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I was 14 and it felt that I was one large walking hormone. My voice was squeaking and I could not be more clumsy if I tried. It seemed as if all I thought about were girls and masturbating, a practice that I now engaged in at least three to four times per day. After my mother caught me playing with myself for the third time she decided that I needed to spend some time with Aunt Joan. I really did not know what this entailed. Aunt Joan was my mothers best friend however she and her husband John lived on a very secluded ranch in California. I remembered that she had a daughter, Betsy, who was about my age. Mom was never angry when she walked in on my masturbations but she would simply say Oh, excuse me and she would walk out of my room. I was a bit surprised when mother only packed one suitcase for me for the entire summer.  

Uncle John and Betsy met me at the airport. In fact, Betsy was a year older than I and absolutely gorgeous. She wore sandals, extremely short shorts, and a half T- shirt that clearly showed the most perfect nipples I had ever seen. Her tits were, albeit small, perfectly shaped, high and tight. What amazed me the most was that this lovely creature actually seemed happy to see me. On the ride back to the ranch she chattered endlessly telling me about her pet goat, the horses, and how much fun we were going to have this summer. Uncle John was a jovial but quiet man who always seemed to enjoy letting others take the spotlight. He was the ideal listener.  

When we arrived at the ranch we were met by Aunt Joan who was wearing a short silk wrap-around kimono. When she threw her arms around me to hug me it was obvious that she was totally naked beneath the flimsy wrap. She held my hand and led me to my bedroom. Now Darlin,she said in her southern drawl (she was a transplant from South Carolina) you just take your time getting unpacked and get used to your room. When you are ready, come on out to the pool. As she turned to leave my bedroom I got a clear view of her totally bare bottom. My God, no wonder Betsy was such a fox with a mother like that. Joan was 38 but looked 28. She was very tan with short blond hair styled in a pixie cut, and her lithesome body was thin but well muscled. Not big bulky muscles but the kind you see on runners and aerobics instructors. As I unpacked and changed into my swim trunks, I noted that my thin four inch pecker was stiff as a board. Nevertheless, I tried to push it down and get dressed in my swim suit. I could not wait to see Betsy. I was hoping she was wearing a bikini.  

When I walked out onto the patio and pool area, I was in for the shock of my life. Everyone was naked including Betsy. As I stood there awestruck, Aunt Joan said, Now Darlin, dont tell me that your momma didnt tell you that we were naturists? No, n-n-n-no, I stammered. Well, you do whatever you like but I think you would be a lot more comfortable without those heavy old trunks. Said Joan. I glanced over at Uncle John who was mostly asleep on a chaise lounge. His cock was huge as it lay languidly against his right thigh. I thought about my poor little adolescent member and wondered if everyone was going to laugh. However, I did want to get naked so I took no time in ridding myself of my oversized trunks. As I stood there bare assed naked, I immediately felt compelled to put my hands over my cock. Lets face it, I was no match for Uncle John. Aunt Joan sensed this immediately and beckoned me to come over by her chair. She gently pushed my hands away and actually held my penis between her fingers, examining it as if she were a physician. She reassured me in a quiet voice so as not to be overheard by the others, Now Darlin, you just dont worry about your size. You are just right for a boy your age. Heck, Ill bet you just started playin with it in the last couple of years. Your uncle John is a grown man and while he still masturbates as well, fuckin as much as we do has just kind of made him get bigger over the years. Dont worry, yours will grow too. Heck, it looks just fine to me. Now you go ahead and get yourself a nice swim and that little erection you have will go right on down. Why after awhile you will get quite used to the nudity, but, dont worry if you get a boner. It happens. We all know what one looks like.  

She was right about one thing, I had a boner that I was sure was not going to leave me just by doing laps in the pool. Betsy called to me to jump in so I did. We splashed around and grabbed at each other a little and she once even brushed her lovely bum against my Willie. Despite Betsys beauty and friendliness, I could not take my eyes off the older couple. Aunt Joan was reading a book but her totally shaved cunt was right out there for all to see. It was beautiful and pink and seemed a bit red around the labia as if she had been recently having sex. Johns monstrous cock would twitch every once in awhile as he napped, and it seemed to be creeping from the side of his leg to more of a position directly on his abdomen. He was very tightly circumcised with a thin barely visible scar almost half way up his thick shaft. It was obvious that I was mesmerized by them as Betsy broke in, Beautiful, arent they. She said. I am so happy that my parents are so lovely and sensual. They do fuck a lot though. she quipped. Do your mom and dad do it a lot.? She asked in a rather matter of fact tone. I guess so, I stammered, but I have never seen them like this. The way Betsy said fuck was so natural, it was apparent that it was not considered a bad or taboo word for her. Shortly after our brief repartee, Joan and John got up and walked toward the house. Betsy whispered to me, They are going to do it now, see? As she spoke, I noted that when John stood up his cock was semi tumescent. Betsy whispered, Do you want to watch them? I know a place where we can and we wont be seen. Without waiting for an answer, she took my hand and we both jumped out of the pool. She threw me a towel and she dried herself off. Then dropping the towel where it was, she ran, still totally naked, into the house. I followed close on her heels.  

Betsy led me to the bedroom adjoining her parents room. Opening the walk-in closet door, she put her fingers to her lips indicating that we must be quiet and lifted a paper patch that covered a small hole in the closet wall. From it we were able to view the entire bed area of her parents. John began by quickly going down on Joan who obviously appreciated his loving tongue. He was not stingy about his ministrations either, making sure that he continued to suck on her clit and lick her vagina until she came in multiple paroxysms of pleasure. After what seemed an extremely long period of pussy sucking and licking, he mounted her and the couple fucked, I mean they FUCKED, every way possible and for the longest time. As I watched mesmerized by this live peep show, my cock had now assumed its full length as it curved up against my abdomen, precum glistening on the head of my tightly circumcised adolescent cock. Now while at 52 and 14 years old it was only 4 long, I was blessed with a rather large glans, the head of the penis.  

My attention, however, was drawn now to Betsy who had long since stopped watching and was now vigorously fingering herself and strumming her clit at a feverish rate. Looking over at me she begged with soft pleading eyes, Eat me, lick me, Danny. I have never had that and I want it so bad. Pleeeze! I did not know if I could do this but I knew that I had to try. Laying on my belly, my cock was absolutely punished as I crushed it with my weight but it made it that much harder as I began to mimic Johns expert technique. To my amazement, her juices were sweet and her taste and smell totally intoxicating. I became lost in pussy licking. I loved it!! Suddenly, Betsy let out a sharp yelp and then put her hand over her mouth. She just could not help it. She was cumming hard. I quickly checked thru the peep hole and noted that John and Joan paused and both looked toward the wall; however, Joan said something to him and they just continued. I know that they heard us but they had decided to respect our own experience. Betsy then said, Its my turn now. With that she began to lick and suck my penis. This was the first time a girl had ever touched it since my mother used to bathe me as a toddler except for Aunt Joans brief pool side exam. I thought surely I would screw up and cum too soon but Betsy sensed when I was getting close and she would either slow down or squeeze the head of my cock for a moment until I was able to regain some control. She later told me that she learned that from watching her mom and dad.  

The balance of the summer was the most glorious learning experience I have ever known. I hated to leave my adopted cousin. Actually we were not blood related at all as the terms aunt and uncle were simply picked up by our parents due to their close friendship.  

Over the years I wondered if I would ever find such a liberal haven of sensuality again. I thought about Betsy often. Finally, after college, I decided to visit Joan and John one last time before heading off to my new position as an engineer in South America. Luckily, Betsy was home on leave from her job and we were again able to spend some glorious time together. I just knew that something this wonderful could never happen again. Did anyone think I was going to let someone that great get away? We are now happily married, usually naked and blissfully screwing somewhere is South America.

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