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I am in Kolkata. My house owner has amaid servent for cooking. And she live just next to the house in a small tent like arrangement. People in Kolkata would recognise how it would be.  

I was living on first floor. From my window I can watch these maid's family once they are out of the tent/hut.  

And Guys, this lady is in her early thirties, short, dusky, and very attractive face that to inviting/ careless looks. Sexy guys can imagine how they could be.  

Once, I accidentally saw that the maid was taking bath outside the house in the small narrow lane covering with a saree. But the wet saree after pouring water on it..... oh damn..you just imagine the hard nipples see through the saree...oooohhh...I was watching from a naroow opening of the window...  

And after completeing the bath, she was changing the cloths/ saree, then she removed the wet saree, by covering with the fresh one from outside. for people on the road they cant see but me on first floor, OH..i want that cCORRECT SIZED BOOBS....  

I had some thing to fulfill my dream of FUCKING Her....  

(you know her husband when he fucks her,, the sound can be heared from my floor)  

rest later....after ur comments..

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