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This happened to me, and I remember it well.
I think I was about 11 when I started to get decent hard-ons, and I
remember being fascinated by being able to hang my underpants on my dick! I
wondered if others had the same fun... My family, who were living in an
Arab country, had a young servant boy who used to play with me. I suppose
he must have been around 17. In the rough and tumble, I would sort of
accidentally on purpose, place my hands on his robes where I could feel
something big and hard. I wanted to find out what he had under those robes.  

One day, he erected a tent out of blankets on the flat roof of the house
we lived in, so that I could play inside it. I started to press more often
on this secret hard place of his, and found it was bigger and harder than I
had ever felt it before. Then, to my astonishment he pulled his robe up
over his head, revealing a fine smooth dark skinned body with a stiff big
cock, so erect, it pressed hard against his belly. He took my hands and
placed them around it. I felt its heat and soft hardness and squeezed it as
best I could, trying to pull it away from his belly. It was like iron, and
my little hands could hardly grasp around the huge width of this monster.
He took my hand and showed me how to rub it up and down, which I then did.
I looked up to see him close his eyes and moan softly. I started to rub his
dick harder, which made him moan even more. This was fun!  

I continued with both my hands to rub his cock, which was uncut with a
lovely purple head, and loose flesh, which I was able to pull over his
throbbing cock-head. He then took one of my hands and placed it on his
balls, which I had not even noticed in my gaze at his wonderful big dick. I
had never known that balls could be this big and heavy. I played with each
one in turn as I rubbed his cock with my other hand. My own balls were
hardly noticeable compared to these. As I rolled his balls around I
noticed they were getting bigger and tighter in his ball sack and he was
moaning a lot more. Was I doing something wrong? I stopped, but he made me
start again, faster and harder he told me.  

I put both my hands to work on his cock, rubbing up his shaft to cover his
cock-head with one hand while holding the shaft with the other, pulling his
flesh up and down as fast as I could. Suddenly his cock spurted white stuff
up in to the air, and as I kept rubbing, more spurted out all over my
hands, and on to my bare belly. I could feel the pulse of each spurt throb
through his cock with my hands. This was fantastic! He was looking down at
me with a huge smile and I knew he was pleased with what I had done for

He then pushed me gently back; lifted my bum and pulled my pants down and
off me. My little dick was poking up in the air proudly. I suppose it could
only have been around four inches at that time, really small compared to
his monster. He took hold of my dick between two fingers and started to rub
it up and down, slowly at first and then faster. I had not really done this
to myself and was surprised at how nice it felt. With his other hand he
pulled at my small balls, rolling them in his hand. Then he lowered his
head and sucked everything into his mouth in one go. I could feel his hot
wetness as his mouth and tongue played with my cock and balls. I had never
felt anything like this before, and it felt like he was going to suck my
cock and balls off my body! Then he released my balls and sucked harder on
my dick, I was writhing around at the fantastic sensations he was giving me
when I felt my cock explode with a feeling unlike any other. I had cum for
the first time and my little body jerked what small fluid I had into his
hot sucking mouth.  

As he released my cock from his mouth, he sat back and I could see that his
cock was hard and throbbing once again. I reached forward to feel it, but
he just turned me over onto my tummy. He pulled my bum towards his dick,
and I felt him push at my bum hole with his cock. I realised he wanted to
push it up my bum and I pushed back at it to help him. It was too tight a
hole for him though, and he sat back, smeared some cream on his fingers and
started to work one, then two fingers into my tight little hole. I looked
underneath me to watch him push his fingers into me. The sight of my little
dick hanging down in front of his twitching huge cock and balls was
exciting. He would then push his cock between my legs to crush my small
dick against my tummy with his monster cock, while he continued to work my
bum hole with his fingers.  

I felt his probing was a bit painful at first, but I was so excited at what
was happening I relaxed into what he was doing and started to enjoy the
filled feeling he was giving me. As I watched, he took hold of his cock at
the base and aimed it again at my slippery hole, and pushed. I felt him
spread my ass cheeks wider as he kept on pushing. I felt my hole opening to
his insistent thrusts, and slowly his cock head worked its way inside me.
Now this was beginning to hurt, and he slowed at my protests, but did not
withdraw. Again he started to push into me, and I continued to stretch
wider and wider.  

Suddenly, his cock- head popped in past my sphincter. I cried out at the
stab of pain and he stopped moving. He held me tight so I could not get
away from this huge intruder inside of me. Then the pain went away and I
stopped trying un- impale myself from his huge cock. I felt filled by him,
and could not imagine taking any more, but the pressure started again, not
as painful this time, as he pushed his length fully into me. I looked
underneath me to see his balls flat against my own small balls and I knew
he was fully in me. He stayed like that, letting me get used to his size
for a while. Then he withdrew his cock until I could feel his cock-head
pull against my tight sphincter, which prevented him from sliding
completely out, before he slowly slid his cock back up my ass.  

He increased his pace until I could feel his balls slapping against my own.
I watched my small cock grow bigger as his huge dick slid in and out of my
small bum, his balls slapping against me with every thrust, causing my dick
to wave at me in unison to his cock entering me. My dick was now sticking
straight down, being buffeted by his balls as he slid his cock into me.
Then he groaned and thrust deeply and stopped and I felt a warm rush inside
me, soothing me, as he spurted heavily into me. He reached around and
pulled me up to his chest, cupping my cock and balls with his other hand as
he held me impaled on his cock. The feel of him inside me as he rubbed my
stiff dick made me have that feeling again and I watched as I spurted my
own cream all over his hand, the feeling was wonderful, as I jerked out my
boy spunk. My ass clamping on his dick with my orgasm caused him to orgasm
again himself, and I felt again a warm sensation as he filled me with more
of his cum.  

He could now slide his dick easily within me, and he stayed like that for
some time, never leaving my ass, caressing the front of my body and kissing
my neck. He gradually became hard inside me once again, and this time gave
me no mercy as he gave me long strokes of his cock. He laid me down and
rotated me, still on his cock, so that I was face up to him. I could see
his whole cock slide out of my bum, his cock head pulling me out as he
withdrew completely, before ramming it back in. I was so loose and slick
from his spunk; it never hurt but felt wonderful. I grabbed my own dick and
started to wank myself in time to his deep thrusts. I was being driven
along the floor by each powerful, deep thrust from him. It seemed to last
forever, then I found myself cumming again, and he could feel my ass
clamping him and he saw me shoot my stream over my hands and tummy. This
made him splash inside me again, and there was so much, that I could feel
it dribbling down my ass. We were both drained of spunk and fell asleep in
each others arms.

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