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The sun was setting much earlier than in summer which made the nights
even longer. Supper was already prepared by mom who was a wizard at the
wood cook stove. She had prepared a delicious down home farm meal.
Supper completed, we headed to the barn to do the milking and feeding of
the animals for the night. That done the farm chores were rapidly coming to
a close for the day; the cows had been fed and milked.  

The gang of boys, all six, were heading back to the medium sized farmhouse.
It was comfortable in the general area of the first floor where the family just
sat around in the kitchen enjoying conversation about the day's activities.
The boys were a rather sexy bunch, and like most young boys, horny all of
the time. To keep their lust under control the brothers would have their
mutual jack off sessions every day with their boy cocks. This kept them well
bonded with one another and there never seemed to be any inclination
toward acts of aggression.  

The upstairs area of the homestead was not heated and that was where all the
siblings slept - the girls at the far end of the corridor and the boys had the
next two bedrooms. As there was not much space, the boys had to sleep in
pairs or in triples. This was never a problem because the young brothers
loved sleeping together - we had lots of fun brotherly bonding times, our
warm hands were all over each other's bodies and in all the right places to
create a nice hot atmosphere.  

The clock was rapidly approaching nine, the hour that the tired farmer boys
headed to bed, not necessarily meaning that we were going to sleep at that
time. On this night that seemed to be just another night like most others, we
headed upstairs to our rooms and bared our youthful smooth skinned bodies
for a delightful bedding down 'au natural'. The sheets were fresh and crisply
cool since mom had changed the beds that day. We slithered our naked
bodies in between those welcoming sheets and nestled in close to one
another. I was paired up with my older brother by six years and did I ever
love our pairing. Cuddling up next to my brother's warm nude body each
night was like stepping into heaven. My brother Jim made it a point to spoon
cuddle his little brother's soft warm naked body and slide his uncut teenage
boy cock forward and back in my virgin ass crack. What a wonderful feeling it
was having my brother's cock sliding back and forth on my boyish smooth
soft skinned body. I could not help but assist my loving brother by pushing
my double-bubble ass cheeks toward him to get an even more intense feeling
to an already sensual cock rubbing. My brothers hot hard cock made me so
restless that I would turn around several times so that I could grind my little
boy cock against my older brother's teenage cock. He had a beautiful hairless
chest that I just loved to caress and lower my little warm wet mouth over his
large, round nipples and tease them with the tip of my tongue until they
were erect and suck on them like a suckling pig would do to it's mother sow.
My tit sucking seemed to turn my brother on as much as it did me. Then I
would turn around again and let my brother slide his hot hard cock up and
down my ass crack some more. The moments got more and more intense as
the cock rubbing and nipple sucking went on. It may have been a very cold
fall day outside but we had heated up the bed, my smooth and his hairy body
to a very comfortable temperature both sexually and environmentally.  

My older brother took my boy cock in his soft warm hand and showed me
how wonderful it felt to jack my cock off. He had a very special technique of
jacking my boy cock that felt so good that I always wanted more and could
not wait to have his teenage cock in my hand as well. As my brother jacked
me he used the up stroke to roll my satin soft foreskin between his finger and
thumb over my cock head in a corkscrew style that felt more wonderful than
anything I had ever known.  

Then my brother told me to take his hard cock in my hand and jack his cock
the same way he was jacking mine. It felt so big and wonderful in my hand
and I was so proud of his big hard boy pole that I did not ever want to let go
of it. Finally, after an hour or so of rubbing and stroking we decided that
some sucking would be next in line of frenzied sex stuff to do. Being the
smaller, it was easy for me to flip so that my head was toward my brother's
feet where I could suck on his big hard cock and he on my small four and
one-half incher. Farm boys grow large cocks from watching all the animals
breeding. Our cocks rise big and hard and have to be exercised daily and
well stroked as often as possible.  

As soon as I got into the 69 position with my brother I could feel his warm
wet mouth slide over my satin soft foreskin and as he was sucking and licking
my foreskin I felt so good that all I could think about was to enjoy my brother
like he was enjoying me. I quickly sucked my brother's cock inside my mouth
as far as I could and started sucking on his teenage cock like a calf sucking on
its mother's tit. Soon I realized that the way my brother was sucking my cock
was different than I was sucking his cock so I decided that I would follow his
wonderful action.  

While sucking my cock my brother would pull his mouth all the way back off
my cock head while still sucking on my foreskin and stretching it beyond my
cock head; then running his hot wet tongue inside my foreskin tube licking
and washing it with his tongue, teasing my piss-hole with the tip of his
tongue. Then my brother would lower his warm wet mouth back down on
my boy cock and as he did he used a corkscrew technique that felt like he was
winding my cock up. This made me throb and become even harder. As my
brother's warm wet mouth reached the base of my boy cock he would open
his mouth wider and go down on me further and take my ball sack and balls
inside his mouth along with my entire cock and lick my balls and suck my
entire cock and balls while inside his mouth.  

We sucked and backed off several times so that we could keep things going
most erotically. Finally, I would flip back up again and face Jim and he would
put some Corn Huskers lotion (almost like KY lube in colour and consistency)
in my crotch and on his luscious cock. Face to face, he pushed his thick cock
in my crotch and pulled me tightly to himself with his strong gentle arms
around me. This was heaven for me; my big brother hugging me tightly with
his cock in my slippery crotch. It just felt so good in that area between the
balls and anus and as he moved in and out. Each movement stimulated two
sensitive areas, my balls and anus. I was not able to have a wet orgasm at
that age so I would try to keep my hand ready near my brother's hot hard
cock head so that when he shot his immense load of warm creamy cum, I
could catch it in my hand and bring it to my mouth to enjoy the delicious
sweet nutty flavour (The flavour of jizz seems to be affected by ones diet and
as farmers, we ate just the right things to make jizz a desert-like delight). Jim
always wanted to enjoy his delicious cum as well so we would just fool around
with each other's mouths, tongues in, tongues out and sharing what boys
who do not have wonderful brothers cannot ever experience. After a short
respite, our cocks were hard again and we just seemed to want more and
more so we engaged in a lot more sucking and rubbing backs and chests and
generally having a most erotic time.  

At about 10:30 or so we were drained and ready to sleep. During the night
we would wake up from time to time only to feel the other's hard cock
rubbing or touching. We always dropped off to sleep again knowing that my
wonderful brother and his dick was still there and still spooning me. I would
have been happier if Jim's dick could have wrapped all the way around my
body, it was such a wonderful, warm, smooth teenage tool.  

In the morning, before we got up, we always had a morning woodie and we
would do a little more wake-up playing around. We were never at a loss for
good cock in our beds and, men and boys being like they are, are always
ready to go sexually. I never felt a rejection and I certainly would never have
rejected my cock sibling.

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