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Common Network Codes

GSM Secret Codes

 Type *#61# and press call - Check redirection status.

Cancel all redirections: ##002#

*43# to activate call waiting, to deactivate #43#.

If your phone doesn't have incoming call barring and outgoing call barring, you can try this.

For outgoing call barring dial *33*barcode*# and pres OK. To deactivate
it dial #33#barcode*#.

On any phone on any network type in **43# to enable conference calls. You can make up to 7 calls at once

If you need to block SMS reception (if you are spammed by someone) just press this code:


xxxx is your Call Barring code (default is 0000).

To remove this barring type:


If you want to hide/show your phone number when calling, put one of these codes below in front of the number that you are going to call.

(*#30# / *#31# or *31# / #31# ) Works on some networks.

Typing  *0#  or  *nm#  on the beginning of a txt message gives you
detailed delivery report on some networks.. But turn off reports in message settings before.

When the sim card-pin blocked type  **042*pin2 old*newpin2*newpin2*

O2 Secret Codes

To connect the O2 customer care free of charge, dial 4444 for the top up line, it will ask you to press 1 to continue but don't, press 2 instead and it will divert you to the customer care free of charge.

Send the keyword on to 212 it will text you back with your email address. When you want to send e-mail to someone, just put their address at start of the text message, leave one space then put your message in and send it to 212 . You can recieve e-mail via sms as well.

Instead of typing in *#10# to get your balance you can type #10# - *10# - #*10# etc.

Voicemail number is 901.

When phoning a turned off 02 mobile, press * then 8705 if they haven't changed their code you can listen 2 voice mail and change their greeting.

To hide your number while texting (only 02 network n Nokia phone) go 2 the messages menu select create e-mail, it will ask
for an e-mail adress, enter t@t, enter a subject, write the msg than send. It will ask e-mail server number, enter the number of your friend and send! Call him if he's got your number.

When roaming, type *#111# or *#111*# to to call home from abroad.

Cell broadcast code 200 displays the local phone codes.

Type in *0# (star zero hash) before your text msg 2 get confirmation of delivery. Note that delivery reports should be set off.

Go to www.02.co.uk on a PC and register as a free user then after that if you
want to send a txt msg visit that site and sign in and get 150 free txt
messages every month.

Vodafone Secret Codes

To send an sms to a fax machine (vodafone) put 9741 then the fax
no then send. You'll get a confirmation text about 5 mins later.

If you key *#104# and press call you will get a number
beginning with 44 replace that 44 with 0 then dial the rest of that number
into any phone - it's a direct line to your voicemail you can even divert calls to it.

Get through to customer services free by dialling 1611.

For Vodafone UK users, if you press *#105# then call you can check the status
of when your account was last updated.

To know where the nearest transmitter in your area, press *#102# and call.If not works try *#105# (Vodafone).

Type *#147#  to display the last number that called with the time and date of the call aswell when phone was on/off..

On portuguese Vodafone call 1799 to receive a message with your credit balance, call *#100# to the same thing call *#102# to see your last call

*#103#  gives you the time and date

Vodafone, quick scratch card top-up, type *#1345*topupcardnumber# and you will see your new balance on your display! If you press *#1345# you can see your balance on screen.

Type *#31# / *#30# / or *#102# to get the price duration and number of your last call.

Cell broadcast: 050 to display local area code and postcode.

Free voicemailing! Call 70612 and enter your phone number and voice mail password.

Orange Secret Codes

Dial *133# on Orange to view your credit balance.

Orange UK voicemail number is 07973100123

By typing *146# and pressing yes on Orange phones will give you the expiry date of your voucher card.

Only on Orange prepaid in India, press *121*022# and then press call button ....a message will be displayed....click end call button....wait for a few seconds and you will get call from your own number! Don't pick the call otherwise it will cost you!

On Orange India, to call on your own phone or while roaming from other network type *121*phonenumber# and call you will get through u can even call yourself :o

T-Mobile Secret Codes

To get through to customer services, dial 150, then press send. As soon as the call is active, press options, then select send dtmf. Now type in 150, then press ok. you should hear 3 beebs, and a second or two later, you'll get put through for free.

Ever deleted your voicemail number? If on T-Mob, dial *#67# send, it will show your voicemail number.

Press #225# then send to check your credit balance . Press *#646# then send to check minutes used.

#646# will show a T-mobile user how many minutes used and remaining also the date of bill close. #674# does the same thing for texts.

On Hungarian T-Mobile you can see your own number by typing *121#

On any T-Mobile phone you can dial +16111 and then the number you are calling to call out 4 free. It's great when ur out of time on prepaid. You'll hear a female voice saying something like ur call can't be completed. Hang up and immediately call back. (not tested, report if it's not working.)

On T-mobile to get your account balance call #999#

Turkcell Secret Codes

You can check your remaining credits by dialing *123#

*177*2# to request information of prize points.

Putting  #31# / *31# in front of the number that you'll call, hides or shows your number.

Avea Secret Codes

Check your credit balance by calling 9333.

INFOMOBILE+ menu: Get info, games, news, settings by dialing *100#. Reply the incoming messages with the number next to the menu you choose.

Airtel Secret Codes

Dial *123# to see your credit balance. Dial *110# and follow the options.

Dial *109*9898631902#  to display the call cost after each call.

Digicel Secret Codes

To check ur balance call *120#.

If u have a Digicel phone type *125*100# as  a practical joke and ur phone will ring for normal duration as a private number.

To ring ur own phone, enter *125*xxx# then send. U can also use this to trick a freind by entering the code in his/her gsm phone and they will
beleive that they have an incoming call.

MTN Secret Codes

MTN and OPTIMUS networks type *NOT# on the begining of the sms. It gives you a delivery report *CONF#
send a confidencial sms, *DIF no. of hours# send a sms with a future delivery.

To check airtime balance on MTN-NG enter *556# and send, airtime balance will be displayed on your screen.

GSM Secret Codes yg lainna
On Tesco mobile if you dial the top up line get to the menu where it ask you for topping up by payment or voucher stay on the line and it will give you the option of calling customer care for FREE also try other O2 codes for Tesco mobile they work.

To check minutes on the Cingular network call *646#  and you will recieve a FREE txt message with the remaining minutes. To check balance dial al *225# then send and you will recieve a FREE txt message with the current balance but doesn't work with combined billing.

To access ur voicemail on Telstra via another phone, call ur mobile and when you hear your greeting press * then enter your voicemail pin and press #. You will now be told if u have any messages!

To get you account balance on BSNL Mobile in India press *123# and then press call.

If you are in Indiausing IDEA Pre or Postpaid connection then dial *101# you will get a secret menu that will let you to activate or deactivate any supported Idea package for your mobile.

On wind (Italy), type *123# to see credit balance.

If you call *121# on Mobtel network, you'll ger your credit balance.

To check your credit balance on Beeline call *102#

To view your balance on Dialog GSM for pre-paid only type *#456# and press call.

You can see credit balance at display by dialing *444# for Telenor Pakistan. *111# on Mobilink Pakistan. and *100# on Warid Pakistan.

Hutch GSM: To see your credit balance on the screen, Call *141# .

To view balance on Maxis type *#122#


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