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Academy Name Phone Number
Agriculture College9111610
Arafat Scientific School & College9118927, 8115206, 8114967
Art College9661900-20 extn- 6270/6282, 505767
Badrunnessa College502429
Bangla College9000711
Bangladesh Turkiye Int`l Hope College8812375, 8812560
BCIC Science College9007106, 8013280
City Night College509847
College of Development Alternative9124317
Dhaka Alia Madrasa504404
Dhaka Collgee8618350, 507675
Dhaka City College8610294, 509847
Dhaka Dental College8017146, 8017047, 9002035
Dhaka Medical College505025-29
Dr. Maleka College8118285
Eden Girls College502972
German Technical College9002713, 9002018
Govy. Science College602272
Gulshan College602272
Holy Cross College9110493
Home Economics College503369
Imperial College8610245
Kabi Nazrul Islam Govt. College245067
Lalmatia Womens College8116918, 326813
Leather Technology9119404, 504514
Medicine & Research505194-8
Mohammadpur Girls College9114442
Narayanganj Women College9712823
Notre Dame College8312695
Oxford College8116309
Purana Paltan Girls College9553926
Stam Ford College8124556, 8119956
T & T College9333444, 408585
Titumir College601834
Teachers Training College504951
Tejgaon College8116066
Tolaram (N. ganj.) College9711451
Uttara Town College8915885
Viquarunnesa Noon Sshool & College8319831, 8319082
College of Textile Engineering & Technology9114260, 9124255
Dhaka Woman College8914884
Eden Mohila College8625516
Ekramunessa Mohila College407222
Jagonath College7119731
National College of Home Economics8145372
New Model Degree College8116100
Salimullah (Degree) College7122210
Sheikh Burhanuddin Post Garduate College7300204, 7300201
Shahid Suarawardi Govt. College7113722, 7125532
Siddheswari Biswabiddalay College9339307, 409085
Textile College (College of Textile Engineering & Technology)9114260, 9124255
Bangladesh Melitary Academy681379
Cadet College (Fauzderhat)751745
Chittagong Govt. College616926
CTG Medical College616891-5
Chittagong University College615513
Fouzder Hat Cadet College751745
Govt. Art College612176, 637576
Govt. Commerce College721900
Government Girls College613454
Hajee Mohd. Mohsin College616239
Mohila College (Enayet Bazar)617750
Poly Technical College682520
Ahsanullah College731700
Azam Khan Commerce College725279, 7228822
B.I.T. Khulna774584, 774900
Central Law College (PRPL)732505
Doulatpur Day-Night College760940, 724411
Govt. Women College761116, 760739
Hazi Mohsin College760018
Hazi Mohshin Girls College762913
Khulna Ali Madrasa722309
Khulna Art College762732
Khulna City Law College725704
Khulna medical College760350, 721104
Khulna Pre-Cadet College & School722600
Khulna Public College761339, 760360
Khulna Technical Training Centre762891
M.M. City College725704
Pioneer Girls College721266
Politechnic Institute762352, 762252
Shahid Sohrawardi College724738, 724996
Sundarban Girls College721915, 724644
Teachers Training College774551
Commerce College71076
Feni Govt. College74049
Feni Medical College73085, 74494
Polytechnic College74030
Cadet College714819
Medical College717055, 717051
Alamgir Munsur Mamorial College53801
Ananda Mohan Govt. College54269
Community Based Medical College53594
Darus Sunnat Ali Madrasha53375
Homeopathic Medical college54973
Medical College55701-2, 53093
Minto College53801
Mohila College55420
Mohila Training College54246
Mymensingh College52197
Mymensingh Girls Cadet College55004
Mymensingh Law College55987
Nasirabad College55061, 54061
Teachar`s Training College54237
Veterinary Training Institute54041
Al- Jamil Madrasha6371
Bogra Medical College & Hospital6762
Cant. Public School & College (Majihira)6665, 6183
ommerce College (Satmatha)5272
Govt. Azizul Haque University College3589
Govt. A.H. College (Station Road)6049
Govt. Law College5401
Gpvt. Mojibur Rahman Mohila College (Ful Bari)5375
Govt. Shah Sultan College (Sherpur Road)5249
ovt. SOS Herman Meinor College72086
Govt. Tailaring College6939
Hazrat Fatema (R) Mohila Abasik Madrasha73289
Mustafabia Tital Madrasha (Nisindara)5359
Sunrise Pre-Cadet School & College72118, 72514
Vocational Techars Training Institute6590
Comilla College8413
Victoria College5235
Women College5853
Abdur Razzak Municipal College73283
Cantt. College Jessore72608
City College Jessore5385
Commercial College5438, 5611
Daud Public College6431
Homeopathic College5607
Jessore Politechnic Institute5225
M.M. College5729, 5359
Mohila College Jessore6232, 6581
Night College Jessore5632
Nursing Training College6602
Teachers Training College5259
Al- Markajul Islmic Salafi Madrasha761378
Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT)721393
Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT)721393, 750282
Borandra College772251
Darus Salam Ali Madrasha (Court Area)774439
Engineering College (BIT)750798
Enggr. & Survey Institute772197
Govt. Women College (Hetemkha)776029
Homeo Medical College772336
Medical College776001-9, 772150, 772160, 775745
New Degree Govt. College772630
Physical Training College761167
Politechnic Institute761977
Rajshahi College775475, 772452
Rajshahi Court College773857
Rajshahi Law College772007
Samsujjoha College772806
Shah Mokhdum College772783
Treachiers Training College (TT College)761336
Women College772028
Degree College3360
Dinajpur College5175
Dolnesh Agric College5429
Homeo College5163
Islamia Mohila College4288
Law College5182
Medical College5642, 4787
Mohila College5010
Women`s College4992
Bandarban Govt. College411, 381
Laxipur Govt. College528
Laxipur Govt. Mohila College593
Narsingdi Govt. College2438, 2060
arsingdi Mohila College2147
Cadet College2159
Carmical College3706
M.K. College6867
N.S. Govt. College6616, 2501
Rani Bhabani Govt. Mohila College2352

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