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There are two basic ways to bypass anti- theft devices. You can remove the tags or block the sensors from picking up on the tags.  

When removing anti- theft devices you need to know that the following will set off a security alarm:  

Magnetic strips
Ink Tags  

In certain situations, one tag can be easier to remove than the other. If an item has a barcode that is under shrink-wrap, it would be harder to remove than an item with a magnetic strip on the bottom.  

Magnetic strips have very strong adhesives that hold them on to their products. The easiest to remove are the ones with the strips on top of a shrink- wrapped item. The tag can be ripped of as easily as the plastic tears. If a magnetic strip is directly on the product, removal can be harder. A box cutter would help in situations like that. If possible, you could take the product out of its box. Be wary of magnetic strips that will leave parts remaining on the box. The type that are square with silver spirals leave parts that can still set off an alarm so be careful when removing them.  

Ink tags are the hardest, in my opinion, to remove. If possible, acquire the removal tool from behind the cashier’s station when no one is around. You could also melt a hole in the back with a lighter and dump the balls out and remove both sides. You could also take it via your magic bag and put it in your freezer at home. After it has been in there for a day, you can pull the tag off without the ink spilling.  

When blocking sensors from picking up signals sent out by anti-theft devices, a magic bag is often used. After creating your magic bag, you can test it by putting a cell phone inside the bag and calling it. If it doesn’t ring then the bag will block the signals from anti-theft devices.  

There are variations of the magic bag. You could make one in the shape of different pockets to slip things in easily. You could line the inside of a jacket or the inside of your pants. The basic idea is that a few layers of aluminum foil will block radio signals.  

You could also stuff a box. Remove the tags from wanted items and put them all in a large box that has another item in it. Wait a few hours and come back later. Get the box and pay for the item. If you didn’t stuff the items in a box of something you wanted, save the receipt and return the item and get money for it.

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