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Tree Berries  

Wild = Items attached to Pokemon when encountered in the wild.
Trade = Items attached to Pokemon when traded from other games.
Gift = Items received through Mystery Gift.  

Description: Restores 10 HP
Location: Route 11, 29, 30, 38, 46. National Park (Prize), Wild, Trade, Gift.

Bitter Berry
Description: Cures confused Pokemon
Location: Route 1, 31, 43. Blackthorn City, Gift.

Burnt Berry
Description: Cures frozen Pokemon
Location: Route 44. Fuchsia City, Pewter City, Wild, Gift.

Gold Berry
Description: Restores 30 HP
Location: National Park (Prize), Trade, Gift.

Ice Berry
Description: Cures burned Pokemon
Location: Route 26, 36. Pewter City, Trade, Gift.

Mint Berry
Description: Wakes up sleeping Pokemon
Location: Route 39. Pewter City, Gift.

Miracle Berry
Description: Cures all conditions
Location: Gift

Mystery Berry
Description: Restores PP
Location: Route 35, 45. Trade.

Paralyzecure Berry
Description: Cures paralyzed Pokemon
Location: Route 8, 46. Violet City, Gift.

Poisoncure Berry
Description: Cures poisoned Pokemon
Location: Route 2, 30, 33. Gift.

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