walked into the dining room laughing. "Now
I packed you guys plenty of sandwiches and picked up some dougnuts for
breakfast. You may get bitten by a snake but you sure won't go hungry." My
mom said with a laugh and a wink at me.  

"Oh don't you worry Sis, I'll take good care of this little one." With that
my uncle reached and threw me over his shoulder. I was awake enough to put
up some kind of resistence and I started hitting his back demanding to be
put down. "I've never felt a sack of potatoes thrash around so much. Bye
Sis, thanks for loaning me this here kid." I stopped kicking momentarily so
my uncle could give my mom a kiss on the cheek before he draged me out the

"Bye mom!" I screamed through my laughter as my uncle carried me out to his

I had given up on hitting him so I started to spank my uncles tight ass
half way out to his truck. "Now you're in for it ya little punk." He then
put one hand on my chest and another right between my legs with his palm
firmly placed right on my now hardening dick. With a small grunt he lifted
me over his head and began to spin in circles. I could hardly breath
through all my laughter and was barely able to say uncle. "Damn right, " he
said as he put me down. "Now get in the car, we're burning daylight."  

Despite all the excitement I still managed to fall asleep only 10 minutes
after we started driving. I woke up about 6 a.m., only an hour into the
drive I knew we were only half way there.  

"My neck hurts." I said still half asleep.  

"Leaning up against the window like that will do that to ya. C'mere and use
my leg as a pillow."  

I readily acepted the offer and leaned over to rest my head on his levi
covered thigh. As soon as he saw that I was all cozy he reached over and
began rubbing my chest with his large hand. I was out in seconds. I woke
again by the rough unpaved dirt road we had gotten on. I used my hand to
prop myself up on his leg. It was only after wiping the sleep from my eyes
that I realized there was something jumping slightly under my fingers. As
coily as I could manage I glanced over at my " pillow" and saw that my
uncle's penis had made it's way down his right pant leg and hardened. I
inatvertently squeezed it when I heard my uncle's voice.  

"Hey sleepy head, we're almost there" I quickly pulled my hand away and sat
up on my own side of the bench.  

My head was swimming with thoughts of what my uncle's penis must look
like. It sure did look super long, going almost half way down his thigh and
the head made a clearly visable outline that stretched out even further
from the shaft. I knew then and there that some way or another I was going
to get to see my uncle's dick this weekend. I don't know how but I knew I
wanted to see it, maybe touch it, maybe more...  

First thing we did after we pulled up was go into the cabin and check it
out. My mom's family used to come up here at least twice a year but hadn't
for some reason for the last three years. This fact was clearly visable,
aparently there was a big storm that leaked through the roof and caused the
drywall on the ceiling to crash down on everything in the bedroom. My uncle
told me this was our main focus and he brought plenty of drywall up to fix
it. He wanted to get the bedroom fixed up first so next time we'd have a
place to sleep. After checking out the other two main rooms he sent me to
pitch the tent because the whole place was such a mess we couldn't stay
inside. I loved camping in tents, so much so that the tent we had was
actually my own. A birthday gift from my parents. I loved the little two
man dome tent, often I'd set it up in my backyard and sleep outside. I had
it up in less than ten minutes and bounded back into the house awaiting my
uncle's next set of instructions.  

We spent most of the day cleaning up the mess in the bedroom and hauling
out the old pieces of drywall. I couldn't believe how tired I was, all I
wanted to do was sit down in one of the old chairs on the front porch when
my uncle finally called it a day. We both emerged from the old cabin and
took a deep sigh as we sat in the two chairs. My uncle had shucked his
shirt earlier in the day due to the heat, I opted to leave mine on even
though I imagine I was just as hot as my uncle; I was still a little body
concious at the time. After a few minutes of relaxing my uncle bent over
to take off his shoes, he then did something totally unexpected, he undid
his pants and nonchalantly took them off and sat back down wearing only his
tighty whiteys.  

"You don't mind, do ya guy?" He said as he saw me blatently staring at
him. "You can do the same if you want, it's just us guys for miles and
miles." I was unable to speak as I was still taking in the sight of my
beautiful uncles in nothing but his Jockeys. "Need some help?" Not waiting
for a response he got up and knelt down in front of me starting to untie my
shoes. "Better close your mouth little one, unless you want flies for

It was only after he had pulled me forward and started to remove my shirt
that I finally came back to earth. After I was barefoot and bare chested he
asked me to stand, I did stood up so eagerly that I bumped him and he lost
his balance. As he started to fall backwards he grabbed onto my waist to
keep himself up but ended up pulling me down on top of him. When we hit the
ground I lay still on top of his body with his chest hair tickling my
smooth chest we both began to laugh wildly. He spanked my butt and we both
got up. He suggested we try again, I stood still as he undid my fly as soon
as he started to pull down my pants my face turned flush red and I could
feel my ears start to get warm as we both saw I was wearing no underwear.  

"I guess I better match you, shouldn't I?" And in less than two seconds his
underwear was laying in the pile our clothes next to his chair. "Like I
said, we're the only guys for miles. Ready for some eats?" I was only able
to nod my head as I took in the sight of my uncle compleatly nude for the
first time. He pushed me back and I fell into my chair, "Relax and I'll
start the fire."  

We had hamburgers for diner, I wish I could say they were good but I hardly
noticed what I was eating due to the fact that I was staring at my uncle
the whole time. I knew I was staring at him and I'm pretty sure he saw me
too but I didn't care; I was getting what might be a once in a lifetime
chance and I was going to make sure i remembered every hair and freckle on
this gorgeous god. My uncle is around 5'10" and has a good tan covering his
whole body with well defined arm and leg muscles. His chest is pretty hairy
and his chest is in pretty good shape too, he has a slight beer belly but
for the most part he has a flat stomach. His dick, my main focus, was
around three or four inches soft and his balls hung almost an inch below
the head of his cock. He had lots of hair around his cock, more so than I
remember my dad having when he taught me how to clean myself in the shower
a few years ago, the massive amounts of hair continued down half his thigh
where it started to thin out. I was so caught up in taking in all that he
had to show that I never realized I was sporting wood the whole time.  

After we finished eating we cleaned up our mess and headed for bed. It was
just starting to get dark but I was exhausted. When we got in the tent I
noticed how small it was and our naked bodies brushed up against eachother
more than a few times. I was about to crawl into my bag when my uncle
suggested we unzip them and use one as a bed and one as a blanket. We did
as he suggested and I crawled under the top sleeping bag and started to get
cozy. "So I guess this means no PJ's tonight?" He said as he crawled into
bed behind me. He snuggled close and pulled me into his chest and wraped
his arm around me. He began lightly stroking my chest and slowly made his
way down to my still stiff penis. "Looks like someone has something that
needs to be taken care of. We'll take care of that later." We both said
our goodnights and as horney as I was I fell asleep soon after with my
uncle cuping my small boner and balls in his warm hand.  

It seemed like only an instant later when I woke to the sounds of my uncle
breathing heavily. I looked over to see that my uncle had pushed back his
part of the blanket and was laying on his back with his fist around his
hard shaft. I knew it was really late cause it was pitch black except for
the faint light the half moon cast through the top of the tent. I could see
something was making his dick wet and made it shimmer in the moonlight. I
later found out it was pre-cum. I looked at my uncles face and saw his
eyes shut tightly and his face all scrunched up like he was lifting
something really heavy. I was so turned on I immediatly sprung a boner and
started to touch my stiff shaft when I wondered what his felt like. It
seemed to have doubled in size and now looked to be a little over eight
inches with a slight curve upwards. I didn't even think as I reached over
and put my small hand around his large cock. As soon as I wrapped my hand
around his manhood he stopped jerking himself, his cock was the hotest
thing I've ever felt and I loved the feeling of it being soft yet so hard
at the same time. I could see the rest of his body tense when he began to
yell. "Oh my fucking God!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. His yelling
scared me and I almost pulled my hand away but ended up squeezing even
tighter. He pushed his hips up in the air as he began to shoot his man
sized load. There were four big streams that pulsated from his hole into
the air almost reaching the top of the tent before falling back down on his
chest. I could feel his tool pulsate with each grunt he made. There were
several small ropes of cum that made their way down chest until the cum was
leaking down my hand into his pubic bush. As the last droplets of cum ozed
out of his piss slit his dick began to grow soft in my hand but my grip
still remained tight. Only after he grew soft were my fingers able to wrap
all the way around his cock. "Ease up there little buddy." He said smiling
down at me. "Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry." Was all I was able to stutter out
before I rolled over and pretened to sleep like nothing had happened. He
soon did the same, only it was different this time. When he pulled my back
into his chest I could feel his warm cum rub into my back and his hand went
past my cock to my leg where he raised it up slightly and inserted his
slimy dick between my thighs then went back to cupping my small hard
penis. No matter how hard I tried to stay awake to go over what had just
happened I soon dozed off to my dreams where I was sure I was the whole
time. Yeah, it was all a dream, at least that's what I tried to tell

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