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Our heroes are on the way to Vermilion city.  

Vermilion is the central port of the Continent Kanto and the Gym Leader there uses Electric-type Pokemon says Misty to Ash as they walk into the woods,they find an Oddish,Misty wants to catch it.  

Misty:I'll get it!I want that famale Oddish,my Seaking is going to fuck it every day!
Ash:No way!
Pikachu:Pika,poiii, piii!(Translation from JTL,i want to fuck that Oddish,she has a nice ass)
Misty:Go Pokeball!!!
*A Bulbasaur comes into the way and blocks the Pokeball*'
Brock:Wow,a Bulbasaur,this pokemon uses its Dick-vines to fuck many Pokemon at the say time!!
Misty:Yeah,it's cool, it will fuck my Goldeen and Oddish at the same time!Pokeball Go!!
*Bulbasaur grabs the Pokeball with its dick-vines and throws it to Brock*
Brock:Oh my ballllllllllssssss!
Ash:Brock,are you alright?Greatball go!!!
*Bulbasaur escapes with Oddish*
Gang:We must find it!'
Brock:It is going to pay!!!Do you know that grass-type Pokemon can change gender,they are both male and female!
*The gang begins searching when they find a little house and some pokemon around it*
Ash:It's Bulbasaur!!Go Greatball!!
*A girl appears*
Girl:Stop right now, i'm Melanie,you are pokemon hunters?
Brock:No,we are Pokemon fuckers!
Melanie:Hmmm,fuckers heh?Come to my hut, come on.
Misty:Can i suck your pussy Melanie?
Ash:No,you'll drink my penis milk!
Ash:Yeah sure.
*Brock starts fucking Melanie, Misty sucks Ash crotch,Bulbasaur releases ten dick- vines and fucks some Pokemon,Goldeen, Paras,Oddish and other,Pikachu has no Pokemon to fuck and goes berserk*
Pikachu:Pi, pikapri(Translation from JTL,Whore i'll show you)
*The party gets hotter as Misty throws her clothes, Ash sees Misty's tits and fucks her quickly,Pikachu charges electricity)
Brock:Melanie, Melanie,want more?
Brock:yes bitch!Powerful EXteNDDDdddDDD!
Melanie:Where,where your crotch dissapeared!
Brock:Not again,it's a pitty i wanted to show you a monster but i failed!!!!!
Melanie:Go away asshole.......
*Pikachu unleashes electricity*
Pikachu:PikachuuUUUU uuuUUUUUUU!
Bulbasaur:bulba, sssssbbbbbb!
Gang and Melanie:ohhihihihihi hihi, oioioioiiosssssssss
*Pikachu paralyzed Bulbasaur's dick- vines as well as Ash's and Brock's too with that enormous electric- type attack)
Ash:Oh my dick,it doesn' doesn't...too bad for you Misty!
Misty:That Pikachu needs a kick!!!
*Misty kicks pikachu at his testis, Pikachu becomes angry*
Pikachu:Pika,pika, pikachu, PikachUUUUUUUUUUUUuu uUUUu!(Translation from JTL,awww bitch, i'll show you now)
Misty:aaiaiaiaiaiaAA UIaiaiiaiaiIAAIAIAIA A.
Melanie:Leave now!
Misty:Not without Oddish and Bulbasaur.
Melanie:The one that will have the bigger cum shot will win Bulbasaur and Oddish.
*Pikachu fucks Oddish while Bulbasaur fucks 4 other Pokemon,the game seems to be at Bulbasaur's side cos Bulbasaur fucks more Pokemon and will have its orgasm earlier*
Ash:fuck,Fuck Pikachu!
*Fucking and fucking............. .........minutes pass,Bulbasaur has an orgasm and releases its cum,but the cum is so little because it had to be shared between the 4 dick-vines)
Ash:Now Pikachu Electric Cum SHoT!!!
Pikachu:Pi, PikachUUUUUUuuuuUUUU
*A massive Electric cum goes into Oddish's pussy, luckily Oddish is a grass-type and electrism do not affect she much so she doesn't faint*
Melanie:Here's your prize.
Ash:I got a Bulbasaur!!!
Misty:I caught an Oddish.  

The Gang leaves the forest...........
After an hour of walking,they find a Charmander on a huge rock.
Ash:Look Brock,a red lizard!!
Brock:it's a Charmander,this Pokemon and its evolutions are widely know for their hottail-fuck.
*Charmander puts his burning tail in his ass*
Brock:This Charmander is a faggot,i must investigate this....
Misty:I'd liked to have a burning crotch going in and out of my cunt one day
Brock:But not with this Charmander,he is gay!
Ash:We have to go to that Pokemon Center, leave that Charmander to abuse itself alone.  

Gang leave the lizard and head for the Pok.Center,while they are drinking lemonade, accidentally hear that a trainer left his Charmander alone because it was gay, Brock goes to hit that bad trainer*
Brock:You shouldn't do that to Pokemon!
Trainer:I'm Damien, the Pokehunter and i will show you,Go Mankey!
Brock:Go Geodude!Rock Throw.
Damien:You don't know that Fighting- types beat Rock- types?What a stupid!
*The Rocks hit the Mankey in its balls*
Mankey:mmmakiiikkiik ikikikikikikikiki
Brock:HaHa,i had target Mankey's testis stupid!
Damien:Guys come here to teach that Brock a good lesson!
*Damien's friends punch Brock in the face*
Brock:ooooyhhh!Ash Help!
Ash:Mate i'm coming, Ashenia Slide Spin KiCK!!!
*The kick of course lands on a guys balls and he runs away with pain*
Brock:My turn, Brockasia Needle Elbow Attack!!
*The guy that received the hit in the belly,screams with pain as red blood comes out of his mouth,Brock and Ash get rid of the remaining and Damien is left for the end*
Damien:I know Kung- fu
Brock and Ash:Brockash Typhoon Uppercut DEsTRUCtioNNNNNNNN!!
Damien:bbbbbbbmmmm, aaaaah!
*Damien was thrown up into the sky he made a hole in the ceiling too and made Nurse Joy angry*
Ash and Brock:Power of Teamwork!!
Joy:Goodbye asshole!
Misty:Have a nice landing!
Ash:let's get that Charmander!
*Gang runs for the Charmander,Gang finds the Charmander being fucked by a spearow*
Misty:Ksiu,ksiu stupid Spearow!
*Spearow flow away*
Charmander:Char,char, charmander!(Translat ion from JTL,Oh bitch what you've done,come back and fuck me bird)
Ash:Greatball GO!!!
*Charamander ?Dodges the ball*
Brock:Here,throw this it's an ultraball!
Ash:Pikachu Thundershock!
*Charmander avoids Thundershock*
Misty:This charmander is gay right?Use Electric Cum Shot on it!
Ash:Pikachu Electric Cum Shottt!!*
*Charmander runs and takes a position to get all the Electric Cum Shot directly into his ass*
Charmander:wo wo, char char(Translation from JTL,I want more more)
Ash:Yeah,UltraBall goooooooo!I caught Charmander!!
Brock:Ok Ash,let's move,we have to go to Vermilion.
Misty:We shall take a ship from there.
Brock:Let's move on........  

After some hours of walking they fall into a pit
*Ash tries to climb up the pit but unsuccessfully,some Squirtles appear and start laughing at them*
Squirtles:Squirtle, Squirtle, Squirtle!(Translatio n from JTL,Hahahaha, stupids fell inside, ahahak,let's fuck the girl)
*Officer Jenny comes with her motorcycle*
Squirtles:squi,squi, suirtletltltltltlt!( Translation from JTL, We have to go Police arrived)
Jenny:You shits,what you've done,Hey people are you OK downthere?
Misty:We are OK!
Ash:Yes we are OK but we are STUCK!!!
*Jenny helps the gang to climb up the hole*
Jenny:Again this Squirtle Squad!They are a team of Squirtles that love fucking and stealing!
Ash:Noway,we are the fuckers here.....
Brock:Yes,we can't leave those turtles take our title!
*Gang goes on a search for those Squitrles*
Brock:My feet hurt,i can't want anymore!
Ash:Oh here they are!,they are fucking a girl in the beach!
*Gang runs and sends pokemon into fighting*
Brock:GO Onix!
Ash:Clefairy attract those squirtles!
Misty:Starmie go!
*The Pokemon are fighting but the Squirtle Squad seems to has the upper hand!*
Misty:Oh Starmie Recover
*Squirtles got attracted by Clefairy,the Leader with the Black glasses fucks her pussy,one Squirtle fucks her from behind,another one plays with Clefairy's boobs and the others hold Clefairy tight making her unable to escape*
*Onix tries to help Clefairy but the Leader Water Guns him*
Brock:Oh shit!We must use other ways of attacking them.Onix Dick-Tail!
*Onix puts his huge tail into a Squirtle's ass and the Squirtle starts yelling and screaming from pain*
Squirtle, Squirttttttttlltltlt ltltlsssssssst!!!
Brock:Yep,he has a small ass hole,Onix will open it widely!
Ash:Go Pikachu, Electric Cum Shot!!
*Electric Cum sticks on Squirtles mouths and paralyzes them*
Misty:Starmie,put your star-edge in a Squirtle ass hole!
Squirtle:Squirtletht hthtt,ssssss!
*Squirtle Squad runs away,Clefairy uses Metronome and radomly use a move, It's Hyper Beam and targets the Squirtle Leader's ass hole*
Squirtle Leader:Squi, Squi, Squirtleleleleeleles ssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssseeesssssss!
Ash:That was a taste of pain!
*Jenny runs and catches the Squad, once and for all, Gang goes to the beach and sends the Pokemon out to rest*  

Charmander leaves the beach because he doesn't like water and searches for someone to fuck him(You know it's gay)
Brock:Where's your faggot Charmander Ash?
Ash:i want to sleep, please leave me rest, aww,zzzzzzzzzz.....  

After some time they hear someone:Fire, FIRe,fIRE!A building caught fire!
Jenny has no option so she sends the Squirtle Squad to put the fire out.
Jenny:Oh no,A charmander is inside the building!
*Gang arrives*
Misty:A Charmander, it's yours Ash!
Ash:Aw,the faggot!
*Ash runs into the burning building to rescue his Charmander but when he sees it, Charmander is tail- fucking himself cos he didn't find anyone to fuck it, the movement of IN and OUT of Charmander's ass lit fire*
Ash:Stop Faggot!
*Ash Grabs his lizard and run,then flames block the exit*
Ash:oh,god,we're dead!
*Charmander does not pay any attention and continuously fucks himself,then the Squirtle Squad Leader comes and rescues them*
Ash:Thank god,i own you a favor.
Misty and Brock:Ash, you're safe!
Ash:This gay Charmander lit the fire!
Jenny:Oh,what is he doing?He tail-fucks himself.Squirtles back to the jail!
Ash:No,the Squirtles helped us to put the fire out.
Jenny:Ok then,you're free now!  

Gang leaves when Pikachu notices that the Leader is following them.
Ash:Yeah Squirtle go inside!
*Squirtle goes inside its shell*
Ash:I meant go inside the Pokeball............ Ash yeah I caught Squirtle,I'm the best trainer!!  

Gang walks in the way to Vermilion...........
To be continued....  

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