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I am Snigdha from Kerala. I started reading the stories in this site very recently thanks to a close friend . I am a graduate and is doing a computer course at present. Here I am going to reveal my first sex experience .  

After appearing for my final examination , I was invited by my elder sister , who is settled in New Delhi to spend a few days with them. She is Fifteen years older than me and have a son aged 14 years named Sanoop and a daughter aged 10 named seena. They used to visit us once in two years only.  

It was in the Month of May and the scorching summer was going on. There were frequent power cuts during this time . I always used to sleep with a night gown only without any bra in those days due to the heat and humidity.  

It was the second day of my arrival in Delhi. As usual , I was sleeping with the children . I hadn't slept deep , when I felt a hand touching my body . I was frightened. The room was full of darkness. There was only my nephew and niece sleeping with me and the door is locked. Then who could it be to touch me ?  

The hand started moving upwards. I could realise that it was that of Sanoop. I realised that he was not sleeping . Seena was sleeping in between us . So he is touching me intentionally. I felt a little nervous. I am his aunty and is older to him by six years . What he is going to do ?  

His hand moved slowly towards my breasts .Till that day , none apart from me has touched my breasts . But here , my breasts are going to be touched by my own nephew. I have already heard stories from my friends in the college about the thrilling experiences they had with their lovers , relatives or neighbours. But I never had any boy friend till then. Hence this was a novel experience for me.  

Sanoop's hand slowly reached my breasts and rested there. My breathing became heavy . My breasts swing up and down according to my breathing . His hands cupped my breasts slowly.According to the movements , he started pressing them . I started to feel an alien pleasure never been enjoyed by me before. I closed my eyes in the pleasure . I wanted to experience it more and more. So I pretended as if in deep sleep in order to encourage him .  

Sanoop was happy that I was not objecting to his advances . He became more bold . He pushed seena to the other part of the bed and laid adjacent to me . My breathings accelerated again. I came to realise that I was sleeping with a grown up boy who want to enjoy my body and not my nephew.  

Sanoop's hands again located my breasts . He started fondling them . I couldn't control me . I closed my eyes and tight as possible . My nipples were fingered by him and I tried a lot to control my moans . I wondered how a little kid whom I used to lift in my arms a few years , is able to give me such heavenly pleasures.  

His hands then moved to the buttons of my nighty . The hooks were removed one by one . My naked breasts were fully exposed then . He cupped one and started pressing them slowly . My joy and pleasure increased sky bound . My nipples were crushed in between his strong fingers. I felt my mouth and lips totally dry . I really wished to get a hot kiss from him.  

Sanoops' face came more close to my body . He took one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking hard . I wondered how this boy learned all the arts of sex . Till that day , me already six years older than him ,was quite unaware of them. He sucked my nipples alternatively and cuddled the other one . I laid as he wished and without any resistance , fully enjoying the first caresses of a man.  

He lifted my nighty and inserted his hands inside . His hands then probed on my fleshy hairless thighs. His naughty fingers drew pictures on my milky white thighs . His hands moved further up and rested on my pussy . As I was wearing panties , he could not easily get access to it . He brushed his hands there for a long time . I felt a hot liquid had started flowing from inside and wet my pussy . I wanted my pussy to be torn into two parts . But how can I inform my intentions to him ? He continued his actions for a long time .  

Till that time , I hadn't seen the cock of a grown up man . I really wanted to experience his erected cock then . I could feel something touching my thighs . But I never made any attempt to touch it . But Sanoop took my hands and placed it over his erected tool.God ! what a big thing ? It's diameter was something around a talcum powder tin. He untied the knots of his pyjama and made me catch his erected cock . I scared to do anything and allowed him to do what ever he wanted . He moved my hands up and down on his tool, initially slowly and accelerated the speed after wards . As soon as his speed increased , he started crushing my breasts . After a long exercise , I felt a sticky hot liquid splashed on my hands . I realised that it is his semen . He carefully cleaned my hands and went to sleep at the other part of the bed.  

I felt a paradise lost when he parted. I had climbed high at the door of heavenly pleasure but hadn't peak. I too wanted to peak . I wished something to enter into my pussy . But what should I do ? Finally I inserted my fingers inside the whole and rubbed my clit . I felt great pleasure while doing it . I repeated it a number of times and felt the hot liquid coming out of my pussy too.  

I couldn't sleep well that night .My first enjoyment of sexual pleasure was haunting me. I wanted to experience it more and more . I finally decided to surrender me to my nephew's masculinity.  

When I met him the next day , I was ashamed of thinking last night's happenings .He too had a little problem to face me . Any how I pretended normalcy.  

In the evening , again there was a power cut . As it was difficult to sit inside the room , I went into the Balcony . Seena had gone to a friend's house for combined studies and their Papa hadn't returned from the office . Only me Sanoop and my sister was there in the falt.When Sanoop saw me in the Balcony , he came to me and asked what I was doing there . When I answered that I was enjoying some cool breeze , He invited me to the terrace saying that we can enjoy more there.  

The terrace was exclusively theirs and no others will enter there . There was a lot of privacy too . I knew it that Sanoop will definitely utilise this golden opportunity and I was ready to satisfy any of his wishes.  

" Aunty we used to play together a lot a few years back . isn't " ? He asked .  

" Yes ; do you want to play now too "? I asked him.  

" I used to play with seena the hide and find game . I want to know one thing . Can I hide inside your nighty ? If I can't be find out easily, then from next time onwards I will hide inside Mummy's nighty. Seena will really be defeated ".  

I understood what he actually wanted to do . So I encouraged him. He lifted my nighty and entered in between my legs . I placed my legs a little wider that he could not be easily found out . His hands started drawing pictures on my thighs . I widened them more . He pressed his lips on them and started kissing them softly . I was very much thrilled . He continued kissing on them. His Hands went upwards and pulled my panties down . He kissed softly on my pussy wall . HooooH ! I moaned and scratched his hairs .  

" what are you doing here "? Asked my sister who arrived then to look for me . " Have you seen Sanu "?  

" No ; he might have gone to meet his friends ". I replied . How can I free him then ?  

Here Sanoop was busy with my pussy . His tongue had already entered into my pussy and located the clit . He started sucking it hard . I felt as if I was flying high in the sky.He stirred inside with his soft tongue . I widened my thighs to the maximum inorder to make it comfortable for him. I could feel my liquid being tasted by his lovely tongue.  

" I know you were acting to be asleep yesterday ". He said after coming out of my nighty and having satisfied eating my pussy..  

" How "?  

" I have seen your nipples had hardened . If you were asleep , it would have been normal. Be ready for the night . To day I will give you more pleasures ".  

I waited eagerly for the night . As soon as , seena started sleeping , Sanoop came and laid along with me.  

I kissed hard on his face . I thought that he is the man for me . He was stronger than me. He too kissed hard on my lips. He swallowed my lips and started sucking them. I was thrilled more and more. Our tongues met and teased each other . His sticky saliva entered into my mouth and mixed with mine . I swallowed it like honey.Sanoop's hand probed my breasts . I wanted to extend all kinds of helps to him . So I started opening the buttons. But Sanoop stopped me.  

" No it is my duty. You take care of my dresses ".  

His hands opened the buttons of my nighty where as , I un buttoned his shirt and untied the pyjama. I closed my face on his hairless chest and kissed hard. Sanoop had opened my nighty fully . He pulled it over my head . I was only wearing panties then. I felt ashamed and covered my naked breasts with my hands though there was darkness. But Sanoop removed them and started kissing on my breasts . He was fondling my breasts hard then . He took the hardened nipple in his mouth and started sucking .I held his head as tight as possible to my bosom. I was travelling in the heavens then . I forgot every thing. I took his erected cock in my hands and cuddled it with passion. I pulled the foreskin down and fingered the soft head . I could feel a sticky liquid coming from it . I spread it all over his cock and moved my hands up and down as he made me to do the other day. As he got more pleasure , he fondled my breasts more and more with increased strength. I had become totally mad then . I wanted to eat my nephew as such . I pushed him to the bed and took his erected cock in my mouth . It was really a mouth ful and tasted salty. I sucked it hard like and ice-cream corn. The more hard , I sucked , the more tasty liquid it produced.The liquid met with my saliva resulting in a lubricating compound. I moved my head up and down in a synchronised way and accelerated my speed. Sanoop was moving his hips up and down . Finally , he climaxed and pumped the hot honey into my mouth which I tasted and consumed fully without loosing a single drop.  

Sanoop appeared a little exhausted . But I was not satisfied then . I started kissing all over his body inorder to raise him again. I kissed continuously on his balls and swallowed and sucked them. Gradually , he too aroused and started fondling my breasts and nipples. He made me lay on my back and started kissing from point to point from my neck to downwards. I was fully horripilated. I allowed him to do what ever he wanted and run my fingers passionately through his hairs . He pulled my panties through my legs. I was lying fully naked in front of my nephew then . An electric current passed through my body .Sanoop had already reached my pussy then. He kissed hard there and started brushing his erected cock on my pussy walls. It was the first time my pussy was confronting with a suitable mate . I widened my thighs to the maximum to accommodate him . He placed his cockhead on the entrance of my pleasure paradise and pressed hard. As I was a virgin , my pussy was very tight and he could not get an easy entry. He thrusted foreword with increased strength. I felt I was being torn into two parts and screamed . I had to insert a portion of my pillow into my mouth in order to suppress my screams . Gradually , Sanoop's cock head shove my hymen and entered fully into my pussy . Though the pain was unbearable , I felt that my life has became meaning ful then . I felt as if I became a complete woman only then . Every point of my body enjoyed the thrill . I hugged Sanoop tightly and kissed hard on his face . He too took one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking hard while squeezing the other one . He started moving his hips to and fro. He started to accelerate his speed . After continuing it for a while , he took his cock out . Then he took out something which he had kept under the pillow and inserted on his cock. I realised that it is a condom and I praised his precautionary attitude. Again he climbed on me and entered into my pussy . This time I couldn't fully enjoy the touch of his cock due to the presence of the leather , but we had to take utmost care.He started pounding my pussy very hard . I hugged him tightly and kissed continuously . I too matched his thrusts by lifting my hips up and down . As the pleasure increased sky bound , I realised that I was going to peak at any time . Sanoop also was going to peak . Both of us moved up and down strongly and had the peak at the same time . Sanoop was totally tired then after two big dicharges and laid motionless on my naked body. I too was tired and was fully satisfied and proud of being surrendered before a man. I kissed hard on his sweating face. My pussy had already pushed his contracted cock .I could feel the smell of blood too in my pussy. I helped him wear his dresses and he returned to his place to sleep . After wearing my dresses, I too started slumbering while thinking of the unexpected luck I had got. I cursed my grand mother in my mind for misguiding me at the prime time of youth which I could not utilise properly with my friends and college mates.

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