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I ll never forget that night, the one that changed me forever. One night my
girlfriend and I just finished a fabulous two hour fuck session. We were
relaxing on the couch, both exhausted, and the porno movie we were watching
was still playing. It was a four hour compilation of blow jobs and
facials. Just the kind of thing we liked.  

She made a remark that it was a shame that men didn t appreciate how
beautiful their cocks were. I laughed, and attempted to explain to her that
we didn t let ourselves even look at other guys cocks, much less admire
them. I went on to tell her what the consequences would be if we were
caught looking, and that to be truthful we were all a little afraid we
might like what we saw. She was amused by this and asked me, since we were
in the privacy of our home, to check out the cocks in the movie and tell me
when I saw one I thought looked good. I agreed just to please her. I was
getting a little uncomfortable and secretly wished she would change the

Just then Rocco Siffredi was on the screen, shooting into the open mouth of
an attractive and excited looking woman. I told her that his cock looked
good, hoping this would get me off the hook. It didn t work. She demanded
to know what I liked about it, as she grabbed the remote to replay the
scene. I blushed and told her that it was big and powerful looking, and he
sure shot a hell of a load. She was very interested now, and asked me to
role-play and tell her that I wanted to take it into my mouth and suck
it. Well, I choked and stammered, but I did just to please her. I said out
loud that I wanted to take that big cock into my mouth and suck it. She
told me that it got her very hot to hear me say that, and to my complete
surprise I felt strangely excited. I was turned on by the fact it was such
a totally forbidden thing to do, and she was playing with her pussy like

A couple of days later I found her waiting for me when I got home from
work. She was wearing her hottest little skirt and told me she wanted to
try something a little different tonight. She told me she couldn t stop
thinking of the other night, and I confessed that I couldn t either. She
dangled a pair of handcuffs in front of me and told me she had a special
assignment for me. I took off all my clothes at her request and she led me
to the chair in front of the computer and handcuffed my hands behind my
back. I was a little nervous, wondering what could be in store for me,
which seemed to excite her even more.  

She started a slideshow on the computer. It was a series of full color
close-ups of large hard cocks. She explained that tonight she wanted to
pick out cocks for me to look at, and she wanted to watch me to see how
hard my cock would get from just looking at them, promising me a great
blowjob if I needed it .  

I was very uncomfortable at this point. I was still a little embarrassed
after our play a couple of days ago and hoped she had been satisfied with
this sort of thing. That was clearly not the case. She put her hands on
either side of my head, pointed me to the screen, and went on to tell me
how excited she got listening to my confessions the other night. She
instructed me to focus on the head of each cock and to tell my fantasies
out loud. I went along with it and stared at those cocks for a while,
confused by the mixed feelings of guilt, the excitement of being
restrained, and a genuine concern as to what might happen next.  

I went along with her plan, timidly telling her that I thought the cock on
the screen looked nice. She immediately scolded me for holding back,
telling me she demanded a sincere and imaginative response. Somewhat
flustered, I apologized and told her I would try to do better. I stared at
a large hard cock and big pair of balls. I told her that I would be excited
to kneel in front of this cock. Good start! she said sweetly. Comforted
by her change in tone, I began to let my imagination run free. I got bolder
with every moment, which was rewarded with encouragement as I lost myself
in the details of each cock. I stopped all pretense of doing this just to
please her. I got so excited confessing these newfound feelings that I was
trembling and thought I might cum just sitting there!.  

She announced that from now on that whenever we played this game my name
would be cocksucker. The word stung at first, and then echoed in my
mind. That word is so blunt and to the point, a staccato triplet. I knew
she understood exactly how I felt at that moment, and felt the strange
sensation that I had completely given up control of myself and was now in
her hands. I needed her to take me even further. She must have noticed this
because now she was gently comforting me, telling me how happy and proud
she was of me for being so willing to please.  

She told me she was going to give me a reward now, which I assumed would
be a blowjob. But she added that if she caught me taking my eyes off those
cocks that she would stop and leave me there handcuffed to the chair. I was
further instructed to think of how good I could make those cocks feel if I
were sucking them. I obeyed, all the while dreaming that I could suck them
as well as she could. I came intensely and immediately, gushing out a very
large load of cum. She caught every drop in her mouth. As soon as I stopped
she got up and kissed me, forcing all of my cum into my mouth. She looked
me right in the eye and explained with unusually stern tone that I needed
to get used to the taste, and I might as well start now.  

At first I was horrified and disgusted. I was so shocked I didn t know what
to do, I just sat there helplessly, handcuffed holding a mouth full of
cum. She seemed delighted by my dilemma and quickly stood up and held my
head firmly in her hands, tilting it back. She explained that she
understood how I felt, but that it was very important that I learn to
swallow all that cum, and that she promised I would feel good about it
after I did. Somehow I trusted her and opened my throat to let it run down
into me. She was right, it felt and tasted wonderful, and I was excited all
over again.  

Despite having just had the most intense orgasm of my life my cock never
went soft. She released the handcuffs and I followed her into the
bedroom. We fucked for a long time while she told me what a cocksucking
slut she was going to make me. I told her how grateful I was for the
experience, how slutty I felt for swallowing all that cum, and how badly I
needed to please her to demonstrate my gratitude. She forbade me to brush
my teeth. The taste of cum in my mouth reminded me of those cocks all

The next day I was still excited to the point of distraction. I couldn t
wait to play again, but our schedules didn t allow it for two agonizing
days. I did manage to find the time to take a few quick peeks at the cock
pictures though. I was determined to do even better next time. I wanted so
much wanted her to be proud of me!  

The next time we started out with the cock pictures again. I confessed to
looking at them by myself, and how I masturbated while looking at them. She
was very pleased, but scolded me when I told her that I didn t lick up my
cum when I finished. She told me that she sensed that I could be a good
cocksucker but that I had to realize from the start that it is not about my
pleasure, but rather the pleasure of giving myself completely to serving
and being used for pleasure. I told her that I understood and promised to
always keep that in mind. She went on to tell me that I would soon learn
that a load of cum is a cockersucker s most precious reward, and that I
should always lick up and swallow every drop unless I was instructed to
wear it on my face as a display. I listened intently to every word,
wondering if I would ever have the chance to actually do this for her.  

I was excited by the thoughts of the lecture I just received and willingly
told her how I longed to serve each of those cocks for her. I told her how
beautiful and powerful they had become for me, how badly I needed her to
train me to lick and suck them properly. I told her how I dreamed of having
them in my mouth all day, getting to know how each one liked to be served
and how honored I would be to hold my mouth open to receive my reward. She
was very impressed with my eagerness, commenting that I had progressed much
fasted than she hoped.  

She went into the bedroom and returned with a dildo, telling me that I
needed to start training to take cocks deep into my throat. I couldn t take
much at first. I guess I was too excited. She spoke softly to me now,
gently encouraging me to relax and surrender to it. Her words soothed me
and I could feel the new bliss of surrender again. She told me I looked
good with a cock in my mouth. In a matter of no time I could take a
six-inch dildo down to the base with complete ease. I felt proud of myself
and was overwhelmed with gratitude for her instruction. She lavished praise
on me but cautioned that my size training was just starting!  

For a reward she uncuffed me and told me to jerk off, catching my cum a
small bowl. She spread cum all over my face with her fingers, asking me if
I liked wearing it like the girls in the movie. My excitement was obvious
by my still hard cock, but I told her how grateful I was for my
cocksucker s reward. She told me she was pleased by that response, so she
would let me lick the rest from the bowl and her fingers. She told be to go
to bed with it on my face because she wanted me to be excited for tomorrows

The next day I couldn t wait to get home. All day long I dreamed about what
she might want me to do! She didn t disappoint me. The next lesson started
out on my knees watching a blowjob movie. I told her how I enjoyed watching
all those cocks cum as a result of her training and how I hoped to be a
total suck slut for her. She told me she wanted to make me wear a collar
and lead me around a room to service anyone she chose. If I made her proud
of me she might even make my wear a sign around my neck that says
cocksucker in big red letters. I trembled with excitement and pleaded for
more training.  

This time she produced a new eight- inch dildo and sat it on the coffee
table. She made me look at it for a while and tell her how excited I would
be if I had a real cock that big in front of my face. I told her how my
mouth was already wet and my throat ached to be filled with it. She
informed me that part of this lesson was learning to beg for cock. I
willingly pleaded with her to be allowed touch it with my lips, begging her
for the chance to show her what a good cocksucker I could be, and
explaining how empty I felt without a cock in my mouth. She finally allowed
me to lick it all over with the promise that I would be able to suck it
soon. I licked and kissed it tenderly, covering every detail with my lips
and tongue. She was pleased with my demonstration and told me I could take
it in my mouth now. I had to stretch my jaw to get in my mouth, but I
enjoyed the way it ached. I could only take about three quarters of it down
my throat at first, but she knelt down next to me and encouraged me with
her hand on the back of my head. I loved feeling of her pushing my head
down on it and quickly remembered the feeling of surrendering. By the time
she was finished with me I could bob my head up and down the whole length!
My efforts were rewarded with a mouthful of cum, of course.  

After a few more lessons she asked me if I thought I was ready for a real
cock. I fell to my knees and pleaded with her and telling her over and over
how grateful I would be. She gave me one more lesson without cumming,
explaining that she wanted me to be very hungry.  

The next Friday I was handcuffed and blindfolded. She told me she was going
out to find a cock to test me and that I should be kneeling on a pillow
when she returned. I was so excited my cock felt like it was ready to
burst, but I couldn t even touch myself while I waited. It seemed like
forever, but finally I heard the key turn in the latch and hurried to get
into position. The heard some soft conversation and the sound of very heavy
footsteps. I truly hoped she would bring a big cock for me! Suddenly a deep
voice boomed, Well, he looks ready to suck cock to me!  

I was terrified and excited beyond belief. I couldn t wait for the comfort
of a cock in my mouth after all this terrible anticipation, but they
continued to talk for a while. She told him all about how I begged her to
suck cock and that I loved the taste of cum. The humiliation only excited
me more! Suddenly I heard the sound of a zipper and the footsteps came
nearer. I want you to lick his balls real good first, and don t you dare
take that cock in your mouth before I tell you!  

I leaned forward and found my face buried in what felt like a heavy pair of
balls. I licked them obediently, grateful to have something to do with my
mouth. I loved the size and weight of them, which made me think about the
load I might be lucky enough to receive. I focused on my assigned task with
all my concentration and enjoyed that thought of her watching me. It was a
terrible tease, the hot tension of his cock occasionally brushing against
my face, but I felt confident I would get to suck it if I could continue to
do as I was told.  

Now lick his cock all over, and get ready to show us what a cocksucker you
are! She commanded. This was the moment I had waited for all those weeks,
but I was determined to control myself. I remembered my lesson about
surrendering myself and that my pleasure comes from serving a cock, and
tenderly licked all around the base and every inch of the shaft with
complete adoration. There were a few moments when I had an urge to shove
his whole cock down my throat, but I resisted and savored every vein and
curve. I didn t even have it in mouth yet, but I was in complete
surrender. The soft skin over the hardness of his shaft was sublime.  

My trance was interrupted suddenly by the words Good work! Now it s time
to be a REAL cocksucker . I positioned myself to take it I my mouth and
felt my lips part and follow the contour of the head of his cock as it
slowly slid all the way down my throat. I was grateful for the size
training I had, because I don t think I would have been able to take one
this big without it. It felt even better that I ever imagined. It was
satisfying to feel my throat hold the head of his cock as it was nestled in
there. His balls felt good resting on my chin too, making me feel proud to
be able to take such a large cock. I could even feel it twitch with
pleasure and get a little harder just from being in my mouth!  

Everything about it made be sink deeper into sweet submission. I started
bobbing my head slowly and rhythmically as if his cock told me what to
do. It got harder with every stroke and it was unbelievably exciting. I
don t think anything could have made me stop sucking at this point. He put
his hand on my head and started moving his hips, fucking my mouth. She
encouraged him, telling him I needed to have my mouth fucked real good. She
was never more right! I relaxed completely, thrilled by the feeling of the
head of his cock teasing my lips, then pushing into my hungry throat. I
enjoyed it more and more every minute.  

He was really starting to fuck my mouth hard now, His balls were slapping
against my chin and my nose was buried in his pubic hair with every
stroke. All of the sudden I detected a faint taste of cum. I felt desperate
for it for a moment, but I remembered my lessons again and concentrated
everything on making my mouth the softest wettest place for his cock. A
moment later I felt a huge gush of thick sweet cum flood my mouth only to
be pushed down my throat by the next stroke. He kept fucking my mouth with
his spurting cock for about five or six more strokes. It was a joy to feel
it slide down my throat, having proof that I really was a good cocksucker.  

I got to hold it in my mouth for a little while longer, but then he pulled
it out and I could hear him zip up. I was exhausted and still shaking from
excitement. I didn t have a cock in my mouth to comfort me any more and I
missed it already! She thanked him for letting me suck his cock and for
the big load. I could hear footsteps and the door latch close.  

She came over and uncuffed me. I took off the blindfold and saw her sitting
there masturbating. She told me she couldn t believe how good I was. I
collapsed next to her and she kissed me, seeming to enjoy the taste of cum
in my mouth. She pushed my faced down on her pussy and I immediately began
licking her passionately, attempting to express the feelings of immense
gratitude I felt for her. She was wetter than ever before. She kept talking
to me as she ground her pussy in my face, telling me how close she felt to
me for trusting her to show me these new delights and how excited she had
gotten through each stage of my submission. I couldn t stop licking her,
even after making her cum about four times!  

Finally she held my head up and we looked into each other s eyes. She said
You re my cocksucker now, aren t you? , with a look that completely
enveloped me. I was choked with emotion and could feel tears welling up in
my eyes as I told her Yes, completely!  

I was overwhelmed with emotion. I felt completely loved and accepted for
whatever I was, and was to become. I couldn t wait to show her how
willingly I would do anything she would ask of me.

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