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I am Surabhi , a twenty one year old girl from Kerala . I am the only daughter of my parents. My father is working in the gulf countries and visits us once in two years.  

It was a real blow for me . I was dreaming of spending a lot of time with my father who won't be here after one month and will return after two years . I felt anger and envy to my mother since she was spending more time with my father. I could n't sleep at night . I came out of my room and walked through the corridor silently . I could hear some noises coming out of mother's room . Her laughter also was coming out . My curiosity increased . What they are enjoying without me ? I silently went near their room and winked through the crack of the window . I was totally surprised at the scene I had to watch there . The Television was working in a mute mode. A blue film was running in the VCR . Both my mother and Father were enjoying the film . They were completely naked.Mother was sitting on my Father's lap . Both the papaya shaped breasts of my mother were being fondled by my father . She kissed on father's face . A hard core fucking session was running in the VCR. Both father and mother were repeating what they were seeing on the TV.  

I could understand why mother had asked me to sleep separately then. I was also feeling a new type of feeling on my body . I felt my breasts were aching and the nipples hardened . I fingered my nipples and the pleasure I had got has never been enjoyed by me before. I peeped into their bed room again and again. Mother was lying on her back then . Father had inserted his hardened cock in her mouth and she was sucking it like ice cream . It was the first time I was seeing a big cock . I was thrilled . I wanted to hold such a cock in my hand . Father was squeezing my brothers breasts very hard . Mother was moaning and shouting some meaningless words. I could not hold any more . I lifted my night gown and inserted the touched my pussy . I felt more pleasure when I rubbed my clit and continued the same. I brushed my breasts on the wall . I wanted them to be pressed by some one else . With one hand I rubbed my clit more and more and with the other hand I fingered my nipples. Father had already mounted on my mother's body then . His big stout cock was coming in and out of her pussy . Her breasts were crushed in fathers hands . She embraced him tightly to her body and was showering kisses where ever she could which were being reciprocated by my father . I too enjoyed it very much for a long time . I could feel an alien pleasure being increasing in my body . I accelerated my actions . Finally , I felt a liquid flowing out of my pussy . I didn't knew it that it is orgasm. I returned to my room thereafter.  

The same thing repeated on the following days too . I was restrained to mingle with my father where as mother was taking all freedoms. I hate my mother and even thought of taking revenge with her . But within the next two days a big turning point came in my way.  

We had gone to watch a movie in a cinema hall. A new release picture was running then. Due to heavy rush , the theatre authorities had sold more tickets than the capacity. We were sitting in the back row of the balcony. Some late comers could n't get seats and were standing in between the rows which made it difficult for the sitting viewers to watch the movie properly.  

" Sir , Can you please make some adjustments so that this elderly lady can occupy one seat "?
The Attendant made a request . Father asked me to sit on his lap to enable the elderly woman to occupy my seat which was in between my father and mother .  

I sat on father's lap happily . It was after two years that I was sitting on his lap.When the movie started , darkness engulfed the balcony. I felt a touch being experienced on my breasts.
I easily identified it that of father . It was entirely different from the touch of my friends or mother. I could enjoy some kind of pleasure too . I didn't show any signs of protest . Slowly the frequency of the touch increased .Father's hands rested firmly on my big breasts . He started pressing them . As he started to press my breasts strongly , my pleasure too increased accordingly . Since the other woman was sitting in between my mother could not see what was going on between us . I was wearing a back open long silk blouse and long silk skirt at that time. Father opened two three hooks of my blouse from the middle portion and inserted his hands inside . His hands ran over the naked portion of my body and rested on my breasts with bra on. He unhooked my bra too and my big breasts struggling to get out of it jumped out in the happiness of getting freedom. Father continued fondling my naked breasts . I could feel my nipples had hardened . He fingered them in his strong fingers. I could not control my joy . I kissed gently on father's face which accelerated his passion. I could feel some movements in his pants . I ran my palms in between his thighs and felt the hardness of his cock. Though I had seen it earlier , I wanted to touch it under the cover of the darkness. I pulled his zib down. Since it had attained full size it was difficult to take out from his underwear. I caught hold of it with my hands. It felt as a hot iron rod. The head was very soft. I pressed it with my fingers . A liquid was coming out from it. I ran my fingers up and down according to the pleasure I was getting from the squeeze of my breasts.  

Our play continued till the interval. As soon as the lights were on , father left the seat as if to go to toilet . I sat in his seat till he returned. As soon as the movie resumed , he made me sit on his lap . My skirt was slowly risen and he placed his cock in between my fleshy thighs. They were very soft and I placed them as tight as possible . I could feel an unknown pleasure.
Father continued fondling my breasts . In between he moved his hips slowly. We continued this for a long time and before the movie ended , He discharged his cum in between my thighs. I cleaned every thing with my towel.I felt very happy for enjoying the pleasure game with my father. Before the movie ended , both of us re arranged our dresses for not giving any suspicion to my mother.  

That day too , I went to watch the sex play of my parents . I heard their conversation.  

" You shouldn't have asked your daughter to sit on your lap ".  

" why ? What happened "?  

" She is matured now and is as equal to a grown up woman".  

" But still she is my daughter . I have a father's love only towards her ".  

" But the public will give some different meanings to it . We should not destroy her future ".  

" O.K.Let's take care in future ".  

Their conversation ended there and they started their bed room plays. I was quite wondered what will happen if mother comes to know what happened at the theatre. I had already enjoyed the cuddling of a man . My breasts and other body parts wanted to enjoy it more and more . How to enjoy more with my father ? It was what I thought all times in those days.  

The Goddess of sex might have been kind enough on me . I got enough chance to surrender my modesty to my father and enjoy more sex with him before his leave expired. My mother was having an irregular monthly period then . The Gynaecologist analysed it due to a cyst formation in the Uterus and ordered for a D & C and bed rest for two weeks . So mother and father were separated from their bed room . Father occupied another room in the house .  

It was the second day after the operation of my mother. I had started slumbering in the night very early because I knew that there won't be any bed room scenes to be enjoyed for a few days. I felt some one was touching me . I got scared and jumped up .  

"Sssssshhh ! Don't shout . This is me " . It was father who had touched me .  

I was still trembling with fear . He made me sit on my bed and placed his hands on my shoulder in order to console me . Gradually , I came to normalcy. Father's hands started roaming all over my body . He took my face on his hands and kissed tightly on my lips. I was thrilled . His hands wandered all over my back and started opening my blouse hooks. I didn't had the habit of wearing a bra at night . As soon as the blouse was open completely , it was pulled through my shoulders and I became naked above my belly . Father cupped my naked breasts in his hands and started squeezing them . I felt the nipples being hardened. My pleasure increased boundless . I embraced him tightly to my body . He made me lay on my back . His face came close to my breasts . He took the erected nipples on his mouth and started to suck.
" HOOOOOOOOOOOOOH !" I moaned unable to control my passion." Ssssshhhh! mother will hear " . Father cautioned me.He cuddled with the other breast. I writhed on the bed like a snake . I was unable to control my lust . I pulled the dhothi father was wearing . He was not wearing an under wear. His big tool was rock hard and was ready for the onslaught. I took it in my hands and ran my fingers passionately . I pressed the soft head again and again . I took the sticky colour less liquid in my fingers and tasted in my mouth . I liked the salty taste. I wanted to taste it more and more . I pushed father to the bed and took his tool in my mouth. I repeated what I had seen mother doing . My tongue spiralled his muscular tower . I licked again and again on his soft head . The more I licked , the more liquid it discharged. I found it very tasty and pleasurable to repeat . In the meantime father was busy on my breasts . Both my breasts were crushed in his palms . I felt as if I was getting mad . I took his cock as much I could in my mouth and sucked hard . Father also became very much hot .He made me stand and untied the knot of my skirt . As I never used to wear panties at night , my pussy became easily accessible to him. He lifted me in his hands and made to lay on the bed. Then he came over me and inserted his tool in my mouth where as he turned and went to eat my pussy. He licked on my pussy walls and inserted his tongue inside . He went to fetch my clit with his tongue and started sucking . I couldn't control at all . OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH ! I moaned loudly . Father didn't restrain me . As he sucked hard , I brushed my pussy on his face and lifted my hips up and down . I sucked his cock hard and took his balls inside my mouth. Both of us continued the game for a long time and we peaked at the same time. His hot thick sticky liquid pumped into my mouth and I licked and swallowed it fully tastely . I too had discharged my liquid and father licked it all on the pussy wall . Both of us lied on my bed , sweating profusely , tightly embracing and kissing each other. Our tongues met and played . Gradually we arouse once again . Father's cock became rock hard . That time he climbed on me . He placed his cock on my pussy wall and pushed strongly foreword. I couldn't bear the pain and I screamed . But father took my lips in his mouth and pushed foreword with more force . I felt a hot iron rod entering into my body . There were tears on my eyes . But father cleaned them with his lips . He continued kissing on my soft cheeks . Gradually , I came to normalcy . As soon as he found that I too started positive response , father started his in and out movements. He again took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking hard while squeezing the other one . I embraced him tightly and kissed hard and tight on his face continuously. As he accelerated his speed my pleasured increased sky bound. I got great pleasure when his cock was touching and rubbing my clit . I peaked a number of times , before father finally peaked . He didn't cum inside my pussy. Before that he took his cock out and asked me to run my hands up and down on his tool . I shook his sticky tool well with my soft hands and he pumped his cum all over my belly , boobs , naval side and thighs . He was very much tired after that . We rested for a while and he returned to his room with the promise of repeating the play the very next day . I too laid there naked for a long time with a completely happy mind of enjoying my first fuck . Then I cleaned all the semen in my body and wore my dresses and started to sleep dreaming of my next sexual play with my father.

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