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My folks died when I was 18 and I moved in with Grandpa as he was
the only person that would take me in. I was a very naive boy who knew
little about my own body. We lived in the country with no one around.
This was the 50s so I had never talked to my dad about the changes in my
body. Grandpa had retired from the army and had recently returned from
England where he was last stationed. He had a house in a small town in
Georgia where he had grown up.
Grandpa picked me up at the train and I got my first good look at
Grandpa in a number of years. He hugged me and told me how much I had
grown. When Grandpa hugged me, I couldn't help but notice that his groin
rubbed against my belly. I felt a bulge poke against me as he gave me a
real firm hug. I hugged him back and was shocked at the feeling of his
penis pushing into my belly. I sprung an erection instantly in my boxer
shorts. My stiff penis pushed against his leg and Grandpa eased back and
picked up my suitcase. He didn't say a word as I struggled to walk with a
boner tenting out the front of my good church pants.
We got back to his house and he showed me around and we talked. He
asked me a lot of questions and we talked about how things would work.
Grandpa told me that the house was small so I would stay in his room until
he could get a new room fixed up for me. I got another erection thinking
about sleeping in the same bed as my Grandpa. I knew I shouldn't think
those thoughts, but I couldn't help it. I had always gotten aroused by
older men. On a Boy Scout trip I had to tent with the Scoutmaster, a man
in his early 50s. We had slept in our boxer shorts and I got a good look
at his manly penis when he got erections at night and in the morning. The
Scoutmaster's penis was a thick 7 inch shaft with a bright red knob and
only a bit of foreskin covering his knob. I had masturbated myself every
night watching his penis and the hairs that arouse from the slit in his
boxers. One morning, I woke up early and pulled on my penis until I shot
my juice all over my belly. Before I could clean up, the Scoutmaster began
to stir and I just played asleep. He woke me up and joked about my " wet
dream" and helped me clean up with one of his bandanas. I masturbated
frequently to the memory of his hand dabbing up my thin spurts of juice.
Near bedtime Grandpa went to the bathroom and told me to get in bed
as we had a big day tomorrow. I thought it was interesting that Grandpa
told me not to sleep in my clothes and make sure I laid them out neatly. I
stripped down to my boxers and curled under the covers. Grandpa slipped
off his loafers and unbuttoned his shirt. I watched carefully because I
didn't want him to think I was staring. Grandpa was about 6 ft, 175 pounds
with little fat on his 60 year old body. He took off his shirt and
stripped off his t- shirt revealing a smooth back and curly gray and black
hairs on his chest. A line of hair trailed down to his belly button. I
didn't care if he knew, I wanted to watch him take off his slacks. Grandpa
unbuckled and removed his slacks and laid them over a chair. I was
surprised to see his underwear. I thought all men wore boxer shorts, but
Grandpa had on a strange pair of white, very short- legged underpants. I
was shocked to hear my voice.
"Grandpa, what kind of boxer shorts are those?"
I thought he was going to spank me right there and then, but a big
smile crossed Grandpa's face. His white teeth gleamed under his short
mustache and framed his short, greased over hair. He took of his black
horn-rimmed glass and spoke.
"Davey, these are called briefs, they are a new kind of underpants
that men in England like to wear. I think they will be very popular here
too, once men.. and boys.. wear them."
Grandpa stepped closer to the bed and I looked down to see his
briefs bulge where his two testicles pushed out the lower pouch. A rather
large, round shape protruded out from above the pouch and I knew that
Grandpa had his penis propped up over his testicles. Grandpa told me all
about the tight elastic waistband and leg holes. He swore by how much
better they were for holding up his " balls." I had never heard that term
before and giggled. Grandpa also showed me the y-front flap so you could
take your " dick" out and take a leak.
"That's neat Grandpa, all I have are these floppy boxer shorts that
everybody wears. I wish I could try those sometime and see if I like 'em."
"Sure Davey, you can buy briefs in big stores here in the city.
When we go to Atlanta, I'll buy you some, ok?"
I readily agreed and watched Grandpa head to the bathroom. When he
emerged, I saw a wet spot on the front of his briefs.
"Hey Grandpa, you missed some!"
He looked down and laughed and faked trying to rub it out.
"Grandpa, you sure are easy to talk to about stuff."
"Davey, you know you can talk to me about anything, and I mean
anything. I always had so many questions when I was your age, but I didn't
learn anything until I went into the Army."
"Like what Grandpa?"
It was a very warm in the house and Grandpa opened a window and
crawled into bed. He rolled the covers down and put his head on the
pillow. My penis began to stiffen as I snuck peaks at the bulge in his
"Well Davey, lots of things about life, like drinking, how to deal
with people, and things about myself."
"I have a lot of questions about myself too Grandpa, but..."
"Don't be shy Davey, I'm your Grandpa, anything you tell me stays
right here in this room. You can always trust me Davey. I would never get
mad at your for being honest about yourself"
I decided to go for it. I was pretty sure Grandpa was talking
about penises and sex and stuff, but I figured if he got mad I would just
drop it and take a spanking.
"Grandpa, I'm scared because sometimes at night I get
kinda...stiff, you know what I mean?"
"Davey, I think you are a bit stiff right now aren't you?"
I looked down and saw my penis was full erect and pushing down the
leg of my boxers. I knew I would lie to Grandpa, but I couldn't help it.
"Yeah, I guess so, it gets real hard and then sometimes I wake up
and it's all wet. Does this happen to you Grandpa or is there something
wrong with me?"
"No, no, no Davey, that is wonderfully normal. You had what's
called a wet dream. You see a man produces a lot of that sticky, white
juice, called cum, in his balls and if he doesn't have sex, his body gets
rid of it at night. Your balls empty out your cock and make a mess in your
underpants. Happens all the time to boys your age."
"I haven't had a wet dream in a long time Davey, but that's
different since I'm quite a bit older than you. I take care of my needs in
other ways and you can too Davey. Shit, when I was your age I jerked my
meat all the time. Have you ever done that Davey?"
"What does "jerk your meat" mean Grandpa?" Just as I said that my
penis popped out my fly and laid flat along my belly. My knob was peaking
through my foreskin and a drop of precum oozed from the slit onto my smooth
"Davey, jerking your meat or masturbating is when a man rubs his
dick with his hand and makes it shoot out cum, like a wet dream. I can see
you are real fired up there soldier. Davey, do you want me to teach you
some things? If I do, you can never tell anyone because I would go to
jail, but I think you should learn these things."
"Yes please Grandpa, I want to know everything!" I virtually
"Ok son, take your undershorts off and pay attention."
I shimmied out of my boxers and Grandpa nodded his approval as my
penis flopped on my belly and my balls pulled up under my cock. Grandpa
told me the parts and names of my "cock", foreskin or " hood", balls, and
pubic hair. I asked him if all men were the same size.
"Heck no Davey, men's cocks and balls come in all sizes. Most
white fellas, like you and me, have short thick cocks with large balls.
You're lucky Davey, you got your daddy's cock. Grandpa opened his drawer
and pulled out a small ruler and laid it on top of my cock and called out 7
inches, although he did round up a bit. I nearly came when he put the
ruler on, but I was content to seep out more juice.
"Is this cum Grandpa?"
"No son, that is called precum, it helps get everything lubricated,
like grease. Cum is the thick white juice when you cum. Do you want me to
show you how to jerk off?"
I nodded and gasped as Grandpa gripped my shaft with his long,
slender fingers. He gently worked my foreskin over my knob and back
milking more precum from my balls. I moaned as he capped and uncapped my
mushroom. He picked up the pace and used his other hand to caress and
gently squeeze my sensitive boy balls. He told me to relax and let my body
do whatever it wanted. I had jerked off before and knew what to do, but
PawPaw was doing it for me instead. I was in heaven. After about 2
minutes, I felt my right ball pull up in my sac and Grandpa began squeezing
and gently rotating my shaft in his big hand. I began to whimper as I felt
my cum coursing through the vein and headed out.
"Grandpa, I think I'm going to pee!"
"No Davey, that's your cum about to happen, just relax and don't
fight it. It will feel more wonderful than you can imagine. Let your
Grandpa do all the work. Shoot for me when you feel your going to pee."
I nodded and continued to whimper as the pressure built up. I felt
my hips buck and my cock pushed up through his hand, my foreskin pulled
back so far it began to hurt. I cried out with pain and pleasure as the
first spurt of cum shot about 6 inches into the air and fell on the back of
Grandpa's arm. My next 3 spurts were just as powerful and shot thin, milky
cum all over his hand, my cock, and balls, and some trickled onto my black
pubic hairs. I shivered as my orgasm ebbed and Grandpa let my softening
penis rest on my belly.
"That was fine Davey, really grand!"
I smiled and relaxed after the most intense cum of my life.
"Did I do ok Grandpa? That was wonderful, I hope I made you
"Davey, you did great. You have a nice cock and your balls shoot a
nice load of cum."
Grandpa then shocked me as he used his fingers to slowly rub my cum
all over my belly and groin until a thin shiny film dried all over.
"Ok Davey, I'll tell you more tomorrow night if you want me to, but
it is time for bed."
"But Grandpa, we were having fun. Aren't you going to tell me
about how other men cum and all that?"
"Davey, Grandpa's a bit tired ok?"
I reluctantly agreed and lay back as Grandpa cut the light off.
The moon was bright and cast a glow over the bed and I curled onto my side
and just stared at Grandpa's bulging briefs, wondering if I would ever see
his penis out of those underpants. I tried to doze off, but my heart was
still racing. After about 10 minutes, I think Grandpa thought I was
asleep, but I noticed his left hand snaking down his side and watched as
his hand started rubbing the front of his briefs.
I played asleep, but watched wide- eyed as Grandpa rubbed himself
until his briefs started to tent and grow straight up. He used his hand to
grope at the pouch holding his balls and his breathing grew a bit heavier.
I tried to stay calm as I heard Grandpa call my name quietly. I didn't say
a word and faked sleeping and watched as Grandpa used both hands to pull
down the waistband of his briefs under his ball sac. I watched his fat
cock flop out onto his hairy groin and the two fat balls hung loosely in
his sac that rested between his sturdy thighs.
Grandpa grabbed his cock and skinned back the thick foreskin and
revealed a broad, rounded knob covered with precum. He jerked his meat
steadily and his cock continued to grow. It had to be at least 8 inches
and just a bit thicker than mine. He rubbed his balls and really stroked
his cock hard. I grew another erection in record time watching PawPaw
stroke his big penis. His breathing was ragged and he shook the bed as his
hips urged his boner higher. I wanted to touch him, but just stared with
joy. Grandpa began to moan and mumble under his breath. I swear I heard
him say "Oh Davey" at one point, but I wasn't sure. Then, he really began
jerking hard and didn't seem to care if he woke me or not. The whole bed
shook as his hips rose off the bed and a huge strand of thick cum exploded
from his fat knob.
His cum splattered along his chest and belly as spurt after spurt
jetted from his slit. He groaned painfully as his balls emptied onto his
belly. I counted 8 shots of cum and then he milked his foreskin behind his
knob and more whitish cum oozed down his fingers. His hands fell to his
sides as his cock laid throbbing in a pool of his cum. He quickly hitched
his briefs up and fell into a quiet snoring in minutes. I had shot off in
my boxers and had hardly noticed until after Grandpa fell asleep.
The next day we drove to Atlanta and Grandpa bought me new clothes
for school in the fall and some summer clothes like overalls. He also
found a department store that sold the y-front briefs and bought 4 packs
for me in case I liked them. When we pulled over to get gas, Grandpa told
me to go the bathroom and slip on a pair of the briefs. I changed into
them and loved the feel of the briefs snugging my penis and testicles up
against my body. I even showed a bit of a bulge in my jeans like Grandpa
does. We talked about the new underpants in the truck and Grandpa beamed
and told me he knew I would like them and thought I should wear them all
the time (I still wear y-fronts to this day).
We got home and Grandpa stripped down to his briefs while cooking
dinner and doing chores. I quickly stripped and from them on we always
wore our briefs around the house unless someone came to visit which a lot
of Grandpa's old friends would do. That night when we went to bed and I
told Grandpa I had seen him beating his meat the night before. He grinned
and tousled my hair. He then asked if I would do it for him tonight. If I
did, I would get a real treat. I hurriedly agreed and pulled Grandpa's
underpants down and freed his big penis. I stroked it like no tomorrow and
soon had Grandpa hard as a rock. His thick foreskin was fun to rub back
and forth and cause him to thank me and beg for more. His precum lubed up
my hand constantly and I played with his hairy balls endlessly. After 15
minutes of masturbating Grandpa started to mumble and gasp loudly and I
knew I would get a big load of cum all over my hand real soon.
"Oh God Davey, here comes my sperm boy, keep pumping it! That's it
work my hood faster now. Turn your hand a bit and bring it home! Yes,
yes, oh gawd boy"
Grandpa thrust forward in my hand and a fat rope of cum splattered
onto my chest followed by 4 more long ropes of thick, milky cum. More cum
ran out of his slit as I milked his foreskin over his knob. Cum ran down
my arm and dripped on the floor. Grandpa bellowed a bit and I was afraid
someone might hear, but nobody lived real close to us and PawPaw didn't
seem to mind.
When he had softened and his knob tucked back under his thick
foreskin, Grandpa smeared his jism all over my chest and we laughed and
giggled. Grandpa then began to fondle my package inside the tight briefs.
I had already formed a wet spot from my own precum that seemed to be
getting more each time I had a boner. Grandpa then told me I was in for my
reward. He had me lay on the bed and began kissing my bare chest and
nipples. I squealed when he licked and bit very lightly on my nipples. He
then kissed and licked his way down to my belly button and the waistband of
my briefs.
"Davey, I'm going to show you what a blowjob or giving head is.
This is something special that will make you cum using my mouth, ok?"
I nodded and my brain raced as I had heard about girls doing this
to some of the football players, but now I was going to get one from
Grandpa. He pulled down my briefs and threw them on the floor. My leaking
penis was suddenly in Grandpa's mouth. I stared in fascination as I heard
myself express wonder at the feeling of a hot mouth on my knob. My
sensitive tip was bathed by his tongue and had me clutching at his head.
It almost hurt, but the pleasure was incredible.
Grandpa worked my cock into his mouth and then swallowed the whole
shaft until his moustache tickled my pubes. My balls made a quiet slapping
sound as I began to nudge my cock back and forth in his mouth. I didn't
last 3 minutes before my cock began to swell. I cried out loud as my penis
pumped 6 straight jets of cum into Grandpa's hot mouth. He swallowed my
cum like it was water and let my cock pop out of his mouth and flop down
over my empty balls. Grandpa then laid down astride me and planted my
first kiss on my lips. I tasted my salty sweet jism and he swirled his
tongue inside of me
For the next 2 weeks, I got a blowjob from Grandpa every night and
morning and I heartily returned the favor. I must have drunk gallons of
PawPaw's sperm and loved every ounce. He showed me lots of tricks to
sucking and jerking off and I was in constant erotic bliss. One night
Grandpa asked me if I wanted to try something new and I said sure. Grandpa
had just shot a thick load of sperm all over my chest and had mixed it in
with my own cum that he had jerked over my belly and then licked it all up.
Grandpa told me that in 2 days we would have some new fun and that we
shouldn't do anything the next night. My cock was totally hard the whole
night and the next.
That evening, there was a knock on the door and one of Grandpa's
buddies was there named Hank Larson, who was the son of Norwegian
immigrants. Mr. Larson and Grandpa had grown up together and always talked
a lot when he came over. This meant that I had to go to bed and wouldn't
get or get to give a blowjob that night. Mr. Larson was Grandpa's age with
a gray buzz cut, blue eyes, and a slender body. He was dressed in slacks
and a crisp white t- shirt like Grandpa wears. I quietly brought them a
beer and headed for the bedroom, but Grandpa stopped me and told me to sit
on the couch with Mr. Larson. I complied and listened quietly as Grandpa
and Mr. Larson talked for a while. Then, Grandpa suddenly asked Mr. Larson
if wanted to do what they had talked about earlier. I watched a broad grin
appear under Mr. Larson's mustache.
"Davey, Mr. Larson here would like to join us this evening in bed.
Would that be ok with you? He knows everything we do here and likes to do
that kind of thing too."
"Uh, sure Grandpa, if you say so."
"Davey, you don't have to do anything you don't want, but Hank and
I give each other hand jobs and blow jobs a lot. Hank's wife won't have
sex with him any more and he and I have always fooled around, so it's ok.
Now why don't you reach down there and give Hank a proper welcome?"
Mr. Larson gave me a nod and a smile and I slid to my knees in
front of him and pulled down his zipper. I reached inside his slacks and
found that he was wearing y- fronts like me and PawPaw! I dug inside the
flap and found his penis. I pulled it out and gave it a look see.
Mr. Larson's penis was thinner than mine and Grandpa's, but had a lot of
foreskin. I pulled back the hood and his purple knob tapered down in
almost a cone shape. His cock grew to about 6 inches long and began
leaking clear precum which I used to rub around his tip. Mr. Larson
groaned as I got his cock hard. Then I bent down and quickly began sucking
his penis down into my throat. I started sucking his cock for a while and
then tried to pull his balls out through the flap, but they were too big!
I figured with his skinny cock he would have small balls, but not so! I
sucked Mr. Larson for about 15 minutes before he pulled me off and told me
how great a cocksucker I was. Then Grandpa suggested we got the bedroom.
Grandpa undressed and sat in a chair by the bed as Mr. Larson
stripped me down. He gave my cock a few strokes until I was hard and then
sucked me like nothing before. He was amazing, better even than Grandpa.
He would suck me to the verge of cumming and then pull off and I suddenly
wouldn't have to cum. He did this 4 or 5 times before Grandpa told him to
put me on the bed and finish me off. Mr. Larson lifted me on the bed and
had me spurting my jism into his mouth in about 30 seconds. Mr. Larson
then let my cum drool out onto my belly were it formed into a pool of milky
sperm. Mr. Larson then undressed as I lazily sucked PawPaw's cock at the
side of the bed. Mr. Larson got between my legs and showed me his hard,
throbbing 6 incher and fondled his enormous balls. They were like small
oranges in his low sac with just a few hairs on them. Grandpa tossed
Mr. Larson a tube of something, which Mr. Larson smeared all over his
penis. Then Grandpa told me to relax and I would get a great reward like
the blowjob. I knew what was coming and wanted it bad. Mr. Larson raised
up my legs and Grandpa smeared the jelly on my opening and slipped his
finger in my ass. He had done this during blowjobs and I had loved it.
"Davey, Mr. Larson is going to put his pecker up your back door. It
is going to hurt and burn at first, but then it will feel like heaven on
earth. His slim pecker is good to start with and he will fill your young
ass with a gallon of cum I guarantee you that. I watched nervously as
Mr. Larson lined up his penis with my rear end. Grandpa held my legs high
as I felt the narrow tip of his cock wedge inside my opening. It quickly
popped through my sphincter and I let out a yelp of pain. I was scared,
but Mr. Larson waited a moment before starting to ease his cock deeper. It
burned and I wanted to cry but Mr. Larson suddenly drove all 6 inches of
his dick up my back door. I yelped again, but then I realized it didn't
really hurt. I could feel his thin shaft expanding my tunnel and
throbbing. His heavy balls rested against my butt cheeks and I marveled at
how big they felt compared to my balls which were pressed against his
stomach. My cock throbbed around in the pool of cum on my belly.
Then, Mr. Larson began to pull his cock out slowly and then drive
it slowly back up my ass. At first it burned some more, but after about 20
strokes my ass opened up and he began to shuttle faster in and out. The
bed springs creaked loudly as the sound of his body slapped against my
young skin. Grandpa cheered me and Mr. Larson on as Mr. Larson began to
really put it to me. My cock bounced around and leaked like a faucet onto
my cum-covered belly. Sweat dripped off Mr. Larson and covered my hot
body. The room was steaming and filled with the sounds of Mr. Larson's
balls slamming against my ass, my cries of being fucked, and Mr. Larson's
groans of approval.
I noticed Mr. Larson began to pound faster and his face began to
screw up in lust as he neared his release.
"Give it to him Hank. Fill that tight young ass with all that hot
cum. C'mon Hank grease it up for me! Fire away."
Mr. Larson began to pound deeply into my ass and I yelped as
another orgasm hit me and I shot more jism onto my belly as Grandpa hooted
in support. Mr. Larson suddenly stopped and I felt his cock expand and a
hot warm sensation filled my ass. He was cumming and filling me with his
sperm. I felt his cock throb time after time and I felt his cum seeping
out my ass and onto the bed beneath me. He must have shot 10 or 12 huge
spurts of cum in my ass. Mr. Larson pulled out and I heard his cock make a
wet pop as it left my popped cherry. Grandpa clapped Mr. Larson on the
back as he got between my legs. My eyes swelled at the thought of
Grandpa's big thick cock up my back door. Before I could object, Grandpa
reached down and scooped some of Mr. Larson's jism up and smeared it on
his knob. He pulled his foreskin back tightly and pressed his fat knob
against my hole. In no time, Grandpa had all 8 inches buried up my
clenching hole.
Between the jelly and Mr. Larson's massive load of cum, Grandpa's
cock slid easily in and out of my tight ass and I begged him to do it
harder. Mr. Larson had grabbed my feet and held me wide open for Grandpa's
hard pounding. Mr. Larson dangled his huge nuts over my face and I tongued
them for all I was worth. Grandpa's big 8 incher gave me an instant hard
on and my aching balls tightened more. After 10 minutes of ass pounding
ecstasy I knew I was going to cum again and told Grandpa so. He slowed his
thrusts and began stroking my cock slowly, making sure to pull my foreskin
up over the knob. I couldn't take it and fired my third load in less than
2 hours onto my belly. It wasn't big, but I had a good pool of sperm all
over my belly. Grandpa resumed his assault on my ass and fucked me till I
was dizzy. He began to mumble and I told him to fill me up. Grandpa's
cock seemed to never stop pounding deeper. His hairy balls kept time as
the bed slammed against the wall. I couldn't get over the feel of his
foreskin sliding inside my tunnel. It seemed to elevate the feeling, so
had Mr. Larson's thick foreskin. I knew by the look on Grandpa's face that
I was about to get a big load up my ass. Grandpa bellowed like a bull and
his cock swelled inside my tunnel and he dropped his cum deposit deep in my
ass. He collapsed on me as Mr. Larson fed his cock in my mouth until he
pulled out and shot a second big load on my face and on Grandpa's back.
After Grandpa rolled off, Mr. Larson licked every drop of my cum and his
off me. We all slept very well that night.

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