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"F-Father?" the altar boy asked, haltingly, hanging up his
"Yes, Timmy?" he answered, patting the boy's head.
"You got a big thing, doncha?"
"Hunh? What in heaven do you mean?"
"You know...your thing! It always sticks out a lot."
"W-well, gosh. I suppose I do, but..."
" Father?"
"Yes, Timmy."
"Can I see it?"
"Certainly not, my son! What on earth possesses you to make
such a request? That would simply not be proper!"
"Oh. Darn!"
"Timmy? Why would you even want to see it? Are...are you
becoming a homosexual, my boy?"
"Is that the same thing as a fag?"
"Well, yes it is...in the vernacular."
"Cause that's what my brother said I was when he caught me
doin' it to Chuckie Nordstrom."
"Uh, doing it? Doing what, exactly?"
"You know...suckin' his thing."
"Um...you were caught, uh, s- sucking Charles Nordstrom's
"Yeah. He was doin' it too. He was suckin' mine! We always
do it even steven."
" That's...that's terrible. It's a...a mortal sin."
"Really? Gee, I thought you'd go for it. My brother said
that all priests are fags and like to blow little boys. You're
handsome and I thought I'd get a chance to suck on a really big
one! Chuckie said to let him know cause he'd like to suck on
you too."
"MY, OH MY MY MY!" Father Templer was totally flustered.
He had to turn away from the beautiful boy because his prick
was raging beneath his cassock. But not before Timmy noticed
it and reached a hand around and took hold of it.
"Timmy! Stop that!" the priest slapped his hand away...
"Nobody's around, Father. Lemme see it. I'll suck it for
"I like the juice that squirts out, too. So does Chuckie."
"Timothy Mathews! Let me...understand this correctly, young
man. Are you telling me you suck on penises until they explode
in your mouth?"
"Sure. That's why you suck 'em, isn't it?"
"Yes, that's true," he gulped. "Uh, I mean...Oh, my,
Timothy. You have an erection in your pants!"
"Yeah, a big one. See!" He grabbed it and thrust out his
crotch. "Chuckie loves to suck on it."
" Ummmm...this is certainly a strange affair. Come here.
Perhaps we should try to analyze this." He sat on the bench and
drew the boy between his legs. "Don't be nervous. I'm going to
drop your trousers and inspect you to find out what Chuckie's
fascination might be."
"Sure, Father, go ahead. See if you can figure it out."
Tentative, his hands shaking, he pulled the boy's pants
down. The stiff little boner sprung right up in his face! He
took hold of it, and turned it this way and that. Then he
fondled the boy's balls.
"Well, you're quite developed for a young boy, Timmy."
"It's getting all tingly, Father. You wanna suck it for
"Oh...I...if you won't tell anyone."
"I won't blab outside this room, Father. Quick!"
The man immediately relented. He simply could not control
the lust he felt for the boy's penis. He began to suck on it,
just as he heard Timmy snap his fingers.
"It's okay, Chuckie, he's blowin' me!"
Charles Nordstrom entered from the doorway. He had his
prick out of his pants and was smiling as he approached the
"GOD DAMN!" the priest blurted. He was so flustered he
ignored his own blasphemy. "What...?"
"Your brother was right. Hi, Father. Wanna blow me too?"
"Oh, goodness! What contrivance is this? I'm ruined!"
"Don't be silly, Father," Timmy assured him. "We won't
tell. Shucks, we wanna suck your prick, too. Come on, pull it
"Timothy! Charles! Boys! Stop grabbing at me! Charles, get
your face away from there!"
"Lemme suck it, Father, lemme suck it!" Chuckie gushed,
burying his face in the priest's lap.
Father Templer pushed the boys away. He sat there gaping at
them. He couldn't deny the hardon tenting his cassock, but he
certainly didn't have to bow to its demands.
The boys stood there, pricks in hand. The priest glanced
from one to the other. Slowly--ever so slowly--he lifted his
robe. He wore nothing underneath. He watched the eager gaze of
the lads and finally flipped the material over his raging cock.
It stood up stiff and long--never having felt so potent before.
He'd masturbated thousands of times picturing a scene such as
this. But never had he ever imagined living it out. But seeing
the excitement in the young boys' eyes, he knew the time had
"You like this?" he asked them.
"OH YES, FATHER!" they both exclaimed.
"Then we shall let nature take its course. With sworn
"Not a soul, Father, not a soul, " Chuckie promised,
reaching for it.
"Me either, " Timmy knelt down. "Lemme smell your balls!"
The priest layed back with his eyes closed, allowing the
boys to smell and lick him as they wished. He opened his legs,
encouraging them to feast on his starved genitals. Then he
leaned up and watched them.
Chuckie took the knob in his mouth while Timmy nestled his
face into the crevice between the man's testicles and thigh,
right on the moist spot. His tongue came out and he started
to lick.
"Your balls smell good, Father!" he dove back in.
"His prick tastes really good too, Timmy!" Chuckie sucked
more. This went on for a while, and they even traded off. Timmy
sucked on the stiff cock and Chuckie went for the balls. Then
Timmy lifted his head. "Think we oughta smell his ass?" he
asked his friend.
"Yeah, let's see if it's as strong."
The priest gasped and lifted his own legs, lewdly exposing
his anus and showing them the spot no one else had seen since
he was young. "Gosh. It's either real strong or Father doesn't
wipe very good!"
"Lemme try." Timmy pushed his friend aside and sniffed
"Yeah, it's real scuzzy!"
"Let's see you lick it, Timmy. Like you do mine."
"You too, right?"
"Sure. Want me to go first?"
"Nope. I don't care if it's dirty...yours always is!"
Father Templer was in absolute heaven. The two dirty,
obscenely filthy little boys were doing monstrously lewd things
down between his legs...and he wasn't about to stop them! Even
when they began to thrust their tongues up his bottom, he
reached down and opened his anus up with his own fingers.
Having these precious youngsters licking his soiled anus and
tonguing out his dirty rectum was worth going to hell for! He
urged them on."
He was amazed at his own language. Obscenties that had
remained dormant for many years were suddenly bursting forth
from his foul mouth as he watched the wanton display between
his thighs. He knew this was a dream. He knew it was only a
fantasy. Nothing like this could really be happening. He'd soon
wake up with wet sheets. But he wanted the taste of a boy's
asshole on his lips before that happened. He knelt on the floor
and swung his robe over his back. Repositioned Timmy on all
fours and ordered Chuckie to suck his asshole while he thrust
his own face up Timmy's cushy rearend and began to eat the boy
Luckily, the dream hadn't ended yet. Chuckie was rimming
him for all he was worth, and Father Templer got a distinct
smell up his nose and taste in his mouth. Timmy wasn't all that
fastidious down there either! Thank god he was a normal boy
who didn't wipe very good. He wanted to taste just a bit of
altarboy shit...and Timmy gave it to him. He sucked on that
pink rosette like a madman! Still, he couldn't match the
expertise of the young boy behind him. Chuckie had more
experience, and he had a bigger, fluffier one to work with.
Father Templer had a large, round, distended anus that was
darker and more relaxed. Chuckie was able to get his tongue
well up inside and work it around. He liked the way the priest
smelled and tasted, and enjoyed the rubbery flesh.
Timmy accidentally farted in the priest's mouth, but Father
Templer hardly minded. The aroma went straight to his brain and
he pushed his tongue in deeper.
Father Carrion stood in the doorway. His prick raged as he
quietly viewed the lasciv-iousness. Unable to take it any more,
he untightened his cassock, flung it over his shoulder and
walked forward. With a tender nudge, he pushed Chuckie out of
the way. Squatting down, he plunged his massive organ directly
up Father Templer's ass!
The priest certainly wouldn't have minded in the least had
Charles decided to fuck him. But finding himself impaled beyond
belief, he shreiked in pain and looked over his shoulder.
"F-Father Carrion!! I...OH MY ASSHOLE!"
"Yes, and a splendid one it is! I've lusted for this since
you first came to the parish. I. can't believe my luck."
"B-but Father. This is so immoral. Gawd, you stuff me!"
"Moral schmoral. I lust for altarboys much as you do. But
this protruding cunt of yours is too heavenly to resist. The
boys can wait. Suck his prick while I bugger you. Suck them
"Yes! Yes! Give me pricks in my mouth!"
Chuckling, Timothy and Charles both presented their
erection to his open mouth. He took them both in at once and
ran his tongue between then, finding being sodomized the most
intense enjoyment of his entire life! Fuck the church and their
fanatic denial of the flesh. His belief in God was total, and
he could not imagine what they were doing remotely approached
sin. This was truly a religious insight. Love flowed through
his body as intense as his lust. Drinking the warm sperm as the
lads simultaneously spurted into his mouth was indeed profound.
The contraction in his sphincter as his fellow priest
buried his organ to the fullest and filled him with the nectar
of existence, brought him closer to the creator than ever
before. This was the secret. That all humans abandon violence
and hate, and connected their bodies thus. When all humans
joined their bodies in unison, together they would suddenly all
rise to heaven in ecstasy!
After the climax he backed up and put the other priest's
deflated prick into his mouth. He tasted of himself and the
juice of his colleague. It was the natural thing to do. Father
Carrion sucked abandonly at his asshole, drawing forth his own
seed from the gaping hole. He pulled back the priest's cock
from between his legs and drew the nectar from his balls.
All sated, they rested in a pile of naked flesh with many
Soon, the boys, with their youthful powers of recuperation,
gave the priests a show as they performed on each other. Suck-
ing pricks and balls and tonguing assholes, they gave the holy
men an extraordinarily spirited voyeuristic titillation.
"Gee, that was swell!" Chuckie gushed. "We never saw
anybody get fucked before."
"Yeah, Father. You must have been fucked a lot. Father
Carrion sure has a big prick and you took all of it!"
"Boys, I've never been, uh...fucked before. But it
definitely won't be my last time, that's for certain."
"It sure won't," Father Carrion declared. "Not as long as
I'm around! And you scamps were certainly a surprise. Sucking
pricks and licking assholes. Where'd you learn all that?"
"By ourselves," Timmy smiled. "We were jerking off together
one day and decided to try sucking. We liked that, so we
checked out each other's butts, too. I guess it's nasty, but I
kinda like the smell."
"But we didn't know we could fuck, or we would have tried."
"Sure wish I could tell my brother he was right...but, I
"What's that all about?" Father Carrion asked, perplexed.
"He said all priests are fags and like to blow boys, " Timmy
said. "But Father Templer made me promise not to tell him about
"Heh! That's not really true. I guess he kept his own
promise, though, " Father Carrion chuckled. "Your brother
probably thinks that since I used to blow him when he was an
altar boy."
"Gosh! You did?" Timmy cried.
"Many times. I caught him trying to masturbate into the
chalice one day after mass. I told him it was a sin to waste
his seed and suggested he do it in my mouth instead. I didn't
waste it!" he laughed.
"Does he have a big one?" Timmy asked.
"It was about like yours. Probably gotten bigger since
"Gee, I wonder if he'd let me suck it some time."
"No, no. Now that would be incest...strictly forbidden! You
boys feel a need for bigger ones, you come see Father Templer
or me."
"Would you teach us how to fuck, Father?" Chuckie
"I suppose we'd better. Because the way I did it was not
right. I was just too excited. I should have gone real easy,
but I was afraid Father Templer would buck me off."
"No shit! I mean, no kidding, " Father Templer said. "Good
thing Chuckie had my butthole licked out real good. You really
skewered me. But maybe that was the best way for my first time.
You boys should go easy, you're a lot smaller back there...and
be sure to lick it open real good first. You boys are good at
"We haven't licked yours yet, Father Carrion," Timmy
"Yeah, then maybe Father Templer can fuck you," Chuckie
"I'm afraid we both have some important business right now,
fellows, but here...I'll let you lick it for me if you want."
The priest bent over and bared his bottom to their faces. He
held his cheeks apart and let them smell and lick his anus.
"This is great, hunh Chuckie? It's hairier and stinks
Father Templer got way down and licked Chuckie's asshole
since he hadn't gotten the chance yet. The boy smelled divine!
He told Father Carrion how wonderful the boy smelled and
"Well, I suppose I'll have to try that some time, " he
Across town at St. Margaret's, Father Anthony was in the
midst of hearing a scandalous confession--his last one of the
afternoon. Though the boy tried to disguise his voice, the
priest knew it was his rather wild altar boy, Paolo Bardini.
Paolo was on his way to becoming a true juvenile delinquent
when Father Anthony took him under his wing. Hearing his
confession, the priest was alarmed that the boy seemed to have
channeled his aggressive behavior into sex.
"...and sometimes I make the younger boys blow me off. You
know, Father...give me a blowjob? Suck my prick?"
"I'm familiar with the vernacular, my son. If that's the
only way you can express your meaning, I'll not be offended by
your use of street language. Please continue."
"Anyway...I mean anyway," he remembered to change the
deepness of his voice, "I like getting cock sucked. But since I
don't know any fags, I make the weaklings do it. I know it's
wrong, but I can't stop."
"How many boys have you forced this sin upon, my son?"
"A whole bunch. Maybe twenty. They won't tell cause I said
I'd beat 'em up."
"Would you do that? Add violence to your sins of the
"Naw, but I gotta scare 'em, don't I? Anybody tells on me,
my old man'll beat the tar outta me!"
"Tell me how you arrange this."
"I con 'em into going with me somewhere, then I make 'em
drop their pants and I take mine down and push them on their
knees. Then I put my cock in their mouth. Sometimes they don't
mind that, but they hate it when I jizz in their mouth," he
"And...do you do these things also...to them?"
"Hey, I ain't no fruit, Father. I don't take peckers in the
"I see, Pao...er, son. Of course you realize there's no
worse sin than lying during confession, don't you?"
"Um. Okay, I did blow a couple of them. But that's cause
they didn't put up a fuss and admitted they really liked doing
"Hmmm. Was that the only reason, that they were
"Well...no. Partly cause they had big pricks, I guess."
"And did you swallow their sperm?"
"Gosh, I gotta admit that, too?!"
"Everything, my son. You must tell me every detail if you
expect absolution."
"Alright. Yeah, I drank their jizz. I figured nobody'd know
but them, and they already sucked me off. It wasn't so bad.
Guess I should admit I jack off a lot, too, and sometimes I
drink my own cum."
"Anything else?"
"Um...yeah. This one guy was a lot stronger than I thought.
He kinda turned the tables on me, you know? Made me suck him
and lick his balls. Then the creep sat on my face and forced me
to lick his asshole!"
"Gracious! Did...did that disgust you?"
"Yeah, at first...it sure did! But..."
"Yes? Please continue."
"Aw. Well, see, we were both naked and he was jacking me
off while he sat on my face. Twisting my balls so I wouldn't
stop. Then when he lifted my legs up and started doing it to
me. I...kinda liked it."
"He, goodness, he licked your anus too?" Father Anthony
"Licked it? H-hell, Father, he shoved his tongue up my
hole! It felt so damned g-good, I stuck my tongue up h- his
asshole, too!"
"Your voice seems to be faltering a bit. Are these painful
memories? Confession is good. It can alleviate your terrible
guilt feelings."
"Guilt? Oh, yeah. I'm supposed to feel guilty, hunh?"
"Don't you? Surely this must be troubling you. It brought
you to confession today."
"I thought maybe you might be able to tell me if I'm
becoming a queer, Father. I mean, jeez...lickin' a guy's
"You were under duress. It all depends on whether you
enjoyed it, and if you plan on repeating the experience."
"That's just it. I already have. I've been with six guys
since then, and every one of 'em I cocksucked and licked out
their buttholes. And they didn't all do it to me!"
"So now you're grabbing boys to perform fellatio on?"
"Hunh? Oh, you mean I blew 'em. Yeah, it's gettin' like
that. Even some of the guys I forced before I kinda paid back
by blowing them without getting one in return. That sort of
evens me up, don't it?"
"In a social sense, I suppose it does. But in a moral
sense, you're only compounding your sins. You must stop this
activity completely."
"Hey, fuck that shit, Father! I don't mind confessing, but
I'm sure as hell not giving up pricks and assholes! Especially
not since the other day."
"S-something else happened?" Father Anthony put his ear
closer. He tried desperately to ignore the erection under his
robe. Knowing the boy, he couldn't help imagining Paolo per-
forming these lascivious acts.
His imagination even played a trick on his hearing. He
thought he heard a zipper being pulled down.
"Sure did. This little dude let me fuck his ass, that's
what. He was only 12 and he said his brother fucks him all the
time. Man, that was a real sweet piece of ass!"
"Gracious! You...you are getting into this rather heavily."
"I sure did get into him...all the fuckin' way! He was
jerkin' his bone and throwin' his butt back for more. Turned me
on so much I even got down and licked his crack after I fucked
him. Then the little shit turned around and sucked my pecker!
Said his brother always made him clean his cock afterwards.
"Son?! Are you alright?" Father Anthony leaned as close as
possible to the screen. His eyes bulged out. Sitting right
there, Paolo had his stiff cock out and was furiously mastur-
bating. His penis was squirting iuice all over the partition!
"Aw, cripes! See ya later, Father...I gotta go."
"B- but...your absolution..."
"Why bother? I ain't gonna quit." Paolo had stuffed his
prick away and was buckling up. He rushed out the door.
Father Anthony gave him just enough time to get away. He
certainly didn't want to embarrass the boy. When he emerged
from the confessional and looked around, the church was nearly
empty. He rushed into the side Paolo had been on and closed the
door. He remained standing so the light would stay on, and
checked out the wall. Huge gobs of the boy's sperm was running
down in rivulets. Mesmerized, his erection harder than he could
ever remember, he put a finger out and scooped up the thickest
rope of cum and put it to his lips. The first taste was
startling, and he knelt down. He licked every bit of the boy's
jizz from the dirty wall! This was no time for fastidiousness--
he desperately wanted to taste Paolo's cockjuice-- yes,
cockjuice! He said the word over and over as he stuck out his
tongue for more.
"COCKJUICE! COCKJUICE! OH, PAOLO!" a voice in his head
screamed. Suddenly, the door burst open and the boy stood there
"I...I...I thought you were g- gone!" he gasped. "I...I
mean, uh, are confessions over for today, F- Father?"
"Come in. Come in," he hissed, fearful that other parishioners
may see him on his knees like this. "Oh, Paolo, " he hung his
head, "what have you driven me to?"
"Y-you knew it was me?" he blushed. "I...I thought I
dropped my wallet, so I..."
"Yes. You're not very good at disguising your voice I'm
afraid. But this is serious...this is..."
"HOT?" Paolo grinned. "Jeez, you licked it all off!"
"I am so ashamed!" Father Anthony cringed, standing up.
"Maybe, but you sure got a big boner, Father!"
" Um...disregard that. Remember, now, everything in the
confessional is sacred. Noth-ing must be said about it. Now
perhaps you should be getting along. Your sins are absolved."
"I think...I think I need some counseling, Father. Now!"
"I'm not sure this is the right time, Paolo."
"I'm really, really upset, Father. I'll meet you in your
Before Father Anthony could think of what to say, Paolo had
left. He wasn't sure this was a good time. If only his erection
would subside!
When he reached his office he gave a sigh of relief. Paolo
must have changed his mind. But suddenly the door was closed
behind him and locked. Paolo stood there completely naked!
Father Anthony gasped at the sight of the hairless, latin body
...and especially at the enormous prick that stood out at a 90
degree angle. He was amazed at the boy's quick recuperative
powers and the rock stiffness of his youthful cock.
"PAOLO! You...you mustn't do this! Put your clothes back
But the 14-year- old calmly walked toward the priest, his
erection bobbing seductively. It nearly equalled Father
Anthony's in length, though not as thick. Admonishing himself
for thinking of that when more important matters were at hand,
he found himself speechless. He glanced at the pearly drop of
cum on the boy's knob and absently licked his lips in
remembrance of how delicious it had tasted.
With a positively lecherous grin, Paolo grabbed Father
Anthony's crotch, feeling his impressive erection. The priest
nearly fainted at the youngster's touch. No other's hand had
ever touched his cock since seminary. And Paolo knew just how
to manipulate it. He even used his other hand to fondle the
man's balls.
"Nice and big, Father. Pull it out, lemme see it...I'll blow you."
"N-n-n...no. We mustn't!"
"We, Father? You wanna blow me too, doncha?"
"C-certainly not..."
"Sure you do. You licked my jizz and you got a big boner.
You got a big boner for me and you wanna put it in my mouth.
You wanna suck another load out of my balls, too. It's okay. I
wanna do it, too."
Paolo brazenly reached under the priest's robe. He gasped
when he found the man naked but for jockey shorts.
"T-too hot, " Father Anthony blushed in explanation.
Paolo quickly jerked the shorts down then lifted the robe,
leaving the priest bare from the waist down! His cock stood up
menacingly and Paolo saw that the knob was wet. He quickly bent
down and ran his tongue over the priest's cockhead! The man
gasped and closed his eyes.
"Mmmm, tasty! Take your robe off, Father, and get down on
your knees and suck me." It wasn't an order...just a calm
suggestion. Still, the priest flinched as if it was.
"Paolo, you can't just order me like you do your..."
"Nothing like that, Father. Come on, let's have some fun!
You know you want to. We can confess later."
As if automatically, Father Anthony reached out and felt
the boy's stiff prick. "T-that's true. And there are worse
sins." He flung his robe over his head and crouched down...
eagerly taking the prick in his hand again. He looked up at the
smiling boy's face. "You're so beautiful, Paolo. You could
tempt an angel...you little devil!"
"Sssh! Blow me, Father. Let me watch you cocksuck me
for a while, then I'll do it to you. Lick my balls, first, okay?"
Father didn't reply. He put his face to the sweaty
testicles and sniffed the aroma while letting the cock flop
over his face. Not simply the act of doing this excited him
...but the smell of the boy's sex. Paolo knew immediately that
the priest would do anything he sug- gested. Priests were
supposed to be celibate and that meant they didn't get any. He
figured they probably jerked off, though. Hell, no guy could go
around without jerkin' off, not even priests! Paolo knew he had
a big one because other guys told him so, and it was bigger
than the ones he'd had in his mouth so far. He looked down
between the man' legs and couldn't wait to try that one out. It
would be the biggest one he'd ever sucked and he wondered what
it would feel like up his butt.
He was getting his balls licked by a priest! Father Anthony
was not putting up a fight--he was licking the sweat off 'em!
Paolo rustled the man's hair and aimed his prick at Father
Anthony's mouth and rubbed it over his lips. The mouth opened,
and a defeated sigh breathed over the knob before the altar
boy's cock was engulfed.
Father Anthony reached around and grabbed the boy's soft
buttocks. He had a young, stiff cock banging against the back
of his throat and he knew he was a cocksucker. A homosexual,
child molesting, deviate! That the 'child' was actually
molesting him hardly mattered. He was reveling in the delights
of sinful sexual lewdness! Surely God would forgive this
delicious pleasure...or he wouldn't have made it feel so
exquisite. If not...he'd gladly go to hell with a cock in his
Paolo pumped slowly into the man's sucking mouth. He
reached behind and urged Father Anthony to run his finger over
his crack. The finger eagerly teased him there and Paolo leaned
down and whispered.
"I'm gonna let you lick my asshole, Father, " he breath-
essly said. "I'm gonna stick my tongue up your hole. Wanna sit
on my face later?"
Father Anthony pulled off and nodded. He didn't say a word,
just nodded. He was ready to commit any sin the boy wanted. The
quick flash that the boy might have some old shit on his anus
only served to excite him more. The nastier the better as far
as he was con-cerned. He even considered the possibility of
losing his rectal virginity to the boy. He tingled at the
thought of getting fucked in the ass by an altar boy!
Paolo pulled him off and pressed the man against the desk.
He squatted down and proceeded to give the priest a fantastic
blowjob. He felt the prick throb and quickly let it dangle as
he went for the man' smelly balls. Yeah, it sure was hot under
those robes! Paolo loved the difference of smelling a man
instead of a boy. This was stronger and he really liked it. He
flapped his tongue up and down, frantically licking the balls
clean. Taking a deep breath, he urged the man to turn around.
"Awww, Paolo!" Father Anthony gasped. He was bent over the
desk and the boy had his buttocks pulled apart and was licking
him there! Soft, swirling motions of a tongue around his
pungent anus soon gave way to a hungrier, deeper probing of his
asshole! He could feel the wet flesh wiggling...making its way
into his relaxed rectum. The naked altar boy was kneeling
behind him...tongue- fucking his asshole! Then he felt the
wrinkled mound of flesh being nursed on by the kid's lips.
"You like that, Father? You like me suckin' your shithole?!
You really smell and taste great!" He dove in for more.
Father leaned across the desk in ecstasy. Could any
sensation compare to this? Paolo said he smelled good. Was he
dirty? Just sweaty? He brought the finger to his nose that had
been rubbing the boy's anus. It wasn't overpowering, but it was
obvious where he'd had it. He kept smelling it the whole time
the boy rimmed him. It was like an aphrodisiac! When the boy
moved over to the couch the priest had in his office and stuck
his butt up, exposing his rather hairy crack, Father Anthony
was more than ready. He buried his face in the kid's luscious
bottom and stuck his nose into the crevice! It wasn't dirty,
but there was no doubt that the boy had taken a shit since his
last shower. Father Anthony had too, and they were both
obviously delighted at those facts. He wanted to taste the lad
...and he surely did. He soon had the boy squirming in pleasure
as he licked him...sucked his ass...ate him out!
UP INSIDE!" He wanted to scream it out, but he had enough
sense to keep his voice down. He hissed the words, making the
priest even hornier. "Loosen me up and I'll let you fuck me."
If Father Anthony had had any tongue left that he hadn't
already imbedded up the boy's smelly cavern, hearing those
words would have made him lick deeper. But every bit he could
manage was already fluttering around in Paolo's guts.
He couldn't strain any more. Had he another six inches of
tongue every extra inch would have been plunged in! He sucked
Paolo's asshole for twenty minutes...until the boy demanded to
be fucked.
Father Anthony feined illness when his housekeeper knocked
on the door to his bedroom later. He and Paolo spent the rest
of the afternoon and most of the evening fucking and sucking
each other. He fucked the boy three times and took the large
cock up his own ass twice. In between times they hugged and
kissed...naked on his bed. The priest had his cock sucked over
and over. Not being as young, he obtained his orgasms while
fucking the boy.
Paolo, on the other hand, was a randy youngster. In between
fucking the priest twice, he also got two energetic blowjobs.
Father Anthony thoroughly enjoyed draining the boy's balls of
warm, youthful sperm.
The one thing neither of them even realized at the time,
but dawned on them both later when alone, was that during the
whole affair neither had made any attempt to clean up. When the
sexplay resumed after a brief recuperation time, cocks were
fondled and sucked as if they hadn't recently been used for
fucking. That the prick in their mouth had previ-ously been up
their own asses mattered not, for even those same assholes were
soon being sucked again...moist as they were. There was too
much fire involved for any hint of disgust.
On reflection, they both realized they had undoubtedly
tasted much of each other's shit and assjuices...and well as
their own. That total submission to lewdness only served to
make the memory of that day even more wonderful to them.
Around 11:00 that evening, Father Anthony helped Paolo slip
out his window. They kissed passionately and acknowledged
further escapades would soon be had together.
"Oh, did you find your wallet?" Father asked breathlessly.
"Hunh? Oh, that. I confess I don't have a wallet," he
"You little scamp! You planned this whole thing."
"Yep! And I didn't do half the things I confessed to,
Treating it as a solemn occasion, nary a word is spoken as
four men in their late 20's--along with an older man-- sit
across from six nude 12 & 13-year- olds. They're spellbound--
watching the former altar boys defecate! Boys watch each other,
The younger men sit on the floor side-by-side, an enthusi-
astic audience with their eyes. They're garbed in long, thin
white cassocks, underneath which they are naked. Erections tent
the material, but otherwise they do not expose themselves.
The older gentleman, however, sits at a nearby table--
totally naked--a fierce erection growing in his lap.
Occasionally, he strokes it.
As each lad shits, his turd is slowly passed among the men.
It's fondled, its girth and texture studied and appreciated.
It's smelled, the aroma savored like a rare flower. It's
licked, the oily coating sampled...the flavor relished. It's
put into the mouth and sucked--lips drawing, as the zesty
juices flow over the tastebuds in delight.
The youth stands from his squatting position, and
immediately climbs onto the table. On all fours, he backs his
bottom up to the older man's face and lowers until his chest
touches his knees and his buttocks are lewdly splayed apart.
The man need not move. He is tight to the table, his chair
lower than normal to give him a comfortable height. With
trembling fingers-- not brought on by aging--he gently caresses
the smooth cheeks and wonders at the beautiful sight. Then he
proceeds to leisurely bathe the humid valley, sucks the boy's
young virgin asshole and cleans it thoroughly, concentrating
greatly on collecting every scrap of the boy's lovely
excrement. With his tongue he explores the gaping, moist
channel--so available and alluring--to wash it out.
Finished, the lad climbs down and crawls under the table.
He kneels on a small pillow between the man's legs and
masturbates him until the other men are ready to resume with
the next boy--who shits, has his hole tongued out, and takes a
turn beneath the table.
After the last boy has been eaten out, the older man directs
the other lads to leave. Once they've left, the remaining one
climbs down from the table. He is asked to stay. He sees the
other men removing their solitary garments, and shivers
inwardly at the sight of their long, stiff erections. For the first
time, the men begin to touch one another...smiling at the
youngster, but not beckoning him closer. He turns to the
older man.
"I...s- should stay?" he asked.
"Yes. Certainly, Peter, " the man grinned. "Your shit was
extremely tasty tonight! All of the men agree wholeheartedly."
"Um...thank you. You want me to blow your pecker, Father?"
"That would be delightful, my boy. That's why I asked you
to stay. You're becoming quite proficient at the task."
"I've been practicing on some of the fellas, like you
suggested. That's what we always do after Defecation
Services," he giggled, "get together and beat off or suck
peckers. But I like yours the best; it's so big and shoots a
"Well, time to show me, Peter, " he motioned under the
table. "I shall be otherwise involved, so take your time.
Perhaps you can amuse yourself by licking my balls. And try
not to get too energetic; I'm already highly charged from your
sweet bottoms."
Once the boy was ensconced between the priest's hairy
thighs with his pert bottom facing the four men and being
admired, their mutual fondlings became more intimate. One drop-
ped to his knees to suck on another's prick. The third man got
down and joined him-- tonguing the fellow's heavy- hanging
The fourth had an appointment. He mounted the table- -
assuming the same position as the youngsters. Immediately, the
older clergyman buried his face in the man's fragrant butt-
crease and sniffed avidly! He rubbed his nose eagerly into the
damp valley, then began to lick the sweat and grime from his
bung...paying special attention to his asshairs! The other
three came around and watched, still caressing one another.
They even joked and remarked about the different turds they'd
sampled, and how they compared to previous occasions. Peter
found their chatter amusing. Father Donagan was oblivious to
them--as they knew he would be. Nothing could penetrate the
priest's concentration when indulging thusly. His mouth on a
boy's or man's anus was all consuming!
And that fairly describes the latter part of the evening's
festivities, for the older man proceeded to devour all four of
the men's torridly-- seasoned turds. They'd all reached the
limits of what the boys could accept, otherwise the men would
have done more than just suck on their juicy young turds when
they were fresh. Now, as they are motioned onto the table, they
bring a boyturd or two with them. Placing it down before them,
they lick and suck them more lewdly than before (if such is
possible!) as they defecate into the priest's mouth!
Peter had an idea what was happening, even though he was
not allowed to witness it. The moans and certain sounds made it
apparent to him. He was the only member of the younger group to
have shit in the priest's mouth before. He hadn't eaten it all,
but Peter'd noticed later that his turd was much smaller after
the man finished shooting a load of delicious hot sperm into
his mouth! He'd been sucking on it while the boy gave him a
blowjob. Sworn to secrecy, he obeyed. But the other boys were
not so dumb. They constantly joked that Father Donagan and the
others were 'turd- eaters,' but were too chicken to do it in
front of them. Even though they wanted to!
"Yeah. Betcha they're cocksuckers, too!" Karl exclaimed.
"Probably, " Sammy agreed. "So why don't they suck us? Hell,
I'd love to get that red-headed guy's cock in my mouth! Must be
a monster...I wish they'd at least let us see them."
"Yeh, it's not fair. Let's tell 'em next time."
"Maybe it's cause of Father Donagan. Cocksucking's a sin,
ain't it?"
" Um...nothing. I never heard that commandment!"
The three voyeurs to the activity on the table had painfully
swollen erections. The sight of the priest's mouth working on
their friend's grossly expanding asslips, and his beautiful
meaty turd being tongued and tasted, was absolute hell for
'Special' acquaintances for many years, the four of them
absolutely worshiped the smell and taste of each other's ripe
excrement. "RECTAL FILTH!" they jestingly named it. Or
"FANNY CANDY" when the boys were around. Together, or
alone with the priest, they speak in the most obscene manner
possible. It heightens their sense of perversion and keeps the
barriers down. Of course, not a one of them is in danger of
sudden prudery. And the priest? That old rascal can outswear
them all. And what an appetite for eating shit! "Yeah, that old
bastard musta served time as a toilet in seminary!"
Still, they enjoy the horny old reprobate, and thank the
day they all got together with him. They're even learning to
appreciate the gritty muck that invariably 'farts' from his
asshole! The repulsive stench of his aged dung has raised their
collective limitations and opened their eyes to the truth that
foulness=shame=ecsta sy. That not only the young and younger can
excite by defecating. That those who have done it much longer
can teach that revulsion is not only good...but basic to the
full enjoyment of their proclivity.
The priest actually coined 'rectal filth' as their watchword,
after screaming that someone should eat his as he dumped
several large turds on the floor at their first get- together. He'd
just finished wiping up Fred's asshole with his tongue after a
particularly messy defecation. Warm, dark goop smeared
over his lips, his eyes blazing, he impetuously squatted in the
middle of the room-- like a woman giving birth in the fields--
and began to shit thunderously!
his leaking prick and smacking his lips furiously as several brown
tubes of greasy dung squeezed from his unholy, wrinkled aperture
to plop on top of one another in a steamy heap. "OH, WHAT
LUST!" he gasped, turning to see it. He admired it as if he'd just
performed a miracle. "I'M GOING TO MASTURBATE OVER
THIS SPLENDID MESS! Come, gentlemen, don't withhold your
The urgency in his salacious shouts, and the urgent manner
he fisted his throbbing, bloated prick, helped more than
anything to shake off their shock and resistance. As of one
mind, they fell to the pile of rangy turds and groaned like
beasts as they wildly sniffed the disgraceful odor...and
enjoyed it! Even more of a shock was the realization that
they'd actually been initially repulsed by the man's shit. That
momentary digression was well done with! Now, reveling in the
bitter tang on their wiping, digging tongues, they rejoiced at
once again debasing themselves thoroughly! They cried in
delight as streams of sperm came from the priest's dilated
pisshole. They even stuck out their tongues to catch it before
lapping it furiously from the turds.
Father Donagan did have pangs of guilt, however, because
of the manner in which he recruited these participants for
Defecation Services.
Abuse of the confessional is a grave sin, he realizes. But
then, he is a sinner...his primary sin the most majestic of
them all! When given the opportunity to perform such atrocities
with like-minded young men, he wasted no time in devising a
plan to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. For so many years he'd
heard of the unnatural obscenities performed by others. His
amazement came at the overwhelming number who came back to
confess the same behavior over and over again. He came to
realize that some things were simply beyond the threat of
everlasting damnation. Like that nasty little habit of his own.
All priests masturbate...such a tiny sin of being human. But to
probe into one's anus while thusly engaged, and to be spiraled
into a bewildering nirvana when you bring that soiled digit to
your lips and suck it?!! That dirty aberration had never been
quelled. Rather, it had built to a vulgar compulsion over the
years...until he began to burst his own moral shackles and
thrill at the mirrored sight of his own defecation! So wondrous!
So lewd! So free!...to wantonly pick up and SUCK your
own steamy creation and wallow masochistically in the fetid
stink and venomous taste. AH! The secret is to rise above the
learned aversion and actually enjoy the treacherous filth
you're subjecting yourself to!
And boys...ah! They confess to everything! But among them
can be picked out those with natural inclinations toward the
sordid. Besides, a lad would be perfect to initiate oneself. A
turd from one's own rectum may be easily flattered. But what of
his goal? His desire to watch another man defecate and feel the
utmost desire to lick and smell it...even devour it should the
impulse arise! Surely, then, the mellow pungency and zest of a
lad's buttery turd would be the place to start.
Red was up next. Red, his connection from the confessional.
He loved Red's turds; they were always fat ones with delicious
slimy assjuice! He also delighted in those pale, marshmallow
buttocks and the blushing pink asshole that so crudely opens up
for his tongue.
(Yes, I'll take an extra large helping of this! Best take
care, though. That rascal under the table has my knob vibrating
again. Little cocksucker just urges me to pin his head under
the top and drive my prick down his throat! Ah, he's back on my
balls. For a long while, I hope. Heh! Each time I give him
freer access, and each time he licks further underneath my
sack. Yeh, he'll be exploring before too much longer. Get a
nice taste of my sweet shitty anus and he'll be hooked. We'll
make him a genuine, lusty turdboy! Get him to lick his own
silky clump first. Yep, best way to learn, alright.)
Red didn't disappoint. He shit a monstrous turd into the
priest's mouth. His leaking cock thumped on the table top, hard
as steel. He squealed in delight as he shit. He loved turds and
licking shit, but got no higher thrill than seeing someone else
licking his shit. He knows the priest greatly favors his turds,
and tries to arrange a large meal for the man. The others crave
gobbling up every morsel of his tasty shit, too, and constantly
urge him to divulge the secret ingredient in his diet. He
declines with a chuckle, promising to keep his rectum full
enough to feed them all.
Another reason to keep it from them is to avoid everyone's
shit tasting the same. He likes each man's distinct taste, and
wants them to remain thus. All this means, of course, that to
enjoy his own unique flavor he must get down with the others
and lick his own shit. Not a wholly distasteful prospect in the
least. He remembers the wonderfully debauched evenings he'd
spent alone during his trial-and-error taste tests until he got
it right.
A rare mistake for him, but the dark python emerging from
the gaping hole between the pale buttocks caused Father Donagan
to forget their young visitor under the table as he gushed,
"You give me turds to swallow that are fit for a king, Red! I'd
gladly sew my lips around your asshole to eat everything you
Peter banged his head on the underside of the table top,
letting out a cry between giggles. Leaning back, Father Donagan
looked down between his thighs.
"Of course, that was only a joke, Peter," he unconvincingly
"Aw, Father, we all figured you guys eat turds," he
"Why, certainly not, my boy! Why would you think such a
"Well, cause you got shit all over your lips, and I can see
lots of it between your teeth!"
"Aha! Yes. Now you know. We eat your sweet little turds
also, Peter. Red has just shit a very long, very fat juicy turd
from his anus into my mouth, and I'm going to sit here until
I've swallowed every stinky chunk. What do you think of that?"
"I...I don't know, Father. I think I'm still too young for
that sorta thing. But if you'll raise your thighs, I'd sure
like to lick your asshole. I've never seen one so big!"
"Certainly, lad. I've noticed you've never complained about
the smell when you're down there. Does it not bother you?"
"Heck no, Father. I like the way your asshole smells!"
"And I yours, Peter. You must allow me to eat your next
turd. For now, lick and suck my asshole while I eat this feast.
I hope you don't mind being observed. I'm sure the men are
eager to witness your initial attempt. Sniff it first. Put your
nose right onto my mushy asshole and breathe deeply. Smelling
shit is half the fun. You'll get a good taste when you lick
it. I'm sure you're aware of that?"
"Oh yes, Father. We've all noticed how filthy you keep it.
We can see the ring of shit around it. That's why I want to
lick it. Will I like it, Father?"
"Well, it stinks and it'll taste even worse. Shit's filthy,
Peter. That's why we all find it so exciting...so nasty. Keep
sniffing. I think you're a fairly nasty fellow. Push your nose
right into my shit. Let's see if you have the makings for a
genuine turdboy. A few more big whiffs then start licking the
shit off my hole. No more talk. You know what you want to do.
This turd's getting cold!"
He did have an audience, and seeing their juicy prongs
again added to his resolve. They took turns ducking their head
beneath his bottom to lap at his asshole while he noisily
sucked the priest's vile anus.
Heck, this isn't bad. From his reputation, he'd expected
the man's shit to be much worse than the flavors he'd managed
to slurp from the priest's ripe asshole. Even when he stuck his
tongue inside and found some warm goop, he'd decided he wanted
to join the other side...to be in the line passing around his
buddy's turds. He wanted to smell and lick them. Maybe he'd try
eating one of the men's turds. At least he'd sure enjoy
watching them take big shits and seeing them eat those gross
things right out in the open! Maybe he should practice with one
of his friends...or, well, he could practice on his own. Do a
little shit sniff- and-lick routine next time he's able. But the
absolute first thing he wants to do-- after licking this asshole
out--is get down and suck on Red's huge cock til it squirts
gallons of cream in his mouth!
"Yes, my son. And did you perchance also rim their anal
" Father?" the lad replied, confused.
"Sucker their assholes..." he hissed excitedly, "lick their
smelly bottomholes."
"Oh. Y-yes. I, uh, forgot about that," he admitted softly.
"And did you enjoy that sin as much as the others?"
"Certainly not, Father! It was...they sorta made me...
"Now, need I remind you lying in confession is the gravest
sin? Once more. Did you enjoy it?"
"Well, I suppose so."
"And did you do it to each of them?"
"But they insisted. Is that correct?"
"Uh...not exactly, Father. I kinda suggested it, " he
"Aha! A penchant in development. Tell me honestly, have you
ever felt the desire to perform such an obscenity upon an older
"M-maybe a couple of times, " he said under his breath.
"I see. I think I understand your sinful actions, but
perhaps you should..."
"M-meet you in the rectory and show you, Father? Like last
"Yes, my boy. Just like you demonstrated fellatio, allowing
me to grant you absolution with total understanding of that
lustful act."
Eddie Winters opened the bathroom door to find fellow altar
boy Tommy Dorn sitting on the toilet.
"Oh. Hiya, Tommy," he said, thinking how funny a guy looked
sitting on the pot with his pants around his ankles. Especially
the way Tom was leaned over resting on his knees, making his
butt stick out back there.
"Whatsa matter?" he asked when the younger boy glanced up
with a forelorn look on his button-nosed face.
"Aw, waitin' for Father Kelly, " he drawled out slowly with
obvious exasperation.
"Pooped, hunh? Didja press the buzzer?"
"Yeah, long ago!" Tommy whined to the older boy.
"That's funny. Father Kelly usually comes lickety- spit...
to licketysplit!" They both chuckled delightfully at the neat
wisecrack. Tommy liked the boy two years older than him. Eddie
was a real card...always coming out with funny comebacks that
crack him up.
"Wish he'd hurry, though. I gotta get to practice. And it's
starting to itch." He empha- sized the remark by screwing up his
Just then a swirl of black robes brought a breathless
priest skidding around the corner.
"Ah, me boys. Sorry to keep ya, Tommy me lad. Couldn't get
the Bishop off the phone. Forgive me, Lord, but his emminence
can ramble on about nothing when more serious matters need
attention. Now..."
Eddie moved aside as Father Kelly entered the bathroom. Not
bothering to close the door, he knelt in front of the toilet
and helped Tommy shuffle around till his bottom lined up. The
kid bent over and held onto the porcelain tank so Father could
tidy him up.
"Oh, my my!" the priest gasped when he spread the cushy
cheeks to exposed how smeared the boy's crack had become.
Undisturbed that the other boy stood there watching, he
shamelessly put his nose between the smooth buns and sniffed
around. " Delightful!" he gushed, before using his long tongue
to administer about a dozen sweeping drags up and down the
soiled crack. "Mmmm!" Using his thumbs to open the hairless
pucker, he dug in to lick out the bright pink insides. A
vulgarly loud wet smooch elicited giggles when he finalized it
all by giving the boy a good long suck to his asshole.
"Ah, lad. You got the buns of perfection, you do. Makes a
holy man downright sinful. But...I figure if God hadn't meant a
youngster's bottom to be such a licking delight he wouldn't
have made them smell and taste so divine!"
"Sure, Father," Tommy agreed for the umteenth time, more
concerned about getting his pants buckled and getting to
Smacking his lips, the priest grinned at Eddie.
"And you, you scamp. Might you have something to share? You
know quite well how I adore witnessing the entire operation.
Such a splendid sight watching a boy in the wondrous act of
"Not today, Father. Sorry."
"That's a terrible shame," he said sincerely, putting his
arm around the boy's shoulder. "Those long ones of yours are
truly a sight to behold. Pity when no one's about to enjoy it."
"Tell ya what, Father," Eddie looked up, "I gotta get home.
But I'll save it up if you wanna meet me after lunch tomorrow."
"You're a good lad, Eddie. I'll be thinking of nothing else
until then. If only I can manage to control all those priestly
erections that are bound to pop up in the meantime."
"Heh, heh"' Eddie chuckled, digging it when Father Kelly
came up with his own jokes. He also caught the way Father was
absentmindedly running his tongue across his lips. "Or..." he
half-whispered, "I could hurry over to your room instead...if
you want me to blow you. And," he lowered his voice, "maybe
you'd like to do that thing you mentioned the other day."
"You're a filthy rascal, Eddie Winters!" he reprimanded
with a pointed finger. "And one of your nasty prick lickings
will serve as the perfect prime for that little bit of
nonsense. Expect to have that naughty turd of yours licked and
sucked on as no boy's turd ever was!"
"Now, if I hurry I might catch Bobby Corley. The boy's so
studious and punctual he even has a regular poop time. Terrible
shame how his mother is allowing that bottom to be-come so
plump. Still, he doesn't mind if I peek between his legs while
he squishes one out."
"Ah, yes. Okay, off with you then. Salacious gossip another
Straightening his robe and giving his stiff prick a
friendly grope through a hole in the folds, Father Kelly
double-timed it in hopes of catching Bobby before he was ready
to press the buzzer. He prayed the taste of Tommy's poop on his
lips lasted until his attention could be directed to the next
dirty boybutt wagging pungently in his face to be tidied up.
It had been a spirited fuck indeed. I gaped in shock,
however, when the beautiful blonde pulled his heavy, softening
cock from the other boy's inordinately hairy anus and presented
it to the preacher.
"Here you go, Reverend."
"Oh, my, yes!" he gushed. "After such fine work." He took
the slimy, soiled organ into his mouth and lovingly bathed it.
"Reverend, " I asked moments later, " I understand your
theory of permissive copulation among the youngsters, but why
did you suck his dirty cock clean?"
"Simple, Mr. Farr. I believe when a boy condescends to
stick his beautiful prick into another boy's filthy orifice and
service him, he deserves to be specially cleansed for his
charity. One look at that lad's disgustingly lewd anus and I'm
sure you see my point."
I had to agree it was a rather vulgar sight.
"Why then is the other boy now licking and sucking that
same disgusting area?"
"Ah, yes. Well, we allow each their own beliefs in some
matters. Gordon is one who feels honored to have his prick
engulfed so wonderfully, so he feels the need to repay that
kindness in a gentle manner of his own."
The good reverend was not beyond getting a little
servicing of his own. He had the boy who'd been fucked give him
a blowjob while I screwed the other youngster up the ass. The
boy seemed to enjoy taking the older man's large, thick cock
into his mouth and sucking it to orgasm. -Similarly, the other
boy also displayed much enjoyment at having my long prick
buggering his twitching bottom.
Afterwards, the cleric sucked my cock clean and also sucked
my jizz from the other lad's asshole.
After lunch, he had two older boys fuck him up the ass, had
me fuck him up the ass, then had the two boys suck the enormous
quantity of balljuice from his distended anus. They declared it
was a bitter, copious load--though it had been stewing up his
rectum only a short time--but they preferred it that way, and
quite shamelessly savored the taste. It was obviously not the
first time they'd siphoned warm sperm from the older man's
He then licked my asshole clean, spearing his tongue deeply
up my hole in the same manner as he'd taught the boys to do.
We concluded the afternoon by sucking the lads off. After
such a display of wantonness, I was none-too-eager to express
complaint when those pricks were presented to us and the cleric
unhesitatingly took his boy's slimy prick into his mouth.
Instead, I gulped and did likewise, though the aroma itself
reminded me it had recently come from the man's ass and had not
so much as been wiped with a shirttail. Surprisingly, I found
the taste more exciting in it's foulness, and soon reveled in
the lewdness as I cleaned the boy's cock and balls and sucked
his creamy jism down my throat.
Upon leaving, I remarked at how easily the boys indulged in
licking assholes and hinted some disappointment that I'd not
experienced the sensation of having a young boy do such a thing
to me...though I added his tongue had most certainly given me
much pleasure.
He laughed and explained that he'd purposely refrained from
directing the boys to put their faces up my crack. First,
because he wanted the pleasure of doing it himself. And second,
he grinned, to insure there'd be an incentive for me to return!
"Next time, my friend, you can pick any lad and have him
suckered your hole to your heart's content. And mind, these
boys are not fastidious in their lewdness. Take no special care
beforehand. They each enjoy a sweaty bottom and have all
learned to appreciate a man's heady pungency. They readily
acknowledge that licking a stinky bottom or a slightly streaked
cock helps turn a boy into a man all that much faster. I do
what I can to hasten their burdgeoning manhood in that
regard." He smiled devilishly.
"In plain words, Reverend, " I said with an accusing smirk,
"you don't care if they ever wipe their bottoms, and you've
gotten them used to accepting yours that way."
" Precisely!"
"Well, I suppose when one's in Rome..." I winked and bade
him adieu with my promise of a swift return.

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