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Can an idea be conveyed within One Minute in the space of just Three Shots, without using any Opticals or Computer Graphics ?  

CINEKU does exactly that !  

What is CINEKU ?  

CINEKU combines the Eloquence of Cinema with the Brevity of Japanese Three Line HAIKU Poems !  


Poetry is Visuals and Cinema a Collection of Visuals  


1. The film should consist of only 3 shots  

2. Each shot length shouldn’t be more than 40 Seconds and the Maximum length of the film should be One Minute .  

3. There should not be any optical or Computer graphic modification of images. In Camera effects are allowed.  

This Unique Format of Cinema was created by Ramachandra Babu, the well known Award winning Cinematographer of Many Malayalam Film Classics.  

For more details visit :  

CINEKU - Cinema in 3 Shots
Ramachandra Babu,ISC - the creator of CINEKU is a well experienced Indian Cinematographer of over 125 Feature films in Five Languages.  

E- Mail: ramachandrababuk@red
Phone: +919447179727

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