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My name is Pavan , I live in Delhi with my family in my home my
papa, my mom, my sys, my brother, my bhabhi is there. My brother
lives in US with his wife, my sister studying in medical. i am
studying in delhi engg. college. as my college is near to my house
so i lives at home. As my father is a bussinessman therefore he is
usually out of country. Only me and my mother live in the house all
the time. We are almost like friends to each other and share our
thoughts on every aspect of life. Before joining the engg. college i
never thought about my mom as sex goddess. But after watching some
blue films and seeing some sexy older woman. I started to see my mom
as a sex object, which she really is, with her white complexioned
body and gadraya hua badan which is very bhara bhara she really
looks very sexy in every dress. And what more she is only 36. She
has really nice tits and thighs that can compete with film actress
Sridevi. Most of you who have seen Sridevi of today after her
marriage with Bony Kapoor in the new clippings can actually guess
what my 36 year old mom would look like, Pure Gold.  

One day as it happened I came back from my college early, at around
10.30 am. As I have another key of the house I entered the house
without making noise. I was feeling very tired, so after having
closed the door, I went to my room, i heard water falling and I was
sure that mom was taking a bath then I heard some moaning when I
went near the bathroom door, I found it slightly open. Although she
couldn't see me, as she was facing towards the shower, I saw through
it. My eyes could not believe what they were watching. Mom was lying
on the bath room floor and was totally nude. She was rubbing her
pussy with her fingers and her one hand was on her heavy boobs. Wo
apne haatho se apni chuchiyon ko mijte hue apni chut mein ungli daal
rahi thi. Ye scene dekh kar mera lund khara ho gaya aur mere pair
kampne lage. I felt nervous and went to my room, and closed my room.
I was trembling cos it was the first time that i have seen any women
nude, mom ki nangi body mere head me ghoomne lagi, phir me soo
gaya,after sometime some one knocked my door, it was my mom. We both
had lunch, lekin meri nazar ab bar bar mammi ke boobs per jane lagi.
main jab kabhi bhi mammi ko dhekta to only unki gand aur boobs aur
choot hi dhikai dete the. As i am going to engg. college,waha per to
ladke openly sex ki bate karte the aur muth marene ki bate kara
karte the.  

I too strated masturbating every night. I started to stare on my
mom, whenever she was sleeping I used to stare at her body her boobs
going up and down, and masturbated this way. Then I started to read
sexy stories of mother and son incest and many other arousing
stories. After one month of this incident I bought a computer and
started seeing porn in my own room, one night when I was watching a
porn movie I felt that some one is watching from the key hole and I
was sure that my mom was peeping because nobody else was there in
the house.  

Suddenly an idea came into my mind and I opened my jip and took out
my huge nine inches erect lund in my hand and started to masturbate
and i changed the xxx movie to a movie in which a elder woman is
being fucked by a boy and she is moning. Next day I saw a wonderful
change in mom's attitude. She started to wear her low-cut blouse
with two top buttons open, giving a glimpse of her tits. Now I
started more and more fantasizing about her. Then after my exams I
got a project work which I needed to do in big company situated in
Punjab. For this I needed to go to Amritsar frequently.  

One day mom said that her friends have told her that they had done
shopping from Amritsar and it was much cheaper then Delhi, so she
insisted that she too will accompany me to Amritsar and do some
shopping. I didn't wanted to refuse her because Dad was not
available to go around with her which she always complained about. I
thought that it might give some consolation to her and would be a
good outing for her so we decided to catch the morning train on the
Saturday and will be able return by the night train. I wore tight
jeans and shirt and Mommy wore salwar and kameej of Black colour,
then we went to Amritsar. After reaching Amritsar, we decided to
have a light Breakfast in a restaurant then gone for marketing but
till evening mom had not bought any thing we were just roaming edhar
udhar, then we went to a garments shop, and after 3 hours of
bargaining she took some sarees blouses and some under garments and
she was very choosy about her panty and bra. I gat so hard in my
pants visualizing my mom in those panties and bras that I needed to
take out my shirts to cover my groin area so the erection of lund is
not visible. Mom saw me doing this and smiled from the corner of her
lips but didn't say anything. It was already 9.30 pm, So I told mom
to do her shopping quickly as we needed to catch the 10:00PM train
but she didn't and went about her shopping at a very leisurely pace.
At 9:45PM we started for the station but it was too late and when we
reached there the train had gone. The next one was at 3:30AM. I said
ab kya kare, raat bhar station par rukna thik nahi hai. Then mom
said koi baat nahi hai hum log Hotel mein ek karma le lete hai waha
arram se raat gujarenge phir subah challenge. We searched for a good
Hotel and took a double bed room and ordered for the dinner. In the
room first I took a bath and then mom took a bath, after bath I wore
a pajama and baniyan while mom wore the same shalwar and kameez as
she had not brought any cloth with her cos we had not planned to
stay overnight but I always kept a payzama in my college bag. After
having our dinner we told the waiter to wake us up at 7'o clock and
closed the door. I was sitting in one corner of the bed and beside
me there was a table on which mom has kept all her shopping. I
switched on the TV and was watching it suddenly mom said beta jara
wo kapro wala thaila dena to, Maine puchha kya karma hai then mom
said that she wants to try the new clothes.  

i was surprised and said "ghar chalne ke bad dhek lena",she said"tum
mard log nahi jante ho ki aurto ko naye kapde pahanane ka kitna
shoque hota hai" then I handed over the bag in which her
undergarments and sarees were kept. She took it and stood up on the
bed and wore the red coloured sari without removing her shalwar and
kameez. She really looked very beautiful. She asked me " main kaisi
lag rahi hoo is saree mein", I said "bahut khoobsurat". To wo
boli "achhi saree hai na", maine kaha " achhi to hai par is saree ke
chakkar mein aaj train chhut gai" . To is par naraz hoti hui boli
ki "kya hua to ek din yaha ruk gaye to waise bhi ghar par kaun
hamara intezar kar raha hai". Phir unhone ne saree uteri aur dusra
packet khola aur boli "oh inko try karne ke liye to shalwar utarni
paregi". I was stunned to hear this but thought that she might go
the bathroom and there she will try these undergarments but she
started to remove her kameez right in front of me then and there on
the bed and removed it completely. I was feeling very nervous but
was watching her from the corner of my eyes. Now she was standing
only in salwar and in her bra, i got a instant hard-on, then she
removed her salwar also, ab who mere samne nearly nangi khadi thi
and also noticing a big bulge in my pant she smiled, then she
removed her bra and also panty and threw it towards me, it made me
more aroused now I was going out of control, meri chodni wali pari
mere samne nangi khadi thi so mera lund bhi tambu hota ja raha tha,
phir bhi meri ma innocent ki tarah behave kar rahi thi, tab wo mere
se waise hi khare khare boli wo black wali panty nikalo, maine nikal
kar dedi, (meri ma ka nam maya hai,ab se mai use maya kahunga) usne
apni panty pahni, wo bahut tight thi, aur thik se bur ko cover nahi
kar pa rahi thi, phir maya ne kaha "Pavan idhar dekho aur batao na
kaisi lag rahi hai" maine uski oore dekha aur mujhe laga ki mere
lund se pani nikal jayega itni jaanmaru lag rahi thi ki kya kahe ek
dum nangi chuchiyan jiske ki npple teer ki tarah khare the gadraya
hua mansal pet aur chikni chikni mansal janghe dekh kar meri haalt
ek dum kharab hone lagi phir bhi maine dekha aur paya ki panty uske
hisab se kafi chhoti thi aur bur par chipki hui thi, usne charo
taraf ghum kar bhi dikhaya aur maine dekha ki ye panty uske chuttaro
ko bhi thik se nahi cover kar pa rahi thi. Wo mere samne khari ho
kar phir puchhi batao na kaisi lag rahi hai to maine kaha "ye to
choti hai". "To pass se ake dekho kitni choti hai",main maya ke pass
gaya" aur decide kiya ki jab ye mere samne nangi khari hone mein
nahi sarma rahi to main kyon sarmou aur maine kaha "ye to teri bur
ko bhi nahi cover kar pa rahi hai, " to maya ne kaha " iseleye to li
hu, aur isme kya kharabi hai teri paint bhi to tere lund ko cover
nahi kar pa raha hai, isleye to tambu ki tarah tana hua hai meri bur
dekh kar" maya ke aise words sunkar mera jo thoda hesitation tha wo
bhi chala gaya, aur maine kaha ki " lund ka kya karu tum aise khari
rahogi to lund to khara hoga hi isme mera kya kasoor hai tab maya ne
kaha thik hai " agar ye thik nahi hai to main ise utar deti hu, par
ek baat bolu", maine kaha bolo to usne apni bur par haath lagate hue
kaha "tune to meri bur dekh li jara apna lund nahi dikhayega, apne
lauda ko free kar de na bechara dab ke mar jayega". Aur ye kahte hue
apni bur khodne lagi apni panty ke upar se, tab maine kaha "abhi
tumhari bur kaha dekhi hai maine jo bolti ho tumhari bur dekh li,
abhi tak to panty ke andar dhak ke rakha hai aur mera lund kyon
dekhna chahti ho" (mujhe usse is tarah se baate karne mein maja aa
raha tha).
mom son and masti-II  

Tab mom age badh kar mere lund ko pajama ke uapar se kas kar pakar
liya aur marorte hue boli "salee mujhe nahi pata kya kit u chhup
chhup ke mujhe niharta rahta hai aur jab main ek din naha rahi thi
tab kya tune meri chut nahi dekhi thi" is par main bola are wah to
tumne kaun sa nahi dekha hai mera lund jab main apne room mein muth
marta hu to tum mere lund ko keyhole se dekhti thi" "Accha jab tujhe
pata hi hai to phir jaldi se lund nikal ke dikha na salee, chal
nikal laura". Tab maine apni paint turant utar di aur apna lund ko
hath me lekar hilane laga. Aur hilate hue bola tum bhi panty utar ke
bur dikho na. Tab maya bhi puri nangi ho gayi.
Wo ak slut ki tarah mere ko dekhne lagi. aur apne lips ko bit karte
apne boobs dabne lagi aur main bhi uske samne hi muth marne laga,to
maya ne pucha ki "tum kab se muth marte ho" "jab se tumko nanga dekha
hai "to wo apni choot ko rub karne lagi. maine pucha tum kab
se "muth marti ho" "jab se tere papa ne chodna chhora hai" "to kya
ab wo nahi chodte hai" she becomes much bolder, main apna lund usko
dikhate hue hila raha tha aur pura nanga ho gaya tha. Wo boli"jab se
tere papa ka buisness large hua hai wo mere ko satisfy nahi kar rahe
hai, isleye main muth marti hu". Tab maine kaha tab to tum bahut
chudasi hogi. "Bur mein bahut khuzli hoti hogi". To wo boli ha hoti
hai magar kya kare aur main bahar ke kisi lund se chodwana nahi
chahti. Jab tumhara lund dekha to sochi ki accha sand jaisa laura
hai aur tum sayad mujhe chod do par tum ho ki salee itna ishara kiya
par samjhte hi nahi.  

Then she asked " kya tu mere ko chodega "maine kaha "main to tujhe
bahut dino se chodana chahat tha bus hilakar rah jata tha" " salee
hila ke kyon rah jata tha lund le ke mere paas aata to kab ka jannat
ka sair karwa deti, kisi ko pahle choda hai" "nahi maya" " thik hai
to koi baat nahi main tere ko sab sikha dungi aaj tujhe jannat ka
nazara karwa dungi sala tera baap kisi kaam ka nahi ab roj tere se
hi chudungi, bol kaise chodega" "meri fantasy hai ki maiin tere sath
gandi gandi bate kar kar chodu, kya teri bhi kuch fantsy hai" "ha
mai latrine me chudna chahti hu, rasoi mein chudna chahti hu khule
aangan mein chudna chahti hu, main chahti ho ki jab main latrine kar
rahi hu tab tu mujhe chode, mujhe bhi gandi gandi bate karne mein
bahut maja aata hai". Par ye sab hum baad mein karenge aaj is hotel
ke kamre mein mere sath suhagraat mana le phir ghar chal kar main
pure ghar mein ghum ghum kar chudwaungi. Aur wo mere nazdik aa ke
mere lund ko pakar kar marorti hui boli " hi kaisa gadhe jaisa lund
hai, isko pajama mein kaise sambhalta hai" Tab main use pakdkar uske
mame dabye aur bur me ungle ghusakar bola "tu bahut bari chuddakar
hai such such bata kitne bar chudi hai" maya boli" jab main 16 sal
ki thi to mera bhai ne mere ko ghar pe choda tha" "tu 16 saal se hi
chud rahi hai wo bhi apne bhai se bahut maza aaya hoga tujhe, usne
to phad diya hoga teri chut ko. acha teri Gaand kaisi hai kya usme
bhi ungli dalti hai" "ha madharchod tera lund bhi dalungi, ab bahut
bate kar liya ab chal mere ko chod" to phir maine gali di " sali
randi ab apne bete se chuddddddddddd bhai aur pati se bahut chuda
chuki" To is par maya ne kaha ha ha salee ab to main tere se hi
chudungi apna musal lund meri bur mein daal ke khoob chalana. maya
latrine me ghus gaye mai bhi picche picche gaya to maya mera lund
pakadkar khichne lagi aur boli mere ko piss karna hai " maine kaha
mere muh me kar Aur main niche baith gaya to usne apne bur ko mere
munh ke paas lakar mere munh se sata diya aur apni bur chidor kar
boli beta meri bur se apne munh ko sata de aur apna munh khol. Maine
aisa hi kiya thori der mein wo jor laga kar mutne lagi peshab ki
garam garam dhar se mera munh bhar gaya, peshab karne ke saath wo
bolti ja rahi thi "le salee pi le mera mut, madharchod pi le apni
mom ki chut ka mut phir isi chut mein laura pel ke chodna, maja aa
gaya pi le aaj tujhe is bur ka har ras chakhaungi" usne mere muh me
pisab kar diya jise main pura pi gaya. Phir maine kaha mere ko bhi
piss karani hai, mai tere ko apne piss se nahawahuaga to wo niche
baith gai aur phir maine uske muh per , uske gand me, bur pe, chuchi
pe, piss ki, phir se hum bedroom mein aa gaye bed par chad kar wo
boli " chal ab mere ko mat tarsa ab chod bhi de mujhe". Mine kaha
thik hai par maine aaj se pahle kisi ko nahi choda hai tu mjhe
batati jaa kya kya karma hai. "Par pahle ek baat bolu" "bol beta kya
bolna chahta hai", " meri ek dil ki tammana puri kar de,
"mai tere ko jyada peresan nahi karonga kyoki tu meri ma hai par tu
mere se chudne wali hai, ek baar jara chudne se pahle meri liye nach
kar bhi dhika de meri bari tammana thi ki main nanga naach dekhu"  

phir maya apni gand hil hila kar chuchii ragad kar nachne lagi aur
mere lund ko baar baar apne hatho se pakar kar hilane bhi lagi.
Thori der nachne ke baad maine uth kar maya ko apne gale se laga
liya aur uske hotho ko chumne laga, hum dono khare khare ek dusre ke
hontho ko chus rahe the mera lund uski chut par thokar maar raha tha
aur mera hath uske chuttaro par ghum raha tha. Maya ne mere sir ko
pakar rakha tha aur hum dono ek dusre ki jibh se jibh lara rahe the,
tabhi maine apna hath uske gaand ki darar mein daal diya aur uske
chuttaro ko pakar ke aur kas ke apne kamar se sata liya, wo bhi mast
ho kar apni kamar ko hilate hue mere lund par apni chut ragarte hue
gaaand mein ungli dalwa rahi thi. Kuchh der ke kissing ke baad hum
dono alag hue aur bed par baith gaye. Maya bed ki pusht se apni pith
tika kar baith gai aur mujhe apni ore kinch kar bulaya aur boli aaja
mere Raja beta aaj ki raat hum apne suhagraat ki shuruat kar de. Is
per main jaldi se maya ke paas gaya aur uski dono chunchiyo ko pakar
ke khub kas ke masalte hue bola "hai mummy meri jaan tu kitni
khoobsurat hai ek dum jaanmaru lagti ho" is par wo boli ` ha ha main
to khoobsoorat lagungi hi, bur chodne ko jo de rahi hoo, jayada
maska mat laga salee, kah kar hasne lagi aur phir boli jaanmaru nahi
hoo to kaise mera beta mere se phans gaya, is jawani ke bal par to
tera baap mara tha aur ab tu mar mita hai" kah kar mere gaal ko ko
masalte hue mujhe apne se sataya aur boli "hai jara dhire dhire
chuchi maslo Raja taki mujhe bhi maja mile. Aur apna haath niche le
ja kar mere lund se khelne lagi. Mere lund ke masalte aur muthiyate
hue wo mere lund ke do balls se khelene lagi maine bhi uske boobs
dabane laga aur chuchi par munh lagate hue uski chuchi ko bite kiya
to wo boli "hai chuso meri chuchi ko chuso raja bahut din hue chuchi
chuswaye" aur ye kah kar apni ek chuchi mere munh mein apne haath se
pakar kar thel di aur main uski chuchi ko apne munh mein bhar kar
chusne laga aur nipple ko danto se dabate hue khoob kas kas ke
chusne laga. Wo ek dam mast hoti ja rahi thi aur uske munh se
siskariya niklne lagi thi "aa hh aah ah chuso mere bete chuso hi
bahut maja aa raha hai isi tarah se chuso mere nipple ko khoob munh
mein bhar bhar ke chuso raja, pilo mere chuchi ka sara dudh tumhare
liye hi bacha kar rakha tha hi chus chus ke sara rus nikal de raja"
phir pucchi " meri chuchi kaisi hai raja batao to meri chuchi dabane
aur chusne mein maja aa raha hai sale tumko bolo na madharchod kaisi
hai meri chuchi" to main chuchi par se munh hata kar bola hi meri
randi teri chuchi to ekdam ras se bhari hai aur ek dam 16 saal ki
laundiya ki chuchi jaisi tight aur mast hai, jayada tang mat kar aur
mujhe apni mastani chuchiyon ko chusne" phir maine chuchi par munh
laga diya aur chuchi pine mein lag gaya. Thori der tak ek chuchi
chusne ke baad maine dusri chuchi chusini suru kar di. Maya apni
chuchiyon ko mere munh mein thel thel kar chusa rahi thi aur sath hi
sath sisyati ja rahi thi " hai maja aa gaya chuso salee khoob chuso,
aam ki tarah se meri chuchiyon ko chus ke unka rus nikal do, hiii
nipple ko bhi munh mein bhar ke chuso raja aise hi…… see hi mera beta
tu kaha tha ab tak hii sseee chus harami sara dudh pee ja, pee ja
mere piya chus le meri chuchiyon ko". Main bhi khub maje le le kar
chuchi choosta raha. Karib 10 minute ki chuchi chusai ke baad jab
uski dono chuchiya laal ho gai to usne kaha "kya bus upar hi maza
lete rahoge kuch niche bhi karo " "accha meri randi "phir maine apni
ek ungli ukse bur me bhi dal di aur uske bur se bahte rus ko
chaka"teri bur to bahut rasli hai"maine kaha."ha bahuto dino se kisi
se nahi chudi hai."unse kaha." oooooooooooooo mere lund ka pani nikal
raha hai" " to mere muh me dal de mai pi jayugi"  

mom son and masti- III  

maya bilkul real whore ki tarah ho gayi thi ,mai aur bhi aroused ho
gaya ki jiske liye mai muth marta tha aj use choduga,aur khara ho
kar apna lund uske munh se sata diya to wo mere lund ka mutth marte
hue boli "hi kya luara hai ji karta hai kaat ke bur mein ghusa lu"
to main bola " abhi to munh me le le rani, jara mere lund ko bhi chat
le baad mein main teri rasili chut chatunga" to is par usne mere
lund ko chatna suru kar diya pahle mere supare ko phir dhire dhire
pura ka pura lund chatne lagi. Mera 9 inch ka lund uske munh mein
aadha se adhik ghusa hua tha aur wo mere lund ko apne hotho se
jakarte hue khoob kas kas ke choose rahi thi. Maine uske baalo ko
pakar liya aur khoob kas kas ke jhtke uske munh mein marne laga.
Mera pura badan kanp raha tha aur mai siskariya lete hue bola "hi
maya meri jaan kha jao isi tarah se mere lund ko hiiii pee ja Sali
mere lund ka sara pani" kah kar main jor jor se dhakke lagane laga
aur mere lund ka thokar sidha uske kanth tak par raha tha par wo
mere lund ko chuse ja rahi thi aur saath hi saath mere dono balls ko
bhi sahla rahi thi main ek dum madhosh ho gaya aur mere lund se dher
sara pani sidha uske munh mein girne laga jise wo peeti chali gai
aur sara pani pine ke baad usne mere lund ko ekdum nichhor ke sukha
diya aur tab ja ke mere lund ko apne munh se nikala aur boli "tera
lund ka juice to tere papa ke juice se bhi gadha hai, such bara maja
aaya tere lund ka rus pee ke " Main ab kuchh thanda par gaya tha aur
dhire se chup chap baith gaya. To wo boli "bus ho gaya yahi jawan
bante ho ek hi baar mein thanda". To main bola " arre nahi saali aaj
teri bur to main raat bhar chodunga itni aasani se nahi chorunga bus
lund ko tune jara choos chat kar jhar diya hai to khara hone mein to
time lagega hi na"
ab tu mere lund ko phir se khada karegi thabhi chodunga na" ,wo
boli "bol teri rand tere liye kuch bhi karegi", maine kaha" pahle to
apne ko meri rand bol,ye sunane me maza ata hai", sali boli"mai apne
bete ki randi hu , uski rakhel hu, hu, usse roz chudungi ukska lund
choosungi" phir maine ek sexy kitab nikali aur usko dhikate hue
kaha "dekh kaisi kaisi tasvere hai, ak ak karke enka matlab
samjha,meri rakhel"aur mai uske boobs masalne laga aur uski bur me
do ungli dal di...maya boli" aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hh aur ghumayo mere
bur me ungli, ye lund aur bur ka photo hai, isme lund bur me ghusa
hai,wo lips lund ko choose rahe hai,aur maza kar rahe hai" phir wo
mere lund ke forskin ko uper karke uski choch chatne lagi aur mera
land pole ki tarah khada ho gaya to wo boli "hi re mere 9 inch ke
lund wale bete , jaldi se mere saiya apni kuttia ke bur me apna rod
ghusa de". Is par main bola "hi Sali apna bur ka rus nahi pilayegi,
tu to janti hai ki kutta bina kutiya ki chut chate uski chut nahi
chodta hai, jara jaldi se apni tango ko phaila kar aur chut chidor
kar apne bete ko apni bur ka rus pilao randi".
Is par usne apni dono tango ko phila diya aur ghutno ke paas se pura
more kar upar utha diya aur apne halke jhanto wali phuli hui mote
hontho wali bur ke phanko ko apne haath se phailate hue boli "hi
salee tu to mera beta hai tujhe nahi tarsaungi le pile meri chut ka
rus aur chatni ki tarah se chat isko". Main maya ki dono tango ke
beech mein baith gaya aur uski moti moti gori-gori jangho sahlate
hue pahle unko apne jibh se chatne laga. Main uski moti gadrai
jangho ko masalte ue chat raha tha aur un par apne dant se halke
halke kaat raha tha. Tabhi Mummy boli "hi sale khali jangh hi
chatega ya phir meri bur ko bhi chatega, are meri chut ko bhi chato
puri tarah se rus se bhari hui hai aur tumhare liye jara chat kar
isko khujli bhi dur karo. Tab phir maine uski chut ki taraf apna
munh badha diya aur uski fuli fuli hui bur par ek chumma liya aur
phir maine uski phuddi ko chatna shru kar diya. main aapne jeebh ko
har taraf ghuma raha tha. kafi deer tak main uski phuddi ko upar se
chatta raha aur halke halke uski bur ki clit ko apne jibh se kuredta
raha. Mummy nain awazain nikalna shuru kardee. Maine or tez chatna
shuru kar diya. Mummy ki bur ke hontho se pani nikal ris ris kar
pani nikal raha tha jise main apni jibh se kutte ki tarah chat raha
tha. ufffffffffffffffffff fff kiya garam pani tha, mat puchho aur us
pani ka namkin sa swad mujhe nasila bana raha tha. Tabhi maya
siskari bharte hue boli "aaahh sslae bara maja aa raha hai isi tarah
se chat meri chut ko aise hi chat madharchod, meri bur ke clit ko
chat sale, hi main tujhe chudai ka badshah bana dungi khoob ragar
kar chat meri chut ko aur pee ja sare rus ko, ye tere liye vitamine
mom son and masti-IV  

Main bhi bur ko khoob ragar ragar kar chat raha tha aur khoob maje
se chut ki chatni ko chak raha tha. Meri jibh kabhi kabhi chut se
phisalte hue uski gaand tak pauch ja rahi thi aur main uski gaand
par bhi apni jibh firate hue chat raha tha. Uski gaand ki chikni
bhure rang ki ched bhi gazab ki sundar lag rahi thi. Main dono hatho
mein uski chikni chuttaro ko pakre hue uski bur chat raha tha. Tabhi
wo chillate hue boli " aree khali uapar hi chatega ya jara chut
faila ke apni jibh andar daal ke bhi chatega, hi bete pel do apni
jibh ko mere bur mein aur khoob ghuma ghuma kar meri bur ko apni
jibh se chod do salee". Is par maine uski chut ke dono phanko ko
apne haath se pakar kar failaya aur apni jibh nukili kar ke uske bur
mein ghusa diya. Wo ekdam se kanp gai par maine chut mein jibh ghusa
di aur ghumane laga apni jibh ko uski chut mein, aur chut mein jibh
nachate hue uski bur ko kutte ki tarah se chatne laga aur chut ke
rus ke chatkhare lete ue pine laga. Maya ek dum se sisyate hue
boli "hi hi sale chat le chat le meri chut ko le chak le apni maa ke
bur ko aur iska sara rus pee ja haramjade, sale tu to bara jadugar
hai re mere saiya, hi mere balma, jiyo mere payre, isi tarah se
chato meri chut ko shabash mere raja, apni puri jibh andar ghusa do,
meri bur ki jad tak pel do apna jibh aur chato mere raja., hi mere
chuddarkar balam main jharne wali hu jara tezi se chato meri bur ko
aur jor se meri clit ko chuso raja, hi sseeeeee main gai hi betichod
peeeeeeeeeleeeeee meri bbbbburrr ka pani peeleeeeeeeeee
ssseeeeeeeeee. Main bhi pure josh ke sath uski bur ko chat raha tha
aur chut se nikle ek ek boond rus ko pita chala ja raha tha. Maya
apne dono chuchiyon ko apne haath se pakre hue dhire dhire sisyate
hue jhar rahi thi.  

Main maya ke bagal mein ja kar let gaya aur apne munh pe lage hue
uski chut ke rus ko apni jibh se chatne laga. Mummy ankhe band kiye
do minute tak leti rahi phir thori der baad. Usne apni ankhe kholi
aur mere se boli "hi bahut dino ke baad itna mast jhari hu, tu to
bahut accha bur chatu hai, ab hamesha tere se chut ki chatai karwani
paregi. " ha meri rundi kahegi to main hamesha teri bur mein munh
lagaye rahunga" main bola, to hanste hue boli "bur aur gaand dono
mein munh lagaye rahna madharchod ab to ye chut tumhare liye hi hai.
Aur chatega meri chut ko to aaja mere raja main bur khol deti hu
mere sona, aaj tune apni mummy ko khus kar diya" to main bola"hi
chatai se khus ho gai kya meri rani chodne nahi dogi, hi saali bolo
na mera lund apne bur mein nahi logi kya". "hi isi mote lund ke liye
to main marti thi aur isi ko apne fuddi mein nahi ghusaungi to main
mar hi jaungi, mere raja bina chudwaye to ab chain nahi hai aaj to
sari raat meri chut pe apne lund se baja bajana madharchod, par jara
dum to lene de, jara meri bur ek baar aur chat kar garam to kar,
sale tera laura to meri chut chat kar khara ho gaya mujhe bhi jara
garam kar de kutte, " Is par maine phir uski dono tango ke beech aa
gaya aur uski bur ko chatne laga aur, sath hi sath uski clit ko bhi
apne thumb se ragar raha tha. Phir thori der baad maine uski bur
mein apni do fingures pel di aur teji se andar bahar karne laga. Wo
apne haatho se apni chuchiyon ko dabate hue dhire dhire apni gaand
uchhalne lagi aur uski bur se pani risne laga ab main samjh gaya ki
wo garam ho gai hai to main aur terji se ungli pelne laga, tabhi wo
siskari bharte hue boli "hi sssseeeee ab ungli nikal lo aur apna
musal lund ghusa do meri chut mein raja hi sseee bari khujli ho rahi
hai ab raja, jaldi se apni rani ke bur mein apna laura ghusa de". Is
par bhi jab main ungli pelta raha to dant pisti hui boli "sala
madharchod khali ungli hi karta rahega kya, yaha chut mein aag lagi
hai aur ye boshri wala ungli pele ja raha hai, hi sale meri chut ab
lund ka demand kar rahi hai raja jaldi se apni darling ke bur mein
apna gadhe jaisa lund pel do mere siaya". To phir main uski dono
tango ke beech aa gaya. Maya ne apne tango ko apne ghutne ke paas se
mor diya aur apni phuli hui halke jhanto wali bur mere ko khol diya.
Chut ke honth pharphara rahe the aur bur se pan ris raha tha. Maine
apne lund ko chut ke muhane par rakh diya aur dhire dhire lund ko
chut ke hontho se ragarne laga. Is maya ne hanth badha kar mera lund
pakra aur apni chut ke ched par lagate hue boli "hi kyon tarsa raha
sale gandu jaldi se pel de na"
"Pel du rani" "ha raja pel do" "ek hi dhakke mein pura andar pel
dunga" " aare sale tu jaise pelna chahta hai pel na" " bur phat
jayegi Sali teri" tu chinta mat kar main sambhal lungi, bara aaya
lund wala, pura lund tera gatak jaungi" " thik hai to phir ye le
Sali nigal ja mere laure ko" kahne ke saath hi main ek jordhar
dhakka mara aur mere lund ka supara sidha uski bur mein chala gaya,
usne thori chain ki ssans li aur boli "shabash raja shuru ho jao".
Maine phir dusra jhtka mara aur mere lund ka aadha se adhik bhag
uski fuddi mein chala gaya. Is baar uske munh se ek jordar siskari
nikli, aur mujhe bhi aisa laga jaise kisi tight bur mein mera lund
gaya hai. Itna hi lund dale main andar bahar karta raha, thori der
mein phir wo siskari bharte hue boli "bus itna hi bara lund hai kya
tera", aur haanth badha kar dekhne lagi ki kitna lund andar gaya hai
aur boli " hi pur andar daal na".
mom son and masti-V  

To phir maine apne aap ko sambhal ke uski chuchiyon ko apne muthi
mein bhar k eek jordar dhakka mara, is baar ek hi jhatke mein pura
ka pura lund andar chala gaya uski chut ki diwaro ko chirte hue aur
wo ek dum se chikhti hui sisiayi "hi maar dala, lund hai ya baansh,
seee meri chut phat gai, hi nikal sale, sseeeee itne jor se kahi
dhakka mara jata hai, seeeeeeeee lagta hai kisi ne garam lohe ka rod
andar ghusa diya hai, hi nikal le harami meri bur phar dega kya" is
par main bola " saali rundi abhi to bol rahi thi pura dal, main sab
gatak jaungi aur an teri gaand phat rahi hai, bhosri wali waise teri
bur hai bahut tight main to soch raha tha ki chud chud k eek dum
bhosra ho gai hogi par tu to abhi bhi mast hai bahar aur bhitar dono
se, abhi thik ho jayega meri rani ghabra mat, bus do minute mein
maja aane lagega" kahte hue main uski chuchiyon ko chusne aur
masalne laga, thori hi der mein wo sis kariya bharne lagi aur khoob
maje se apni gaand uchhalne lagi. Main samjh gaya ki ab use maja aa
raha hai aur maine kaha " aur rani maja aa raha hai, kaisa lag raha
hai mera mera lund apni bur mein pelawa kar, bolo na Sali mere lund
se chudwane mein maja aa raha hai" to wo siskari bharte hue boli "hi
raja bara maja aa raha hai, hi aur jor se dhkke maro na, chodo jor
se, phar do Sali bur ko aaj, bahut dino se payasi thi, pel do apna
pura laura mere saiya, hi bete tera mota gadhe jaisa lund kha ke to
main aaj swarg mein pahunch gai, kaha tha tu ab tak, hi itne dino se
mujhe dekh raha hai ek din bhi bata deta ki mummy tujhe chodna hai
to kab ki chudwa leti, maar dhkka sale aur jor se maaaaaaaaar, hi
isi tarah se chod meri chut ko, hi hi saala ek dum kutte ke jaise
chod raha hai, harami, bahanchod chod apni mummy ko chod de, ghusa
de bur mein pura laura". Main bhi pure josh mein aa gaya tha aur
khoob kas kas ke gaand uchhal uchhal ke dhakke laga raha tha mummy
ke munh se galiya sun ke josh mein aa ke main bhi bola "hi rundi
abhi to tu chilla rahi thi ki bur phat rahi hai, aur ab maje se
gaand uchhal rahi, hi re meri cuddakri, chinal teri har aada bari
jaanmaru hai, sali bhosdi ki tera chut se nikla tha teri chut ko
chod raha hu, maja aa raha hai".  

wo jor jor se siskari bharte hue boli " oooooooooooooohhhhhh hhhhh
aur jor se s chhhhhhhhhoooooooooo do mujhe, meri chut ki pyas bujha
dooooooooo, aur chod madharchod phad dal bur ko, sale apni ma ki
chut me ghus ja, sale mujhe rundi bolta hai rundi ki aulad, harami,
chodna, khoob chod, gandu, chod de is chut ko"  

main aur tej tej uski bur ko chodane laga aur pura lund supare tak
bahar khich khich kar dhakke laga raha tha usene apne dono tango ko
mere kamar se bandh diya aur phir niche se apni gaand uchhalne lagi
aur mere sir ko pakar ke apni chuchiyon se sata diya aur siskari
bharte hue boli "hi hi haramzade ssssssssee chod hi bahut maja aa
raha hai aur kas ke dhakke maar hi raja, meri chuchi bhi chuste raho
raja, ooooooosssssssseeeee e bahin ke laude lut le maja apni mummy ki
jawani ka chodo ssssssssssseeeee kas ke phar dalo meri chut ko
aaaaahhh, tera baap sala kisi kaam ka nahi raha ab, tu hi mujhe chod
wo to budha ho gaya hai, ab meri jawani ka sara bhar tere hi upar

Mai thor thak gaya tha isiliye maine apni speed thori dheemi kar di
aur dhire dhire dhakke lagane laga is par wo siskari bharte hue
boli "hi harami jor se dhkka maar na, gandu, mere chodu ram halwai,
aur kas ke dhakke laga sale bahinchod, chod kas ke apni rundi ko, hi
mera ab niklne wala hai sssseeeeee"  

Tab maine uski dono tango ko kas ke pakar liya aur khoob jor jor se
dhakke lagane laga aur use gali dete hue bola "ye le burchodi, aur
le Sali chutkhor, chinal saali chuddokri aaj teri bur phar dunga,
aaj maine teri chut ka bhosra na bana to kahna" is par wo bhi pure
josh mein aa gai aur boli "ha ha chod na madharchod dekhu tere lund
mein kitna dum hai, hi mere niklne wala hai isi tarah pele ja
ssssssseeeeeeebahanc hod, pelo bur mein laura, chodo meri chut ko
mere chuddarkar balam, hi saiya mera nikal raha hai seeeeeee"
kahte hue wo jhar gai aur maine bhi dhakko ki gati tej kar di, maya
mere se chipkali ki tarah chipki hui thi aur main tej gati se dakke
lagata hua bola "hi Sali mera bhi niklne wala hai bol kaha nikalu
teri chut mein ya bahar" to is par boli hi raja meri payasi bur ko
apne lund ka rus pila do tum chinta mat karo mera operation ho
chukka hai kuchh nahi hoga, chor do apne laure ka rus"  

"le Sali to phir pile mere laure ka rus apne bur se pahle munh se
piya tha ab chut se pee" kahte hue main bhi jhar gaya aur mere lund
se dher sara pani bahar nikal gaya jo sidha uski bur ki jar tak ja
gira. Kucch der tak main uske upar hi leta raha phir main uske upar
se niche utar kar uski bagal mein let gaya aur uski chuchiyon par
haath pherne laga. Mummy bahut dino ke baad jabardast chudai ke
karan apni ankhe band kiye sust si pari thi aur meri tarf palat kar
mere baalo ko sahlane lagi.  

mai bhi kush tha apni dream girl ko chod kar. Maine puccha hi mummy
maja aaya tere ko to wo boli "ha bete bahut maja aaya ab hamesha
tere se chudegi teri ma " aur kuch der tak hum dono ek- dosre ko
sahlate chumte rahe. Phir us raat hotel ke kamre mein sari raat hum
don ne chudai ka khel jari rakha, maine uski bur chati, aur usne bhi
mere lund ko daso bar chata us rat yaha tak ki jab waiter hame
jagane aaya to hame soye hue kewal 3 ghnte hi hue the. Phir bhi hum
jag gaye aur ghar ke liye chal diye.  

Ghar pahute hi hum ne 1 h tak ak dusre mein kho gaye aur phir main
use do din tak lagatar chodta raha, college bhi nahi gaya, chuod kar
sote phir uthate phir chudai karte. hum log hamesa nange rahte the
ghar me ab se, agar koi aa jata to kapde pahnete the, aur jab kisi
ko bhi man karta tha chudne ka apne comp per blue film laga kar
chudai karte the, maine mammi ko har tarah se choda, nahate hue,
khana banate hue, hagte hue, piss karte hue, ak din me kam se kam
chaar bar chodta hu.  

But the story of that would be next episode. send me more brother
and sister incest stories. Ladies feel free to contact me on my mail
add. Older ladies are most welcome.

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